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RUSH: ItÂ’s a story at TheHill.com: “Dem[ocrat]s Search for Fountain of Youth — Democrats lean heavily on young voters to win elections, but their leading candidates for the White House are 68-year-old Hillary Clinton and 74-year-old [dinosaur] Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). The two other Democrats who were often implored to enter the race are Vice President Biden, 72, and Sen. Elizabeth [Pocahontas] Warren (D-MA), 66. Democrats are led on Capitol Hill by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA) and Senate Minority Leader [Dingy] Harry Reid (NV) — who are both 75.

“Pelosi’s top two lieutenants are 76-year-old Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (MD) and 75-year-old Rep. James Clyburn (SC). In comparison, [Dingy Harry] expected successor as Democratic leader in the next Congress is … Sen. Charles Schumer (NY) is [a spry] 64. The age of the Democratic Party’s lynchpins is a sensitive subject as the party prepares for life after 54-year-old [Barack Hussein O]. Since Obama’s election in 2008, Democrats have wracked up net losses amounting to more than [1,000] seats in state legislatures, almost 70 House seats, 13 Senate seats and 12 governors’ mansions.”

So the Hill has a story here: How can this be? The Democrat Party is the favorite party of the youth; the Democrat Party doesn’t have any youthful people running it. The Democrat Party is Jurassic Park. How can this be? And you may think it’s a legitimate question, and you may wonder: Why is it not an issue? The Democrats really are nothing but a bunch of old people. The Democrat Party really is a bunch of guys, “get off my lawn” type of guys.

The Democrat Party is literally a bunch of gummers. So, ask yourself, why are they the go-to party for the American youth? Why are they the go-to party for the millennials? Why are they the go-to party for young journalists? Why are they the go-to party for Silicon Valley, Hollywood? Seriously, why? Why are they? (interruption) Well, what do you mean by media branding? (interruption) I don’t think that’s what it is. Snerdley just said it is because of media branding. That the Democrat Party has been branded as the party of youthful, exuberance and young, exciting, futuristic ideas, and I don’t think that’s it at all.

In fact, I know what it is. And you know why I know what it is? ‘Cause I read these little minions. I read the Millennials and what they write. I go to their blogs and their websites. They hate Republicans. They make fun. You ought to read what these youthful, young people are writing about Ben Carson. He’s just the latest lunatic to come along and headline the Republican Party which is nothing but a bunch of lunatics and invariably in the litany of criticism you’ll find rabid Christian or some reference to some degree of devoutness in Christianity.

I don’t believe the Democrat Party has support because people love it. I think the Democrat Party has support because the people we’re talking about here are either afraid of or hate or don’t take seriously the Republican Party, and in large part it’s because of conservatism, but even more important than that I think that there is an absolute hatred and distrust and fear of people who are religious. Those people are unusually pretty sure of themselves, which is off-putting to people like this. They’re pretty confident. They’re pretty sedate. They’re gentle. They don’t seem to have a whole lot of doubts about the unknown, and these people we’re talking about, they’re living lives in total abject fear and panic because they don’t have any religion in their lives.

They’re looking for a replacement for God so they go to environmentalism, or they go to any other aspect of racism, bigotry, wherever they can find a belief in something larger than themselves, but it isn’t gonna be religion because they associate Christianity with legitimate fools. To them, Christians and religious people are dangerous kooks. They have a distorted view of Christianity, because that’s how it’s been explained to them. And so it’s not that the Democrat Party offers them anything. The Democrat Party doesn’t. Where is the youth at the top of the Democrats? Where is the hip in the Democrat Party?

There really isn’t any hip. You ever watch the White House Correspondents Dinner? They have to import hip. They have to import Hollywood people. The Democrat Party proves better than anybody ever has that politics is show biz for the ugly. That politics is show biz for the aging and the decrepit and the ugly. There is no youthful leader in the Democrat Party. There is no JFK anymore. There’s no JFK Jr., there’s nobody. I’m not altogether convinced that a majority of youth actually oppose conservatism anyway. It’s just that it’s fashionable to say so, just like it’s fashionable to join the protests at Mizzou. It’s the path of least friction.

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