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RUSH: Speaking of religion, I gotta give my brother a plug here because it fits precisely with what I am talking about. See, I think religious Christians are among the most tolerant and open people and I think the evidence of the last three years is abundant. Look at all the things forced on this country, and there hasn’t been anything like you see at the University of Missouri. There are no uprisings, no protests, no destruction. None of this. The intolerance is all on the left here. The lack of curiosity about things is on the left.

The arrogance and the condescension, the know-it-alls are all on the left, not on the right. Now, my brother is a devout Christian, independently studied and so forth, and he writes about it. He’s got a new book out, and this is gonna shake up a lot of people. It’s called The Emmaus Code, but it is the subheadline here that’s gonna rock a lot of people: “Finding Jesus in the Old Testament.” That’s a bridge that you’re not supposed to cross, and yet he has written an entire book on it. It’s just out.

In fact, you might want to pick one up while you’re out there picking up the latest Rush Revere children’s book, Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner. You might want to try to look for David’s book called The Emmaus Code. It’s E-m-m-a-u-s. It looks like Emmaus or Emmaus, but it’s The Emmaus Code: Looking for Jesus in the Old Testament. The Emmaus Code sets up Christ in the New Testament. Well, I’ll leave it to others to characterize that, but to some people that’s gonna be, “Okay, let’s put up fists up.” It’s not… You can’t say that.

So here’s a devout Christian, my brother, branching out beyond, not just accepting what is and being blindly devotional and loyal to it. There is that, of course. But all of this is, to me, rooted in the total misunderstanding of Christianity. It’s rooted in fear. The misunderstanding derives from the fear on the part of the leftists of all religious people. Except, strangely enough, they’re not afraid of Muslims. They’re not afraid of Islam. They don’t look at Islam as anything that can harm them or step in their way or judge them or what have you. (chuckles) Man, oh, man. If Sharia law ever hit, Hollywood would be closed. If Sharia law ever became the law of the land here, they wouldn’t permit Hollywood — or else it would be taken care of and used.

We’ll deal with that later.

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