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RUSH: Ben Carson’s lurking out there in second place, and he continues to light it up. Ben Carson is every bit as unfiltered honest as Donald Trump is. You know, Ben Carson has shaken up the political structure with an answer to a question on welfare that is something you and I have known and have believed all of our lives. It’s fascinating to me to watch people in public life in media on the Democrat side just react in shock and outrage that anybody thinks this kind of extreme stuff.

There were a couple of examples of this yesterday, I’ve been trying to think of them. I’m still suffering the ravages of this evil virus, folks. I mean, I struggle here to stay hundred percent focused. I’m close — close — but it’s still there. This is a vicious thing. Snerdley has it now, which means everybody’s gonna get it. Anyway, I wish I could remember what these two things were. They were just normal, everyday common sense. I think they were things that Trump said that nobody could believe. Ben Carson went out and said that welfare increases poverty, creates dependence in people, and is only being used to buy votes. And you would have thought that the most politically incorrect insult ever had just been made.

All that Ben Carson said is just a simple, commonsense axiom. Welfare in this country has become vote buying. Santa Claus. That’s what the Democrat Party has arranged. That’s why they want the illegal immigrants. They want dependents. They need a permanent underclass. None of this is new. You know what else is shocking about it? Honestly, Ben Carson is the only Republican saying things like this when it’s standard, ordinary operating procedure, common sense every day. Meaning there isn’t an establishment Republican anywhere in the last ten years who has spoken of welfare this way, or maybe 15 years. And the fact that Carson’s out doing it, an outsider, not part of the political business or machine, not part of the establishment inside the Beltway, whatever, not a politician by trade.

He’s just out there uttering simple, commonsense truths and you would think that he has insulted somebody with the greatest insult ever. I’m not exaggerating this. The people who are reacting to this are not mocking. They’re not faking their outrage. They’re not doing it in order to portray Carson — some of them are, sure, but the vast majority simply can’t believe he thinks it. They can’t believe he would say it. It’s mean-spirited. It has no compassion. It’s the epitome of extremism, and mean, just plain mean, to say things about welfare like that. But that’s exactly what it is.

But that’s why Ben Carson’s where he is. He is not losing ground. Carly Fiorina in some polls is down to single digits, but Ben Carson is just right there. And he has a soft, mellow manner and manner of speaking, which portrays his thoughtfulness. He’s not a shoot from the hipster kind of guy. Like his statement about the Holocaust would have been a little bit tougher for Hitler and the gang if the Jews had had weapons. And the Warsaw ghetto uprising is evidence. The Jews there did have guns, and it was a tough thing for the Nazis. They had a tougher time there than elsewhere. He was exactly right. The point is exactly right, common sense everywhere. And it’s just mind-boggling that this kind of common sense, which used to be standard operating procedure in the Republican playbook, isn’t there anymore. It takes an outsider, a couple of outsiders like Trump and Ben Carson to articulate what we all know to be ordinary, everyday fact-of-life truth. That’s how far gone into the entire big government meme the Republican Party has gotten to.


RUSH: Yeah, here’s what Ben Carson said. This is in The Daily Caller. “Ben Carson used a Sunday campaign stop in Georgia to accuse politicians of using poverty to bolster their voting constituencies. In his eyes, open-ended welfare has not only perpetuated poverty, it’s sustained a loyal voting bloc for certain politicians. ‘False compassion is patting them on the head and saying, “You can’t take care of yourself, but I’m gonna give you food stamps, a housing subsidy and free health care,'” Carson said, “and all the things you need to do so you can stay dependent and vote for me.” And they are having cows out there in the media. How dare he. What a neophyte. This proves he’s underqualified. This proves he’s not fit-for-politics, he doesn’t even know about welfare, and he nails it, and he’s number two to Trump, and he is not losing ground.

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