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RUSH: This is KUSA-TV. This is their website. This is in Denver. They released clips from an upcoming Balance of Power show where the host, Brandon Rittiman, interviewed Hillary Clinton, and they had a discussion about her e-mail scandal, and here is Brandon Rittiman, the local reporter for Denver’s KUSA-TV.
Here’s the setup…

RITTIMAN: You used a small Denver company called Platte River Networks to manage your private server. It appears now that data off of that server got backed up to a cloud server somewhere else without your knowledge or consent. Platte River told me if it knew — and it’s not in the business of asking, but if it knew — that you were planning to send State Department-type information through this system, this is not the system that they would have set you up with. You’re the nation’s top diplomat in that role. You’ve gotta know that what you’re sending through communications is valuable to foreign intelligence. Why go with this system? Did any part of you think, ‘Maybe this isn’t a good idea’?

RUSH: So that’s the question. She’s never been asked that question that way. And here’s her answer. She had no answer.
HILLARY: Well, look, I’ve taken responsibility for what I did, and it was a mistake. The State Department allowed it at the time. And I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible. I’ll be appearing before the Congress next week and answering a lot of questions that they may have, although, now it’s clear that this whole effort was set up for political partisan purposes, not to try to get to any useful end. But I’ll be in a position to respond and the American people can listen and watch and draw their own conclusions.

RUSH: So she didn’t say a word. He describes her setup as being vulnerable, that the company that set it up would not have set it up the way they did if she had told of them classified data was gonna be on it. Did any part of you think maybe what you were doing wasn’t a good idea? “Well, look, I’ve taken responsibility for what I did, and it was a mistake.” Okay, done. “She’s apologized. Leave her alone,” is what the Democrats say. “The State Department allowed at the time.” There wasn’t anything wrong, see? “And I’ve tried to make as transparent as possible.”

What more do you expect?

“I’ll be appearing before Congress next week and answering a lot of questions they may have, although now it’s clear this whole effort was set up for partisan political purposes…” So none of this is legitimate, and now you’re trying to get me. You’re no better than these Republicans, Mr. Local Reporter! That’s how the Clinton technique is. You know this partisan political purposes… Last times I heard that phrase (you will marvel here at my memory) was during the Dan Rather fake documents, George W. Bush/National Guard story.

And after the documents had been exposed as forged and it was done by the Power Line guys and a guy names Charles Johnson who had a blog at the time (he may be still have it, I don’t know) Little Green Footballs. But they found a number of ways. In fact, these documents used a font in Microsoft Word that did not exist at the time George Bush was in the National Guard. I mean, just totally made up, forged documents, and it was clear that the guy trying to sell them to CBS not for money but convince them to use them.

Bill Burkett — the elevator didn’t go to the top floor there — is an order of fries short of a Happy Meal, and yet they relied on the guy. So after all of this had been exposed, and Dan Rather is still anchoring the CBS Evening News, one particularly devastating day for Dan Rather when more evidence of the forgery and how it was done had been in the news that day, Dan Rather opened his newscast that night with the phrase (Rather impression), “Partisan political operatives today are saying that we at CBS engaged in these partisan political operatives are nevertheless attempting to cast aspersions on that which we do here at CBS News. Partisan political operatives.”

And that became the way tried to extricate themselves. That phrase “partisan political operatives” is supposed to convey to undecided or low-information voters that a bunch of mean extremists are out to get the good guys. So now here’s Hillary using the phrase “partisan political operatives.” Listen closely and you will hear people on the left use that phrase often to try to discredit their critics as (Rather impression), “Partisan political operatives today said further evidence exists that we at CBS forged the documents. Well, I wish to tell these partisan political operatives a thing or two. If that’s true, I want to break that story!” Hey, earth to Dan? You want to break it?

He actually said that, too. (imitating Rather) “If this is true, if these documents are forged, as partisan political operatives say, then I want to break that story.” Dan, the story’s broken, dude. Dan Rather had the capacity to be one of the nicest guys on earth, but he was the partisan here, and Mary Mapes was the partisan, and Bill Burkett was the insane partisan. But they were the partisans. These bloggers, I mean, they were just getting started and it was the way they put themselves on the map. So, anyway, here’s Mrs. Clinton, “Well, you know, uh, it’s been clear this whole effort was set up for partisan political purposes.” Anyway, the reporter now, Brandon Rittiman, after Hillary didn’t answer and evaded his question, came back, and they had this little exchange.
RITTIMAN: To someone who thinks that that might have been a foolish move, what would you say about your judgment generally?

HILLARY: Well, nothing I sent or received was marked classified at the time. That is an absolute fact. It’s been verified over and over and over again. So I think that we’ll have a chance to explain what that means, if people don’t understand it.

RUSH: She’s making herself out to be an absolute hick idiot and relying on that to extricate herself from the problem. Because, in your job, let me just ask you, do you ever see e-mails marked classified, top secret? Of course not. It means nothing ever is. Same in Hillary’s job, see? (imitating Hillary) “If it didn’t say ‘classified’ on it, it wasn’t classified, everybody knows that and it’s been established time and time and time again. And I’ll explain that next week when it comes to time to appear before the committee. Everybody knows that.” This is Clinton 101 in shutting this stuff down. But the point is this guy in Denver did a better job interrogating her on this and trying to get to the heart of the issue than anybody, including the Republican committee.


RUSH: No, no, no, just like no one ever leaves the KGB, you never escape the Kardashians. Look what the Kardashians end up doing to guys, folks. I mean, if you look at it in a certain way, it is mind-boggling. Poor old Lamar Odom and now he goes to one of those bunny ranches out there and just puts every drug known to man in his system along with some cognac and some herbal Viagra. And now he’s in a coma, and the Kardashians are gathered at the hospital. And then you have Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner. Man, it’s dicey, really dicey.

Now, one thing I need to be clear on this Bill Burkett, the forgery. The first person to discover the font was a Microsoft Word font that didn’t exist when Bush was in the National Guard was actually a person at Free Republic named Buckhead. It was a Freeper that exposed that. What the Power Line guys did was created a GIF file that showed the difference in the fonts, the Microsoft Word font and what an IBM typewriter of the day would actually have looked like, showed the difference. But it was a Freeper that came up with the discovery of the forgery. Freeper named Buckhead. And that’s well known, and I simply, just in the economy of time, raced through that, didn’t specify that when talking about the Power Line guys.

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