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RUSH: Barb in Columbus, Ohio. You’re next. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: I would like to share my theory on why Joe Biden announced last Wednesday he is not running for president.

RUSH: Oh, goody.


RUSH: Let’s hear this. I’m fascinated, ’cause I have my own theory about this.

CALLER: Ooooh. I wonder if it’s the same one.

RUSH: Well, let’s find out.

CALLER: Yeah. It was a day after a report said that his close reliable sources said he would be running. So I think it’s a classic Clinton Mafia move. My theory is Hillary Clinton made a phone call last Tuesday to the White House threatening to divulge what really happened in Benghazi if Biden runs.

RUSH: Hmm. I actually think that it’s the opposite.

CALLER: What say you? Yeah.

RUSH: Well, let me explain. I’m not sure that Hillary can just call somebody and blackmail them without somebody being able to blackmail her in return. You know, she has this private server. We don’t know what was on that server. We think we do. But they haven’t been up front, we don’t know what’s on that. We don’t know what might relate to Obama. We don’t know who else had private servers. Everybody’s thinking that Hillary’s the only one. But if there’s one private server, there might be two or three others, too.

So my theory on this is Biden’s speech in the Rose Garden with Obama standing next to him, and he gives a speech that you would give if you were running. He gives a speech that you would give if you were going to run, except he’s not. Now, you and me, you and I may be closer than I think, because I think that speech was written, and I think Biden was gonna go. I think it was Obama, because Obama’s standing there while he’s doing that speech. I think if anybody told Joe to back off and wait, it’s Obama.

But I think Biden holds the key to what happens here. I think Biden, if there’s anything going on behind the scenes, it’s Biden that has access to stuff that, if leaked, can do damage to Hillary. I think it’s Biden and Obama who do. And the fact that he gave a speech, Barb, that was identical to somebody who was running, if something happens, if there’s something leaked that is damaging to Mrs. Clinton — by the way, I didn’t get to this yesterday or the day before, but there was a story that the FBI director, James Comey, the FBI is still investigating her, and seriously, over this e-mail server thing and classified documents. This story really gave me the impression that Comey and the FBI are proceeding independently outside any sphere of influence that might be exerted against them by Obama or whatever. And it clearly left the impression this isn’t over with and that there may be something to find, and that the FBI is serious about finding it.

If that’s true, then Biden has left himself a wide open door to jump back in based on the speech he gave because he already announced his agenda. He already gave us his reason for running. The only thing out of congruence there was he said he wasn’t going to. So we’re closer than I originally thought, but in the end, the odds are that nothing’s gonna happen and that Hillary is gonna be the nominee. Barb, you still there?

CALLER: Yeah, I hear what you’re saying, and I agree with it also. I just think this is a classic Clinton Mafia move. I mean, there could have been —

RUSH: Well, here’s the —

CALLER: — a horse’s head in the bed that night —

RUSH: Yeah, yeah. (laughing) It wouldn’t be a horse’s head. A horse’s ass.

CALLER: Well, maybe wearing a blue dress and a cigar in mouth, I don’t know.

RUSH: He-he-he-he-he. Here’s the thing. Clearly Barb was alive and paying attention in the nineties, and that’s her frame of reference here, when she says Clinton Mafia. And for people who think that Obama might be the one that has the goods on her, maybe so, but the Clintons aren’t sitting over there naked. They’ve got their own oppo research. That’s all they do is collect it.

I think after what happened to Hillary in 2008, the Clinton Mafia, as you say, the Clinton campaign, the Clinton war room, they’re not taking any chances this time around. I think they probably have collected a bunch of stuff to, as you say, maybe threaten Biden. I’m not sure they had to, but could have. But regardless, they’ve got some insurance policy in place to make sure that something doesn’t happen this year like happened in 2007 with Obama. He came out of the blue and just shocked and surprised everybody. Barb, thanks for the call. I appreciate it.

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