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RUSH: So there’s Jim Webb. He’s ending his bid for the presidency as a Democrat and may go independent. He’s figured out that he’s not one of these members who was in the Star Wars cantina scene. He’s not one of these wild-eyed, crazed leftists, but he also doesn’t think he’s a Republican. You know, I saw somebody yesterday make the case… I forget who. It was one of the many places that I go each and every day, but somebody said Webb going third party, you’d think it would hurt Democrats, but it isn’t gonna hurt Democrats.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So the theory is Webb going third party is gonna hurt the Republicans, because everything hurts the Republicans. I mean, that was the theory. The theory was that Webb is not a Democrat; he not gonna take any votes way from any of those Democrats. He’s getting out of the race ’cause he’s not one of them, and there aren’t any moderate Democrats anymore, so he can’t split the Democrat vote. All he can do is split the Republican vote because he’s more like a Republican than a Democrat.

That was the theory, so keep that…well, wherever you want to keep it if at all, but it’s just one point of view. Not guaranteed he’s gonna go as an independent, either, even despite what he says now. He did get out. He’s not running as a Democrat. But, you know, the irony is — and don’t doubt me on this — it wasn’t that long ago that Jim Webb would have been seen as a radical Democrat. The Democrat Party has moved so far left that they are now embracing socialism. They’re actually embracing it and they’re making the case for it, and they have long celebrated communist heroes of theirs like Castro and Mao and Che Guevara.

I mean, they’re gone. They’re far, far gone. And the American people are rejecting them. Outside of presidential elections, the American people are rejecting the Democrat Party and they’re doing so in droves.

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