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RUSH: Here’s Nathan in Weaverville, California. Hi, Nathan. I’m glad you waited.

CALLER: Well, thank you, sir. It’s such an honor to get to talk to you today.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I just wanted to let you know that the first time I can remember listening to your show, I believe you were still in Sacramento, and every time I would get to visit my grandparents, my grandpa and I, we would listen to your show every time. It was his favorite show, and he would listen to it. Since then, about six years ago, he passed away, and for the last three years I’ve been listening to your show all the time. I just wanted to let you know that by listening to your show, it reminds me of him all the time.

RUSH: Nostalgia. The nostalgia grips you.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Yeah, I have memories of my grandfather. I went to my grandfather’s house, and there were certain things that he was doing and did and was interested in that, if you wanted to talk to him, you had to go along with it, too. And that’s how you remember people. That’s very flattering. I’m really moved by that.

CALLER: Well, I’d like to thank you for that, ’cause it’s a nice thing to be able to remember him by, and now I see why he really enjoyed your show so much.

RUSH: Well, and now you apparently are yourself.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Yeah. Weaverville. Now, I was in Sacramento from 1984 to ’87 — well, actually the middle of ’88 — so that’s probably when you were listening. Where’s Weaverville? How far…? Is it near Sacramento?

CALLER: It’s near Redding.

RUSH: Redding! Okay, sure.


RUSH: I’m sure I’ve been there. I’m sure I’ve been there, driven through it.

CALLER: I’m sure.

RUSH: Well, look, Nathan, I appreciate the call. I’m really moved. He’s waited on hold for a long time to tell me that, and I am truly deeply moved by that. I hear a story like that and I visualize it. A grandson goes to granddad’s house. He likes granddad. Granddad’s got this show on. I mean, as a young kid, single-digit kid — maybe 10, 12, whatever — and grows up to be an adult, and the show is still on. Someday, it reminds him of when he was in his grandfather’s house. That’s cool.

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