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RUSH: At the Democrat debate, climate change was a bigger issue. They didn’t even want to talk about this at the Democrat debate. They got mad when the moderator brought this up. That debate was so boring and so nothing it ended seven minutes early because they all ran out of things to say. (interruption) You didn’t know that? Seven minutes early, ’cause there was nothing left.

They didn’t want to talk about foreign policy much. To the extent that it came up, Bernie Sanders: climate change is the reason all this terrorism is happening ’cause terrorists are too hot where they live ’cause of climate change. They’re moving to cooler places, which is northern Europe, Scandinavian, Germany. He meant it. And now they’re complaining to Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz because the audience was so tiny, eight and a half million people on Saturday night. They should be lucky only eight million people saw this.

But they’re mad, they’re mad that there’s only two or three debates, they’re on Saturday night when nobody will see them. They think they’re gonna win simply ’cause they’ve succeeded in driving up opposition and hatred for Republicans. They really don’t think they have to go out and win anything. Don’t doubt me. I’m talking about the Democrats. They think they’re gonna win by default ’cause they have so poisoned the minds of Americans about Republicans, I guarantee you.

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