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RUSH: So here you have someone like Ben Carson with his life and his resume, and they’re trying to destroy him. They’re trying to destroy him the way they destroy everybody in politics. One of the ways they’re doing it now, apparently in his book he talks about some of his experience as a young man where he says he was a young tough, a brute, he was mean, was a bully to people. And the media is running around saying, “You know what, he’s just trying to make himself look tough ’cause he’s so boring. We can’t find any evidence that he was ever any of that.”

They are running around trying to find people that Carson grew up with. “Do you ever remember him beating people up? Do you ever remember him being a bully? Do you ever remember him being a mean guy?” Supposedly they can’t find anybody that remembers. So all of this came up on CNN today. And one of the ways of going after Carson, he’s evangelical Seventh-day Adventist. Now, Carson does not champion Seventh-day Adventist. He just says he’s a member, but he’s basically just a run-of-the-mill Christian. He doesn’t tout the specifics of Seventh-day Adventists. So on CNN this morning national political correspondent Maeve Reston reported on Carson’s claim that he had a violent background.

RESTON: They just found it very curious that they’d never heard about these incidents at the time that they happened. So it really just raises a lot of questions about that piece of his life and the way that he’s telling the story on the campaign trail as he connects with evangelical voters. What’s so important about this part of his life is that God intervened, he says, at age 14. Right after that stabbing incident he prayed in the bathroom for three hours, and he says that after that moment he never had a violent outburst again. And so that’s what we’re trying to confirm and figure out as we think about someone who wants to be president in the Oval Office, you know, at the nuclear controls.

RUSH: So you evangelical voters, you are so stupid, you need this woman Maeve Reston to run around backtracking and documenting Ben Carson’s story to save you from the guy, ’cause you’re too stupid, you’re too religious, you’re too big-hearted, you may not realize he’s just a liar, Ben Carson. He believes in God. You wouldn’t have and we have never seen this kind of investigation of any Democrat candidate. (interruption) Right. She’s trying to confirm with God-d that Carson prayed for three hours. Which has gotta be strange for somebody working at CNN to try to reach God. I wonder if they know how.

Here’s Ben Carson himself this afternoon in Miami, campaign event. The reporter said, “The two incidents before your mother, were those classmates, were they friends, were they neighbors? How do you characterize because our investigation couldn’t find these people that you supposedly beat up.”

CARSON: Well, why would you be able to find ’em? What makes you think you would be able to find them unless I tell you who they are? If they come forward on their own because of your story, that’s fine, but I’m not gonna expose them.

RUSH: (imitating Carson) “Well, why would you be able to find ’em? What makes you think you’d be able to find ’em unless I tell you who they are?” “Well, we can’t find ’em, nobody will admit it.” “Well, then it’s their the problem. I’m not gonna tell you who they are.” And that’s just gonna tick ’em off even more. “Well, if you beat people up, tell us who. I mean, just like Romney didn’t care that some employee’s wife died of cancer, we were able to find that guy and made an ad. We want to find these people so we can call you a liar.” He says, “Well, I’m not gonna help you find ’em.”

Trump appearing on Saturday Night Live. That’s its own story. You’ve got a bunch of Hispanics paying people to show up on Saturday Night Live to shout that Trump is a racist. You’ve got a bunch of people trying to ban Trump’s appearance, get NBC to rescind it. Trump’s got some promos that he’s out there using already for his appearance coming up on Saturday night. So in Sarasota, Florida, yesterday Ben Carson spoke with reporters, including NBC senior White House correspondent Chris Jansing about Trump’s promo for Saturday night. Trump has a promo saying that he just thinks that Ben Carson is a big loser. And it’s obviously a joke. It’s Saturday Night Live. It’s Trump parodying himself.

Well, NBC, look, there’s a federal restriction that because of federal election rules that Trump can only talk for four seconds about other people on these campaigns without them legitimately claiming they deserve equal time to Saturday Night Live to respond. So in any promo Trump or anybody, any political guest is given four seconds to talk about Jeb, or in this case Ben Carson or whatever, and NBC is claiming just like they don’t know what happened that 911 tape that got edited the George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin case, they don’t know what happened here. But, anyway, Chris Jansing and Ben Carson have this exchange here about being made fun of on Saturday Night Live.

CARSON: I would not want equal time to SNL.

JANSING: Do you plan on watching?


JANSING: Would you do SNL if asked?



CARSON: Because I think the presidency is a very serious thing and I don’t like making light of it like that.

RUSH: I don’t want to make fun of the presidency on Saturday Night Live. It’s a very serious thing and I wouldn’t go on Saturday Night Live and make fun of it, so I don’t want four seconds of equal time to respond to Trump. Then yesterday in Fort Myers down road from Sarasota, reporters talking to Carson about Trump’s promo for Saturday Night Live in which he called Carson a loser, and Carson said this.

CARSON: I discovered when I was in grade school that those tactics really are for grade school. And I’ve gone far beyond that now.

RUSH: So he’s saying (paraphrased), “I don’t even want to get down in that gutter or that mud. I don’t even want to go there. You’re not gonna suck me in to responding to Trump. I’m just not gonna do it.” Now back to CNN this morning, correspondent Joe Johns was reporting on Carson’s allegedly violent past — and this is how that sounded.

JOHNS: Carson said he also tried to kill a friend identified as Bob in a disagreement over the radio. But that early picture of violence is not recognizable to some who grew up with Carson.

WOMAN: I was shocked. I was surprised, ’cause he was just… You know, he was quiet and calm.

JOHNS: CNN reporters Maeve Reston and Scott Glover tracked down 10 schoolmates and neighbors. None challenged Carson’s story directly. Only one said they’d heard vague rumors about one of the incidents. But all said this was not the boy they knew.

MAN: I was really surprised when I read he tried to stab someone. Like, what?

JOHNS: The campaign has refused repeated requests from CNN to help find witnesses or the victims Carson mentions only by first name. CNN has been unable to locate witnesses or victims.

RUSH: So you see, Carson’s out… Now, why would Carson be making this stuff up? He didn’t stab anybody, he didn’t bully anybody, he didn’t attack anybody. He didn’t beat anybody up; he’s making it up. Why? (interruption) Why are they so curious about this anyway? Well, of course they’d love to be able to prove him a liar. Look, I’m up against it on time here I’ve really gotta take a break. I guess the question is: Why would Carson lie about this? What benefit is there to him for people to realize, that don’t know, that he was a violent guy when he was a youth? Is it part of what he’s overcome? Is it the faith aspect? I know they’re attacking that. But is it the ability of Carson to say, “I’m not this dull dryball you think I am. I’m not this… Look, I’ve been tough guy in the past”? We’ll figure this out.


RUSH: Let me ask you a question. Think back to the days that you were in, well, let’s say junior high or middle school or even high school. And let’s say that you were a figure of some prominence recently and the media then became interested in you and you started describing things you did in your junior high and high school days. Do you think it possible that the media could find everybody you went to school with? And after that, do you think that everybody that you went to school with has a photographic memory of everything you did during those years that you were in school?

So CNN has what? They found 10 or 15 people that don’t remember diddly-squat, and it’s shocking? That’s all it takes. So now we have a narrative commencing here that there’s no evidence. Nobody out there can remember this side of Ben Carson. Ben Carson won’t give them the names. “That just makes it even more suspicious! He’s hiding something.” No. It’s more than likely Carson doesn’t want to violate their privacy. But this is what passes for investigative journalism.

And then, you toss in the fundamentalist evangelical religion aspect of this, and you have turned these media people into hunting bird dogs who are hell-bent to be able to prove that the deeply religious Ben Carson is nothing more than your average, run-of-the-mill liar. ‘Cause if they can establish that in people’s minds… Remember, they’re all working for Hillary Clinton, every one of them. When we’re talking about CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, we’re talking about people who work for Hillary Clinton, just like these journalists on the debate.

They’re not journalists and they’re not interrogators. They’re assassins. They’re political assassins. The objective here is to take Carson out. He’s the frontrunner, now. They would love it. I’m telling you, they would love to turn Ben Carson into the Herman Cain of 2015. They would love to. They think Carson has given them an opening here, so they’re gonna hunt this down and do with it what they can. And if they can’t find a fact, they’ll be happy to use the innuendo, which is what they’re doing now. They’re already halfway there to try to make people believe Carson’s really nuts. “Man, this guys out of balance! He’s lying. He’s screwed up. This guy’s really a nutcase.”

That’s what they’re trying for.

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