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RUSH: Okay. Up next, the Syrian refugee problem, the resettlement problem, and the argument raging over whether the governors have the power to refuse them. The left-wing media, shall we say, “experts” — think tank analysts — all say the governors have no choice. The governors have nothing to say about whether Syrian refugees are put in their states because the federal government gets to determine everything about immigration. Except that’s not true, and I will explain this in the next half hour of the program.

It’s crucially important, and it’s an area in which the Drive-By Media is once again in blanket fashion lying to the American people, using university professors and think tank specialists to postulate this opinion, when in fact it is incorrect. Paul Ryan wants to pause, put a pause on the Syrian refugee program. A press conference today, Capitol Hill in Washington. This the new Republican Speaker of the House.

RYAN: It’s important that we have a refugee system in place. We respect that. But we think it’s simply prudent that, for this particular program, in this particular situation, that we be better guarded against any possible infiltration of ISIS coming through this program. That is why we think it’s necessary to have a pause and to have a more comprehensive strategy dealing with guaranteeing that we do not allow ISIS members coming here.

RUSH: Because we can’t vet them. He’s exactly right. The libs are trying to say that we are throwing our values away, that we accept anybody, that we are the single experiment in freedom and openness and tolerance — and if we shut it down, we’re no better than anybody else in the rest of the world. “We have to let ’em in!” It’s absurd what they are saying — backed up, of course, by the Drive-By Media. But we can’t vet them. We don’t know who they are. There’s no way to know. Ryan’s idea of a pause here makes some sense.


RUSH: Megan, Citrus Heights, California, near my adopted hometown of Sacramento. How are you doing, Megan?

CALLER: I’m doing great, Rush — and let me tell you, you’re always right, and I love listening to you.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate it. Thank you very much. Very, very astute, you are.

CALLER: Well, my question is: With all ISIS going on in Paris bombing, I know there’s 27 states that are not letting refugees in. What I don’t understand is why the other states aren’t participating. What is it gonna take for people to wake up and realize —

RUSH: Hey, have you heard —

CALLER: It’s —

RUSH: Does the name John Hickenlooper mean anything? Does it ring a bell to you?

CALLER: Not really.

RUSH: Well, he’s the governor of —

CALLER: — all the time to learn.

RUSH: He’s the governor of Colorado. His nickname is Puff Puff.


RUSH: And this guy has said, “Hey, to all of you states that don’t want these Syrian refugees? We’ll take ’em.” Hickenlooper has said, “Bring ’em in to Colorado! These 27 states that don’t want ’em? We’ll take ’em!”

CALLER: It’s madness, Rush. You know, I look at my child. If you don’t mind my saying, I’m a single parent and I look at my child. He’s 15 months old. Can’t they see it’s not anything to do in our state between Democrat and Republican? It’s about the world. ISIS is power hungry madmen that don’t care if they’re – Democrat, Republican. All they care about is your infidel or if you’re Christian and they want to kill you. So, at the end of the day, it does not matter.

RUSH: Well, as we just explained, the problem that we have — one of the many — is that there are many ranking Democrats and intellectual leftists who believe ISIS is justified in their actions because of the way we have conquered and abused and stolen and corrupted and overtaken the world. We have created this hatred. It’s justified. Now, this… Folks, there is an argument raging out there, and it’s raging in many places on constitutional grounds over exactly what Megan is talking about here. And the argument is, “We’ve had these governors, many of them Republican, who have said ‘no’ to the federal government.

“‘You want to bring in Syrian refugees? We don’t want them. We don’t want them here.'” A bunch of leftist intellectuals and professors have said the states are powerless. The states can’t tell the federal government what to do here. The federal government is totally in charge of immigration, and they tell you, “Look at Arizona. Arizona tried to come up with their own immigration laws, and the Feds shot ’em down. The courts shot ’em down. Because immigration is a total, 100% federal job.”

But it isn’t. These leftist intellectuals are wrong, and they’re all over the media today. The states… Look, it’s kind of a gray area. But once again, it illustrates that we get mired here in the constitutional argument. When I say “mired,” I mean, it’s valid. But what it misses is that half the governors in this country do not want, and the federal government says, “We don’t care. (Raspberry) you! We don’t care what you want, particularly if you’re Republicans. We really don’t care what you want.”

It’s another glaring example of how the left is not cooperating with us. They don’t want to walk across the aisle to deal with us. They just want to mandate things on us while we tell ourselves that we’ve got to show them we can work with them.

But, anyway, there are many more details to this that I will squeeze in at the top of the monologue segment of the next busy broadcast hour.


RUSH: Headline on a related story: “Obama, Congress Heading for Budget Showdown Over Syrian Refugees.” This… No, I’ll tell you where this is headed. The media is getting ready to accuse the Republicans of shutting down the government over Syrian refugees. That’s where this is all headed.

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