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RUSH: Here is another montage of the Drive-By Media talking about how great Hillary was. She was so good that it’s just too late for Joe Biden to even bother.

BLITZER: Joe Biden, the vice president, may have missed his chance.

DANIEL HALPER: Maybe we don’t need Joe Biden.

KRISTEN WELKER: If Vice President Biden was looking for a clear opening into the race last night, he didn’t get it.

JOHN DICKERSON: WeÂ’re talking about her performance and not the huge vacuum in the race to be filled by a white knight like Joe Biden.

VAN JONES: If IÂ’m Biden, I don’t see any way to get on the stage.

KYLE KONDIK: I don’t know if Joe Biden saw anything last night that would suggest that his presence is needed.

GLORIA BORGER: I don’t see where his different lane is.

JONATHAN KARL: There is a sense that his moment has passed.

DENNIS KUCINICH: America loves Joe Biden, but I don’t know where the opening is.

RUSH: Right, because they got rid of every scandal. She was exonerated, Benghazi, e-mails. She was applauded, exonerated and pardoned by her own party last night. Well, there’s no reason for Biden to get in because there’s no problem that needs solved and there’s nothing the Democrat Party needs to be saved from. So, Joe, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to get dressed as often anymore.

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