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RUSH: Here is Joanne in Omaha. Hi, Joanne, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. It’s great to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I’ll get right to the point. I desperately need for you to come up with some kind of a test, printable, maybe a two-page test or something that will show that there’s a whole lot more conservatives out there than we realize. I mean, you’re all about the advancement of conservatism, and I speak with my Democrat-voting daughters and my son-in-laws, and when you get right down to the nitty-gritty, there’s so many issues that they lean conservative on, but they don’t realize it, okay? And if I had — you could put it on your website, maybe a two-page printable test or something that wouldn’t have all the obvious talking points in it that would turn ’em off and wouldn’t have —

RUSH: Okay, so you think there are a lot of liberals that really aren’t liberals, and, if they could just be shown that, it might open their eyes.

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. But it would have to include like a post-test factual sheet on the questions.

RUSH: Right. Let me ask you a question. There’s something we have to deal with before we even get to that.


RUSH: And that is at the end of the day you want them to admit, “Oh, my God, you’re right, I’m really not that liberal.” Why don’t they now? My point, you think there are a lot of liberals out there that are not as liberal as they think, that if they could be shown it, they’d change their mind. Why don’t they?


RUSH: What makes it that makes them live their lives conservatively and probably speak conservatively, but not vote that way? What is it?

CALLER: Well, for one thing, I speak of my daughters, they were raised in a conservative home, they both married Democrat husbands, they went through a liberal university and all of a sudden their thinking process changed. But deep down I know they still believe in a lot of those core conservative principles.

RUSH: Yeah, but they’re not gonna vote Republican.

CALLER: No. Because right now they think I’m kind of whacked out and they pretty much think that —

RUSH: No, they don’t think you are, but there has been such profound brand damage done that —


RUSH: — they think it would be just intolerably embarrassing if people ever knew they voted for a Republican.

CALLER: Yeah, I think so.

RUSH: Because they think other people think, and they may even think it themselves, that Republicans don’t like people, only care about the rich. That they’re mean, that they’re racist, that they don’t like gay people and all of that. That they’re not for civil rights, you know, all this other BS, and I think —

CALLER: Yeah, they always throw back these talking points —

RUSH: Well, you could give them talking points, you could prove to them ’til the sun goes down that they are not liberals, but you’re never gonna get them to admit, if I’m right about this, you’re never gonna get ’em to admit publicly that they’re not liberal or that they are conservative Republican, because of the brand damage. My point is that has to be dealt with first. I think that’s the big obstacle. I see it every day. I read so much. All it takes, like Ben Carson, who is one of the finest human beings walking the planet today. Ben Carson is one of the most honest, one of the most decent, he is the epitome of class. He’s not dangerous. He doesn’t mean ill intent, have ill intent or desire to harm anybody.

But you mention to your average 34-year-old hipster the name “Ben Carson,” and they immediately think lunatic, because he’s a Republican black, and a black Republican has to be mentally disturbed. And that’s as far as they take it. And the same thing with a woman who’s conservative. I get what your idea is, and I like it, and we could think about doing that as we expand and grow the website. It’s a good idea.

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