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RUSH: Here’s Weston in Philadelphia. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: How are you?

RUSH: Hey. Good.

CALLER: Well, I took a break. I was driving, hitting some golf balls, waiting to get on the air with you, and it’s apropos for my subject matter. You know, one of the sporting events I always would want to go to if anyone asked me which one would be the Masters. And it’s in no small part because I respect the men who have run the Masters Tournament and run that club. And I respect ’em more than thinking, really, for the way that they have controlled the networks. You know, they don’t allow CBS to come to them and say what’s what.

RUSH: You know this… Wait a second. Wait. This is a brilliant point. You are spot on here. This is great example. The Masters has a one-year TV contract every year, which is CBS. CBS has to earn it every year with their performance. How do they earn it? By doing what Augusta tells them to do. Augusta limits the number of commercial breaks per hour. Augusta gets the sponsors. They work with CBS on this. It’s not a total autocratic thing, but Augusta controls every aspect.

Augusta doesn’t even allow certain words to be used by commentators. You cannot say “gallery.” You have to call ’em the “patrons,” ’cause that’s what Bobby Jones thought of them as. And Augusta dictates entirely which holes are gonna be televised, how many can be televised. And they’ve relaxed the rules over the years. And the reason they can is because the ratings come in so high, people are gonna watch that tournament every year. And his point here, the Republicans could do the same thing with a ratings grabber like Trump.

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