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RUSH: You Trumpsters, what do you think of — Trump, let me backtrack a couple things here on The Donald. I read a couple things today from places I’m not familiar with so I’m not gonna quote them to you. Websites I’ve not heard of. It doesn’t mean anything. I just haven’t heard of them. Since I haven’t I’m not gonna give ’em a rubber stamp. But there are a couple places that are dubious of the polling data that shows Carson leading Trump big in Iowa. And they’re dubious because it’s the only place Trump is losing. Everywhere you go, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Trump is running away with this, except in Iowa.

So some people are suspicious, and of course attaching to it the prediction that what is really going on here is an effort to take Trump out and make Carson the leader. Some people really think the Democrats and the media would love for Ben Carson to become the leader at this stage of the Republican primary process. Because for all of those in the establishment who think Trump was gonna bomb out, implode at some point, there isn’t a single person in the Republican or Democrat establishments who thinks that Ben Carson has an iota’s chance of being president or even the nominee.

They would equate, say, Ben Carson with Herman Cain. You get rid of Trump — this is in a meme — you get rid of Trump, take him out, and the audio sound bites say the Drive-Bys think it’s happened, folks. Drive-Bys think it’s happened. They think they did it. Just as I predicted yesterday. They’re all atwitter about this, they’re all excited. And that’s gonna give ’em Carson, and none of them believe Carson is real. They think Carson is an aberration. They can turn him into Herman Cain and get rid of him whenever they want to, and that leaves the door wide open for Jeb Bush to make a miraculous recovery, racing right through the wide open door vacated by Carson and Trump, seated atop the white horse, ride in and save the Republican Party.

These theories are all over the place out there. But again, they’re obscure places and there isn’t any evidence that the polling data’s been rigged. So I’m not putting my name behind any of this, but I am sharing with you what is out there, and if you spend as much time on the Web as I do, you’d run into it yourself, too.

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