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RUSH: A little housekeeping here to kick off. Yesterday on the program we had a sound bite, Jake Tapper, CNN, interviewing Mrs. Clinton, I think it was last Friday. The sound bite consisted of Jake Tapper trying to ask her about e-mails and the FBI investigation into her e-mails and server, and she was just laughing. Just cackling. Arkansas Broadbeam type stuff, which we have highlighted before. We played the bite twice and we looped the cackle laughter, and I made the remark that that’s it, I mean, that’s what we got.

Well, that’s all I had seen. I had seen the clip. It was posted on, gosh, I don’t know how many blogs, and every blog that posted it said: You have got to see this. We can’t describe it, posted the video, and it’s just what we aired yesterday of Jake trying to ask a question about it and her just laughing maniacal and crazily. It looked like she’s avoiding it all. Well, apparently what happened was that Jake persisted, kept asking her, and eventually she did answer. I don’t know that her answer was noteworthy or momentous.

But apparently what happened yesterday is that a number of you let Jake Tapper have it for giving her a pass, for not pursuing her while she was attempting to deflect it and defuse it by laughing. And apparently he was just overwhelmed with people who thought that he had given her a pass. And he didn’t. He had continued, he finally did ask the question and got an answer from her in words, not cackling laughter.

I was unaware of that, so we didn’t have that full length of the sound bite. And he wanted me to clarify with all of you who might have misunderstood yesterday, that he did continue to pursue the point that he was making or the question that he was asking and eventually did get an answer. And I erroneously, I guess, left an impression that Jake was in the tank for Hillary by not pursuing and allowing himself to be sidetracked by her laughter. And that was not the intent. The intent yesterday was to show you and everybody else how she deals with the subject when it’s brought up. So I wanted to straighten that out because Jake did not let her slide with just laughter and not pursue it.

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