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RUSH: I want to hold up a picture here on the Dittocam. I talked about the media, here. I want to zoom in real close here, folks. I want to show you this picture. Do you see? If you’re not watching the Dittocam, obviously can’t see it. For those of you who are, see that picture? Snerdley, do you have any idea what that picture is? (interruption) That’s exactly right. You must have seen that picture in the story. There are one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11 12…

There are about 22 women in this picture, folks, taken in Las Vegas before the Democrat debate — 22 women, not a single man. There’s not a guy in this picture. And what this picture is, is the Hillary Clinton press corps. This is it. I’m turning the Dittocam off because it’s zoomed in real tight. That’s exactly right. Way to go, Snerdley. You’re on the ball. “The Chickification of the news” is exactly right, and this is the epitome of it. If you wonder why the Hillary news coverage is the way it is, you simply have to look at that picture.

You simply have to find out who it is covering the news about her, and it will tell you everything you need to know. And this is done, by the way, on purpose. The chickification of the news is made up of many facets, but one of the facets is that men really can’t be fair to women. Not that they try to be unfair, but they just can’t fully relate. It takes a woman to understand a woman. It takes a woman to get deep with another woman.

It takes a woman to understand, and so that’s the press gaggle that follows Hillary Clinton around. Print, online, radio, TV, you name it. And it’s better than anything anybody can ever say to explain the type of and the nature of the sympathetic coverage that Hillary Clinton gets. Hillary Clinton is perceived to be a victim. She’s always playing the victim card. She’s always whining about being a woman or making a point of being a woman, as though that’s somehow an obstacle and it’s punishing in our unfair society.

And as a way of equalizing it, everybody covering her also happens to be female.

Look at this: “Major Teamsters Pension Fund to Slash Recipients’ Benefits.” I meant to get to that today, but that’s a good enough tease. You Teamsters, pension funds benefits are about to be slashed. Yeah. Maybe the Democrat Party can give you back some of your dues that you paid to make up the difference.

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