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RUSH: Did you know there’s a Democrat debate tomorrow night? I wonder how many people do. It’s a Saturday night. It’s the least watched night of the week on television. You know how different it used to be? Do you remember All in the Family used to be on Saturday night? All in the Family, the number one rated TV show, was a Saturday night show. Today — and it’s been this way for many, many moons. Saturday night, that’s where you… If you have to put something on the air but you really don’t care how it does, you put it on Saturday night.

The point of the Democrat debates is fulfilling the obligation to make it look like there is a contest, to make it look like the Democrat Party is still engaged in the traditional procedures of American politics, when what they really have here is a coronation. They’ve already determined their nominee. Everything else is just a sideshow. But they can’t conduct themselves that way. So they have to do some debates. So I think they’re gonna do a total of four. Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders are livid about this.

That’s why they petitioned Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz to do something about it. But Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz can’t and won’t do anything about it ’cause she’s in bed with Hillary and Hillary’s coronation. So they’re doing these debates, and they’re doing it on Saturday nights, when nobody is going to watch. Now, there’s another reason do it on Saturday night, too. Despite the fact Hillary’s coronated. I mean, that’s the nomination. They still have to win the general election, and the fewer people that see her, the better her odds.

You wait.

If she does get the nomination, you wait and see the kind of obstacles the Democrats throw up in their effort to limit the number of presidential debates. They aren’t gonna want very many of those. And what’s the max that we get anyway? Three? Hillary may petition for just one, because she can’t risk it. They don’t want to risk it. She is in mortal danger the more she is on her own speaking. But that’s not the point. Guess what is happening? CBS is airing the debate tomorrow night. The political director at CBS is a guy named John Dickerson.

He’s the guy who replaced Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation on Sunday morning. John Dickerson, who is moderating the Democrat debate tomorrow night, is meeting with each of the campaigns beforehand. And we know this because it’s in Politico. Politico is trying to make big hay out of this, because there’s a lot of innuendo. There’s a lot of follow-ups. “Moderator John Dickerson and his team met with each of three campaigns for over an hour to discuss the major issues at play in the race, sources on the campaigns said…”

This is just not done. Anderson Cooper did not meet with any of the candidates prior to the CNN debate, and clearly none of the Fox or Fox Business people nor CNBC people — none of the others, none of the Republican campaigns — have had pre-debate meetings with the moderators. But the CBS moderator is having pre-debate meetings with all three or however many there are. It’s Hillary, it’s Bernie, and it’s Martin. Is there anybody else still left? That’s it because what’s-his-face, Webb, got out of there.

Yeah, Webb and Chafee got out of there. So it’s just three of them. The CBS moderator is meeting with each of the Democrats for an hour before the debate “to discuss the issues.” To discuss the issues, yes. How else are we to interpret this other than to say CBS is meeting with Democrats in advance to do damage control? I’m sure what’s happening is, they’re asking, “What are you not wanting us to talk about? How do you want us to talk about Benghazi, Mrs. Clinton? Do you prefer us to leave it alone?”

I wouldn’t be surprised if that was happening. I would not be surprised at all if the candidates are getting veto rights. What I don’t know is, if Hillary tells Dickerson, “Just don’t bring up Benghazi. We’ve been there and we’ve done that. We’ve had congressional hearings. It’s old news.” But Bernie Sanders says, “I want you to talk about Benghazi! I want you to ask me.” What’s Dickerson do? He tells Bernie to pound sand. It’s exactly what he does.

He tells Bernie Sanders to pound sand, and he reminds him, “Bernie, you realize you’re just here as a foil? Bernie, you’re just here to make it look like Hillary Clinton has to battle something to win something here. Bernie, you realize that we’re doing this on a Saturday night when nobody’s gonna watch it anyway. I mean, the most coverage we’re gonna get of this is gonna be on the Sunday shows.”

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