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RUSH: Here is Eric in Wilmington, Delaware. You’re next, sir. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Yeah, I just want to make a point. What we need is a Churchill, not a Chamberlain. But, unlike Chamberlain, who was misguided and thought Britain was a justified country, we have Obama, who thinks we’re an unjust country, and he’s trying to undo all the things he thinks we’ve done in the past, the last 60 years, by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, trying to get Egypt overthrown, supporting the Iranians and so forth and so on. And you don’t hear a speech like Chamberlain, the blood sweat and tears speech, saying that we’ll fight ’em on the beaches and the air and nothing less than victory. And we just miss that today because we have a president who thinks we’re an unjust country.

RUSH: That’s exactly right. I think that is as well stated, next to what I’ve said, of course, as I’ve ever heard anybody say it. And factually everything that Eric says there is right. If you wanted, if you wanted a fire and brimstone, if you just wanted some confidence that we could beat these guys back, if you wanted some confidence that the US is not gonna permit this, you didn’t get it today. You didn’t get anywhere near it. You didn’t get close to it. You got appeasement, you got accommodation, you got intellectual warnings that that kind of thinking, America winning and victory, those are so antiquated and they don’t mean anything, they’re just slogans.

By the way, I remembered the first time I heard Obama say that. It was about Afghanistan, when he was talking about extending our stay in Afghanistan in 2009, that is when Obama said that we were saddled or some such thing with this concept of victory, that that was setting us back, it was a distraction, he didn’t like all this talk of winning. I knew he had said it before, I knew I had heard it before. And today he said this old notion of America winning, victory and so forth, it’s just sloganeering, it doesn’t mean anything, and it’s not helpful.

Now, stop and think of that. Can you imagine any wartime leader worth his salt, not even just saying it, but thinking it. There is no Churchill in the Democrat Party, and that’s who’s running this country. There is no Churchill. And the caller’s point, at least Chamberlain, he was a bumbling fool, but he had the best of intentions. We can’t even assign the best of intentions to our current leadership because look at what he’s done. The Arab Spring was indeed an attempt to get the Muslim Brotherhood running the show. It turned out that it bombed out. But you look at who we’re allying with. You know, go back and grab sound bite number one from today.

This is the first sound bite of the day, and if you’re just joining us or if you missed the first sound bite, you’ve gotta hear it. It’s Walid Phares, who is a Middle East analysis. He was so Fox today, and he answered the question, why don’t we do anything about these guys? Why aren’t we doing anything about ISIS? That’s the question, particularly after Obama’s speech today. There was nothing in his speech today that gave anybody any confidence whatsoever that he even cares to do anything about ISIS. He was basically saying there’s not much we can do. We got ’em on the run anyway. We have ’em contained. He said that last Thursday. He said, but there’s not much you can do with people who are willing to die. And so everybody saying, well, what’s the strategy, then? And Walid Phares had the answer.

PHARES: Actually we can and actually we should, but the president has a different strategy. He’s getting a lot of pressure by the Iranians. Otherwise he should have long time ago allied himself, partnered with Arab moderate forces such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, they are fighting terrorism very much and very well in Yemen, in Sinai, in Libya, elsewhere, but the reason that he’s not going to these moderate Arab forces and asking them on the ground to be boots on the ground is because the Iranians are pressuring him, because the Syrian Regime is pressuring him. They don’t want those areas, those Sunni areas to be liberated by Sunni moderates because they won’t have access to them. That’s the bottom line of it.

RUSH: What he’s saying here — and I think it makes perfect sense — he’s saying where there is sectarian violence, you got Sunnis and Shi’as, and as long as those battles are going on in any countries that we’re involved with in the Middle East, we’re not gonna get involved. Sunni and Shi’a, civil war, sectarian violence, we don’t know what we’re gonna get replaced, even if we take one side out. In this case, if we take out ISIS, we don’t know what we’re gonna get, we don’t know who’s gonna step up and replace them. What an attitude. What about nobody? What about when you vanquish ’em? What about when you defeat ’em? They think no, there’s always gonna be some terrorist Muslim faction or sectarian unit that will stand up. Maybe so, but you deal with that one, too, when it happens.

But the real news in his answer was that it’s the Iranians who want a Middle East they can control. And it is with the Iranians that Obama is sympathetic. And the Syrians. So Walid Phares is on Fox today saying, if you want to know why Obama gave this speech today, and if you want to know why Obama has no interest in wiping out ISIS, it’s because the Iranians love ISIS. ISIS is keeping the entire region destabilized. And the Iranians want it destabilized so they can control it. And if you say, well, that doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t? Obama just lifted sanctions on the Iranians so they have $150 billion to go fund terrorism or buy replacement airliners for their faltering national airline.

We just gave them the green light to go ahead with their nuclear weapons program. You think they are not gonna run the Middle East once they have the leverage of a nuclear weapon to threaten people with? That’s who Obama has sided with. Now, he doesn’t explain why. He just explains that it’s Syria and the Iranians with whom Obama has decided to sidle up. We can fill in the blanks on that. So our caller correctly lays out the fact that, well, look, we’ve got a president who thinks America’s unjust, who thinks America is responsible for the mess in the Middle East, because, unsaid, by the way, our allied status with Israel. And we made the mess, and it’s our fault America is unjust and immoral, and we don’t have the leadership morality here in order to tell the rest of the world how to live and what to do or defend freedom.

It’s not our job anymore, it’s not our role, we’re not qualified. It’s all part of the cutting the US down to size, punishing us for all these transgressions that we have committed around the world since our founding. And it does appear that this is the mind-set of this Regime. It’s the mind-set of every community organizer out there, every left-wing radical in this country, the United States is to blame for practically everything that has gone wrong domestically and internationally. Little did people know they were electing one of those guys back in 2008.


RUSH: You know, here’s the thing about this Obama press conference today. He really is saying there’s nothing we can do. He said: I haven’t heard any better options. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan, can you imagine Churchill, can you imagine Margaret Thatcher saying, “I haven’t heard any better options. I haven’t heard anybody else with a better idea. I mean, I’m willing to listen any idea we got out there, except from Republicans of course, ’cause they’re crazy, but other than that, I haven’t heard any ideas. I’m not gonna put boots on the ground ’cause that means we’re gonna stay there forever, so what are you gonna do?”

He basically said — and he was bragging about it — no plans to change his strategy because there isn’t anything we can do, that’s what he was saying. That’s why people are so shocked. There isn’t anything we can do and I think he really thinks it. Well, coupled with there isn’t really anything he wants to do. We put together a little skit in advance of the press conference about what it was gonna be, and this is what we came up with.

(playing of spoof)

RUSH: And there you have it. We put that together before the guy said anything today. That was our pre-Obama press conference skit. That’s white comedian Paul Shanklin, by the way.

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