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RUSH: You want to see some great Halloween costume pictures? I kid you not, go to the Rush Revere Facebook page. Facebook.com/RushRevere. People are sending us the Halloween costumes their kids are dressing up as inspired by characters in

Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans. The latest book, number four, Rush Revere and The Star-Spangled Banner. You can see just some of the examples that people are sending. We are being overwhelmed. People are flooding us with their personal pictures and videos of their kids getting the books, opening them up when they arrive from FedEx or in the mail or whatever. Then they start reading. It’s heartwarming as it could be, and it’s wholesome.


RUSH: Albuquerque is where we’re gonna go first, to New Mexico. Oh, we have two girls on the line. Hannah and Jennifer are both on the phone together from Albuquerque. Welcome, young ladies. How are you?

GIRL 1: Very good, how are you, sir?

RUSH: This is great. It’s a great way for me to start the day, to talk to you two.

GIRL 1: Thank you.

GIRL 2: Thank you.

GIRL 1: We love your books. They’re really inspirational.

RUSH: Well, I can’t thank you enough. You love the books, they’re very inspirational. Have you read them all?

GIRL 2: Yes.

GIRL 1: Yes, sir. We haven’t bought the new one yet, but we’re hoping to sometime.

RUSH: Well, it’s out there. It’s waiting to be snatched off the shelves.

GIRL 1: Okay.

RUSH: So what do you like? They’re obviously inspirational. What else about ’em do you like?

GIRL 1: We really like the fun of the books, how you combined history with average middle school stuff, like middle school kids. We’re in fifth grade. We love to read your books, and we just find them fun and a good way to learn history.

RUSH: Well, how old are you two?

GIRLS (in unison): Ten.

RUSH: Are you twins?

GIRLS (in unison): Yes, sir.

RUSH: No kidding. You notice how polite they are?

GIRLS (in unison): Thank you.

RUSH: You’re more than welcome. It’s just a joy to talk to young people like you. So you’re 10 years old, you’re not far away from middle school. And let me take a guess, you have favorite characters, and my guess is your favorite character is Liberty?

GIRL 1: Yes, sir. And we also like Elizabeth. I don’t know why.

GIRL 2: Because our best friend’s name is Elizabeth.

RUSH: You like Elizabeth?

GIRL 2: Our best friend’s name is Elizabeth.

RUSH: Ah, that could be. Well, Elizabeth is an antagonist. Do you know what that is?

GIRLS (in unison): Yes, sir.

RUSH: Good for you, 10-year-olds who know what an antagonist — you know what I’m gonna do, Hannah and Jennifer? We just got — because people have been requesting Liberty stuffed cuddly dolls or toys.

GIRLS (in unison): Oh, that’s so cute.

RUSH: Yes, yes, yes, and we just got them last week.

GIRL 1: That’s awesome.

RUSH: I would like to send both of you one of these things.

GIRLS (in unison): Thank you, sir.

RUSH: And maybe a couple of other surprises thrown in as well.

GIRL 1: Thank you.

RUSH: In fact, I’ll tell you what I’m also gonna do. We just got the audio version of the new book.

GIRL 1: Whoa.

RUSH: Read by me. We just got ’em in. I’m gonna enclose some of those for you, but I need you to hold on so that —

GIRLS (in unison): Yes, sir.

RUSH: Mr. Snerdley — (laughing) I’m just not used to this. “Yes, sir!” Thank you for being so polite. I can’t tell you what a joy and thrill it is. It’s a pleasure to —

GIRL 1: Thank you for talking to us today.

RUSH: Well, I’m glad you called. This is just a terrific start to the caller part of the day for me here.

GIRL 1: We have gotten on the program once before, but right when Mr. Snerdley was going to announce our call the line disconnected. And we sent you an e-mail. Did you ever find it?

RUSH: Well, I don’t know. I mean, I must tell you that there are literally thousands of e-mails that come in every day to the public e-mail address, and I try to read some of them, but I can’t pretend to even get close to reading all of them.

GIRL 1: And we just want to tell you that we are not going to be solar panels for Halloween.

RUSH: Well, thank you. That comforts me like you can’t believe. I couldn’t imagine, talking to you, that you would dress up as solar panels. You’re not gonna go out as a windmill either, I hope?

GIRL 1: We’re going to go out as a fifties girl and Princess Aurora. So no solar panels or energy —

RUSH: See how healthy that is? As a fifties princess. That’s perfect for you.

GIRLS (in unison): Thank you.

RUSH: Okay, look, Hannah and Jennifer, 10 years old from Albuquerque, hang on so Mr. Snerdley — do they not have great voices? They have the greatest voices. Did they just say they tricked you and got on once before? (interruption) Oh. They were on, they were on hold, and their line dropped off. Well, then this is their inaugural appearance. Anyway, girls, hang on so Mr. Snerdley can get your address so we can send you the Liberty cuddly stuffed animal and the audio version of Rush Revere and the Star-Spangled Banner. Don’t hang up out there.

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