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RUSH: Doug Wilder, he’s the former governor of what state, Snerdley? Pop quiz. Doug Wilder. (interruption) Exactly right. And he’s the man named in honor of the Wilder Effect.

The Wilder Effect, for those of you in Rio Linda who are new to this and don’t know, the Wilder Effect is white people in a poll lying to pollsters, telling the pollster they are going to vote for the black candidate so that the pollster doesn’t think they’re racist when in fact they’re gonna vote for the white candidate all the way. The Wilder Effect essentially produces much higher poll results for African-American candidates than are genuine. And it was named after Doug, ’cause Doug Wilder in one of his election campaigns was just polling through the roof, and then when the election came, he could hardly find any votes. So the political scientists got together and they dubbed it the Wilder Effect. And there’s another candidate, too. There’s two people that share this honor.

Well, anyway, Doug Wilder was on Fox News yesterday afternoon with Neil Cavuto, who said, “You criticized President Obama. You say he’s not done enough for African-Americans. What do you mean by that, Governor ‘Wilder Effect’?”

WILDER: Bill Clinton was the first, who, as you heard, was the first “black president”. Now, I’m not saying that Barack Obama isn’t motivated with good thoughts. The results are in the pudding. And so when he leaves office, the real question will be, look at the black unemployment rate. Look at the horrible opportunities that exist for people that go to school in colleges and to get better educations. Or look at neighborhoods, look at the crime rates.

RUSH: Look at all, and look who’s running the show, it’s Barack Hussein Obama. Doug Wilder’s back on this train where Obama’s not authentic. He makes the point that Bill Clinton is the first black president. He means it.

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