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RUSH: Here’s Obama. I think Obama… This is at Arlington Cemetery just moments ago. I think he’s taking a shot at Trump here. What do you think? Listen…

OBAMA: Our veterans are already making America great every single day. So my message today is simple. If you want to get the job done, hire a vet.

RUSH: “Our veterans are already making America great every…” See, I think Obama is bugged by us. I think a lot of people are living rent free inside his head. Trump’s running around, “Make America Great Again.” That’s one of the greatest insults you could level at Obama, and I think he’s hearing it. “You want to get the job done? Hire a vet.” I guess that’s after you hire the illegal, right, Mr. President? Hire the illegal alien first — or just maybe put them straight into the safety net, maybe. That’s what we’ll do. Yeah.

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