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RUSH: They’re already after the Kentucky governor. Before the guy is even sworn in, predictably, this is a prediction that I made — gee, I don’t know, years ago. I’ll just tell you this, you’ll see what I mean. This is from the Washington Post: “KentuckyÂ’s Newly Insured Worry About Their Health Under Next Governor.” (laughing) We just had a Republican governor, a Tea Party guy, a staunch conservative win in a landslide in Kentucky, in part running against Obamacare, and here comes the Drive-By Media saying that the people in Kentucky are now getting scared and they’re worried that this new wacko governor is gonna take their health care away from ’em.

You remember when we made that prediction here? I’ll tell you the prediction came in a discussion about why the Republicans are gutless in opposing it and trying to roll it back. Because they fear that as the entitlement has its tentacles woven deeply into the web of our society, that people end up getting used to the entitlement, and it’s gonna be ripe for the lying message that Republicans want to take it away from them. I predicted this. This is a slam dunk it’s gonna happen. And it’s no reason not to oppose it, it’s no reason not to try to roll it back, repeal it, or what have you. This is one of those things if you’re in politics you’ve got to know this is coming, and you’ve got to have a plan to deal with it.

The way the Republicans act is kind of like the way the adults at Mizzou are acting. It’s stunning to note the similarities between the way the adults at the University of Missouri, particularly some of the alums, the administration, the board of curators, they’re acting identically to the Republicans and the way they deal with the Democrats. The Republicans are scared to death to stand up to the Democrats. The Republicans scared to death to stand up to the media. The Republicans are scared to death to oppose, to push back, and that’s exactly what’s happening on the campus at Mizzou.


RUSH: “Amid the coal fields of eastern Kentucky, a small clinic that is part of the Big Sandy Health Care network furnishes daily proof of this state’s full embrace of the Affordable Care Act. It was here that Mindy Fleming handed a wad of tissues to Tiffany Coleman when she arrived, sleepless and frantic, with no health insurance and a daughter suffering a 103-degree fever and mysterious pain. ‘It will be all right,’ Fleming assured her, and it was.

“An hour later, Coleman had a WellCare card that paid for hospital tests, which found that 4-year-old Alexsis [sic] had an unusual bladder problem. Such one-by-one life changes are the ground-level stakes ushered in by the election last week of businessman Matt Bevin as Kentucky’s next governor. The second Republican elected to the office in 48 years, he wrapped his campaign around a pledge to dismantle Kynect, the state’s response to the federal health-care law. If he follows through, the Bluegrass State would go from being perhaps the nation’s premier [Obamacare] success story to the first to undo the law’s results, razing a state insurance exchange,” obliterating it, “and reversing its considerable expansion of Medicaid.”

So, you see, we have a story here. We have a newly elected Republican governor, and we have the myth that everybody in the state loves Obamacare. The guy ran for office in part on replacing it, repealing it, doing away, ’cause it’s a disaster and replacing it with something works. Yet this story in the Washington Post portrays Kentucky as one of the biggest pro-Obamacare states out there. If that’s true, how’d this guy get elected? The second thing they’re now doing is they’re trying to warn people.

“You know what? You elected this Republican! You know what that means? He’s gonna take your health care away from you. He doesn’t want you to have health care. That’s his whole objective. Yep, this Republican governor wants you to get sick, and then this Republican governor doesn’t want you to get treatment. If you die, he doesn’t care, just like the people at Mizzou.” You see how this works? And that’s what’s being set up. He hasn’t even been inaugurated. He just won the election last week, and already the people of Kentucky are being warned about what they did.

But as the Ben Carson episode is showing, these people can be beaten back, and they can be beaten. And even the Drive-Bys are writing about how Carson is beating them — and some of them are indeed.

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