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RUSH: Here’s Dave in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. What a thrill to be talking to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I started listening to you 11-and-a-half years ago by accident.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: Every show just got better and better and, I haven’t missed one minute in 11-and-a-half years. I dedicate three hours a day, every day to your show.

RUSH: Holy smokes.

CALLER: I’m telling you, your show has made me much smarter, and I appreciate that. I thank you for that. But I’m a firefighter, and on the side I had an engraving business, and I made a couple of logos in that time, and your logo is just beautiful, the blue and gold, the EIB radio network on top. Excellence in Broadcasting Network on the bottom set in like a victory wreath, and it’s one of the nicest logos I’ve ever seen. I was wondering if you designed that logo or how much input you had into the design of that logo.

RUSH: I did not design it. I commissioned it way, way back in 1988, and there were a bunch of different designs submitted, and I chose it.

CALLER: Okay. All right.

RUSH: I mean, if I take credit for it, I guarantee you I’m gonna get sued. See, I gotta be very careful here. This appears to be a totally innocent question, but you could be the guy. You could be the guy who designed it calling me, and if I lie… No, we commissioned it, in all candor, and it has not changed.

CALLER: Okay. So —

RUSH: In the early days, in the early days, there was pressure to change it because people said, “Rush, it looks like the Motel 8 logo. Do you not understand that people do not see E-I-B, they see two 8s in there?” I said, “Stick with it. They will.”

CALLER: Well, the Excellence in Broadcasting logo, I thought maybe you came up with that, ’cause it is your show.

RUSH: Well, I came up with the name of the network. I just… You know, we needed a name of the network.

CALLER: Right, right.

RUSH: I named it after my performance: Excellence.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: And the logo, I would love to tell you that I’m a designer. No. I commissioned it, and people submitted their works of art, and that’s what I chose. I thought it was brilliant.

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