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RUSH: Oh, one e-mail, before we get back to sound bites. And, you know, it’s a legitimate question: “Rush, I’ve been listening for a long time, and whenever the media gets unfair, you always have said, ‘Well, hey, you can complain about it or you can deal with it. This is the lay of the land. If you want to be elected as Republican, the media’s one of the obstacles.’ So why all this complaining about it?” That’s a good question. And I… It’s not complaining. It’s just that, folks, I tell you: I’ve reached a point where I’m changing my mind on this. This is what I started asking myself.

“Why is it that Republicans just have to accept and deal with the lie that they’re a bunch of racists and bigots and homophobes and sexists and extremists?” I’m through with it. I’ve had that crap said about me for 27 years. Every other Republican has had it said about them. Why do we have to sit here and accept that that’s the lay of the land? Why do we sit here and say, “Yeah, they get to lie about us”? It just culminated for me last night with this debate when what was really on display last night was every assumption the left makes about us.

As I said, the answers to those questions last night were irrelevant as far as the media’s concerned. The bullets… Last night was an assassination attempt, a political assassination of every one of those candidates. They were all in the political crosshairs, and the questions were the bullets to take them out. It didn’t matter what the answers to those questions were. The idea was to destroy them all last night and then get applause and pats on the back from fellow media members and fellow Democrats today.

That’s what the objective was.

Ever since Trump came on the scene, ever since Trump has been leading, the objective of the media’s been, I convinced, a private little contest see who can be the one to take Trump out. Harwood gave it his best shot last night, and Becky Quick gave it her shot, and Carl Quintanilla, and none of them did. And very few of the Republican establishment had the slightest idea why Trump is sitting where he is. They do not understand the bond of connection Trump has made with his voters. They don’t understand the bond of connection Ted Cruz has made with his.

They haven’t the slightest idea.

They think… Just to reiterate this, because this is crucially important, the mind-set of the Democrat Party. I don’t care if it’s media people or if it’s elected officials or if it’s consultants. They all think that you, Republican voters, are stupid and dumb and incapable of independent thought. Every opinion you have is the result of somebody influencing you. You are racists, you are sexists, you’re bitter clingers, you’re mean-spirited, you’re homophobes and all of that. Because you’re Republicans.
Because you’re conservative.

That’s what they really think of you. And so candidates, to get your vote, have to go there. So the candidates are also racist, sexist, bigot, homophobic, whatever it is to get your vote. And I’ve just finally said, “Why do we have to sit here and accept it? Why does every Republican have to just say it is an accepted part of the lay of the land that you go into every race as a presumptive racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe whatever it is?” What chance does anybody have when that is the so-called lay of the land, and especially when it is all concocted and totally made up and in fact just the opposite!

If anybody’s racist and sexist and bigoted, it’s the people on the left.

That’s how they look at people. They look at people and they first see skin color, then they see gender, then they see orientation, and then they try to make everybody they see fit into some victim class because nobody is capable of taking care of themselves in their world. Nobody is able to do it. So they don’t respect individual achievement. Those on the Republican side who have achieved must have cheated, must have cheated somebody, must have stolen, must have committed some kind of crime. I’m just sick and tired of these presumptions as the lay of the land, as things Republicans have to accept and deal with.

The days are over that that’s the case, as far as I’m concerned.

Now back to the audio sound bites. Marco Rubio. I’m gonna start there. He was on with Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning. We have two bites, numbers 21 and 22. Remember, Rubio last night? And this really offended ’em on the left, because they were all talking about what a great week Hillary Clinton had last week. Remember? “It was such a great week, boy! Hillary just took ’em to task in the debate and she ran rings around the Benghazi committee. Oh, she had a great week,” and Rubio had a great response: “She was exposed as a liar last week. What are you talking about?” That didn’t sit well with Charlie Rose. Charlie Rose was not happy with Rubio. He said to him on CBS This Morning, “You called Hillary Clinton a liar!”

RUBIO: Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi. There’s no doubt about that, Charlie. I mean, there are e-mails in which she was talking to her family and she was telling them that there was an attack on that consulate that was due to a terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda elements and then she was going around the country talking to the families of the victims, and to the American people, and saying, no, no, this is because of some video that someone produced —

ROSE: Senator, you know — you know that the CIA —

RUBIO: She absolutely lied about it.

ROSE: — the CIA was changing its own assessment of what happened there during that time zone.

RUBIO: That’s not accurate. She knew that it was a terrorist attack, as she shared by e-mail with various people, and yet she continued to perpetuate the lie.

RUSH: Hey, Charlie, are you really Candy Crowley in disguise? You’ve gained a lot of weight, Charlie, you’re Candy Crowley. What do you mean, helping Hillary? “Well, you must understand the CIA was changing their assessment there during the time zone.” During the time zone? You mean time frame, Charlie? Learn to speak at a college age level, how about it, Charlie? During the time zone, Charlie? Do you realize how illiterate that sounds? I know your audience probably can’t speak at a second gray grade level, but at least try.

She lied, Charlie. She admitted her lie to foreign leaders. This was Rubio’s point. She told everybody that mattered that it wasn’t a video, that it was a preplanned terror attack. But Charlie’s gotta circle the wagons. Charlie’s gotta defend Hillary Clinton. She came under assault last night at that debate, and the CNBC guys, they didn’t shore up their end. So CBS had to move in today and protect Hillary at all costs. So Charlie then said, “Well, look, if you’re calling her a liar by saying she perpetuated a lie, why do you think she did it? What was her motive?”

RUBIO: It’s very clear why. Because they were in the middle of a 2012 reelection in which President Obama had made the claim that Al-Qaeda was being defeated and on the run —

ROSE: So you’re saying Senator that Hillary Clinton lied because she wanted to help Barack Obama in his reelection campaign? That’s a serious charge.

RUBIO: Yes. Well, it’s the truth. I mean, that’s not only why she did it. That’s why everyone in the administration did it.

RUSH: Marco is incredulous that Charlie has never even thought of this. It has never occurred to the second grade reading Charlie Rose. I’m telling you, I’m fed up with this. It has never occurred to Charlie Rose that they might be trying to win an election by lying and concocting false stories about their incompetence in foreign policy and national security? It never occurs to Charlie Rose that his precious Hillary and Obama might lie to win an election? It’s a very serious charge to say that would happen. So you know who’s the criminal here? Marco Rubio. “That’s a very serious charge.”

Hey, Charlie, serious charge, that must mean we need an investigation, Charlie. Well, I doubt, he would say, there’s any evidence. It’s not about the evidence, Charlie. It’s about the seriousness of the charge. Isn’t that how you get us? Make up some concocted, fake accusation about something and say it’s serious and then say it demands an investigation?

We don’t even need to investigate this. Rubio’s right. But the point is, it never even occurred. This may be, because these people are so cloister and had so sequestered, they don’t talk to anybody but themselves, they don’t read anything but each other. I’ll bet Charlie Rose, this might be the first time he’s heard anybody say that Hillary and Obama made up the story about the video to cover the fact that their campaign message was a lie, that they had vanquished terrorism, it was over, they killed bin Laden.

For these people to sit here and tell us how stupid we are and close minded and bigoted, these are the people so cloistered within themselves they haven’t the slightest idea what anybody other than their small group of people says or thinks. And that’s why the American people may as well be living in a foreign country to them. That’s how they end up being called bitter clingers.


RUSH: Here’s the shocking thing, Charlie Rose and his second grade level question of Marco Rubio, “The CIA was changing its assessment throughout the time zone.” He meant time frame. Is Charlie Rose really unaware the CIA was never confused about what happened in Benghazi? “The CIA was changing their assessment.” No, they weren’t, Charlie. You’re believing a bunch of left wing pap. The CIA was never confused, because they were ordered by Hillary staffers to rewrite their analysis. There wasn’t any confusion.

Leon Panetta, everybody there admits the CIA knew it was a terror attack from the start. Charlie, even your own buddies that are your regular guests on your show have said this. You gotta go somewhere, Charlie, besides the Four Seasons to hang out with people. It’s embarrassing, what there is to know out there. Well, really, I’m sorry.

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