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RUSH: I have three stories here. The headlines are enough. “Workers Remove Ten Commandment Monument from Oklahoma City Capitol Grounds at 10:30 p.m. to keep protesters from demonstrating.” Next headline: “Pork Products Face Workplace Ban for Being Offensive.”

The next headline: “School Cancels America Day.” Fourth headline. Do you know what the fastest growing language in the United States is? Nope. It’s Arabic. Fastest growing, not the most spoken. “Fastest Growing Language in the United States Is Arabic.” Here’s another headline: “World’s First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses and to Install Muslim Prayer Space Instead.” There is a creep, creep, creep, creep, creep that is happening throughout Western nations, Western cultures, and Western civilization countries.

It is a creep, creep, creep, creep, creep through various means. Illegal immigration, normal immigration, intimidation, political correctness, what have you. But Western civilizations are pretty much in the process of erasing themselves, in my view, anyway. The people who wish to erase Western civilization in many cases are not even firing a shot. Some are, such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda and all that, but the legal immigrants are not firing a shot. La Raza’s not firing a shot. A number of the domestic upheavals in this country are happening not because of any kind of force.

They’re happening because of political correctness, fear, intimidation, you name it. First story. UK Daily Mail: “A granite monument of the Ten Commandments that has sparked controversy since its installation on the Oklahoma Capitol grounds was being removed and will be transported to a private conservative think tank for storage. A contractor the state hired began removing the monument shortly after 10:30 p.m. Monday. The work comes after the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s June decision that the display violates a state constitutional prohibition on the use of public property to support ‘any sect, church, denomination or system of religion.'”

We are a Christian nation with a Judeo-Christian ethic. Were founded and established that way, and we are erasing ourselves. We are allowing it to happen under the guise of religious freedom, except it’s not religious freedom that’s making this happen because the religious freedom is also under assault and could be said to be suffering defeats. Try employing your religious freedom if you’re a county clerk in Kentucky. Try using your religious freedom if you’re a pizzeria or a bakery or what have you in Indiana, southern California, or Colorado.

You’ll find that your religious freedom doesn’t mean anything. But in the name of religious freedom, the Ten Commandments monument must come down so as not to offend anybody who doesn’t believe in them. It used to be our country. I mean, this is how the United States was founded. The melting pot. I guess the people who believe this country was founded in an immoral way, is immoral, is unjust, and has been for over 200 years, must engage in all this to erase its history of racism, slavery, discrimination, or whatever.

In other words, the United States has been flawed from the get-go, and it’s time now to fix it. And every precept and principle on which the nation was founded was discriminatory, bigoted, or what have you, and so must not stand. The melting pot used to be people coming here wanting to become Americans. Now it seems like people are coming here trying to erase America — and many who live in America are actually doing the erasing. Next headline, Breitbart: “Communal Workplace Kitchens…” Communal workplace kitchen?

What is a “communal workplace kitchen”? Does that mean like our little kitchen in here? I mean, we’re a workplace. It’s the “communal” that has… What is that, communal? Does it mean we have to open it up to people outside the office here? (interruption) Well, whatever it means, here’s the story. “Communal workplace kitchens may soon face a ban on pork products like sausage rolls and ham sandwiches over fears that they are offensive to certain faiths.” See how guilty we are, folks? Ham sandwiches is a sign of the bigotry that this nation is, always has been, and has become.

“New guidelines posted by…” This is I think a UK story, but whatever. It doesn’t matter. I mean, the things happening at Western nations in Europe are tantamount to happening here, too. “New guidelines proposed by CoExist House, a US- and UK-based interfaith group,” which means it’s a leftist group disguised as religious group. “CoExist House, a US- and UK-based interfaith group, urge employers to consider the rules of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Sikhism, as well as new religions like Scientology. It warns bosses to be sensitive to worker’s religions before allowing ham products to be stored or prepared alongside other products.”

You know whose jealous about this is the vegans. The vegans! They’ve had to share refrigerators with meat-eaters — and all of this time, all they would have had to do was make a religious argument about it, and the meat people would have had to remove their stuff, leaving the fridge exclusively for the use of the vegans. Now here come these other religions, saying, “We don’t like pork. We don’t like ham. You gotta get it out of the fridge. You can’t even have it in the kitchen if we’re gonna be there!”

And we’ll say, “Okay, okay. We’ll get rid of it.” The Brits are saying, “Fine, we don’t want to offend you. Instead saying, “Screw you, what you do…? Screw you!” They’re taking it out. “The group also suggests that alcohol should not be served at corporate events in case it upsets the feelings of members of certain faiths. Andy Dinham, professor of faith and public policy at Goldsmiths, University of London, is preparing the guidelines that will be put forward to employers this week.

“Prof Dinham told the Sunday Times: ‘It would be good etiquette to avoid heating up foods that might be prohibited for people of other faiths. ‘The microwaves example is a good one. We also say, ‘Don’t put kosher or halal and other … special foods next to another [food] or, God forbid, on the same plate.'” You cannot do that. October 5, 2015, Fox News: “Patriotic teenagers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming showed up to class Wednesday waving American flags in defiance of educators who canceled ‘America Day’ over fears it might upset students who don’t consider themselves to be American.”


RUSH: I want you to listen to this lede again. “Patriotic teenagers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming showed up to class Wednesday waving American flags in defiance of educators who canceled ‘America Day’ over fears it might upset students who don’t consider themselves to be American.” I guess, ladies and gentlemen, it’s too late to ask what non-Americans are doing at a school in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, or why American taxpayers are paying to educate non-Americans and then why we are deferring to non-Americans who are offended by the American flag in an American school?

You know what this really epitomizes? This illustrates the difference between immigrants in the past and those of today. Immigrants in the past came here to be Americans. They loved the American flag. They wanted that flag to fly above them. They revered, respected, and on the other hand that flag. They could not wait to assimilate. They could not wait to become citizens. They could not wait to wave that flag as their own.

They would have jumped at the chance to engage in an America Day. Why do we even need an America Day in the first place? Well, regardless, immigrants of old would have jumped at the chance to participate in a day celebrating America, but today immigrants students who are not Americans are offended, don’t want to see the flag, and what do the school administrators do? “Okay, okay, okay, okay! Don’t shoot! We’ll take it down. Don’t bomb! We’ll take it down.”


RUSH: One little tidbit about Jackson Hole, Wyoming, America Day was part of a homecoming tradition at the high school. Students would show up to class either waving American flags or wearing red, white, and blue clothing. And many different students felt singled out, odd, they’re not American, and they just felt weird, and they felt inferior. They felt here’s Americans celebrating, very unfortunate. So the school says we’re trying to be inclusive and safe and make everybody feel welcome.

Safe? I tell you what, without — well, I can’t say they’re not firing shots, but it’s fear. We’re in a total defensive, fearful position. “Okay, okay, okay,” and we engage in this under the guise of being open-minded and politically correct, but it’s fear. Anyhow, from Breitbart, world’s first lesbian bishop. By the way, folks, all this other political stuff, we got the political news, we got Biden talking to Maureen Dowd about his son saying, “Run for president.” It seems to be big news. It’s captivated the attention here of the Drive-Bys. Donald Trump dropping in the polls got everybody, I mean you wouldn’t believe the orgasms in the Republican establishment and the media taking place over that, and some other things out there.

You know, all of that really — I know it’s important. It’s secondary to me that this stuff — I mean, we can sit around and debate, you know, what people say running for president and all that, but while all that’s happening this cultural deprivation and rot and the erasing of Western civilization is happening right under our nose, right in front of our eyes. I mean, we’re looking at it. We’re not only looking, we’re enabling it.

“The Bishop of Stockholm has proposed a church in her diocese remove all signs of the cross and put down markings showing the direction to Mecca for the benefit of Muslim worshippers. Eva Brunne, who was made the world’s first openly lesbian bishop by the church of Sweden in 2009, and has a young son with her wife and fellow lesbian priest Gunilla Linden, made the suggestion to make those of other faiths more welcome.”

A, she cannot have a son with her wife. But I’m the one that’s gonna get in trouble for pointing that out. It’s not biologically possible. But, anyway, again, don’t want to make a big deal out of that. Is this what Muslims do in their mosques? Do they take down all references to Mecca and put up the cross with directions, say, to the Holy Land? Can you go into a mosque and see the cross with directions to Jerusalem or Bethlehem? I don’t think so.

“The church targeted is the Seamen’s mission church in Stockholm’s eastern dockyards. The Bishop held a meeting there this year and challenged the priest to explain what he’d do if a ship’s crew came into port who weren’t Christian but wanted to pray.” Okay, fine, as though they couldn’t find a place.


RUSH: What happened? What happened to the woman that just…? (interruption)You just took her off the board. What was she gonna talk about? (interruption) Is that what it was? (interruption) No, it was something else. It was something else. Well, I wish she hadn’t gone away. I should have said she was coming up next. It was Fast and Furious. I’ve got a story here in the Stack that was gonna relate to what it was she was gonna talk about. Anyway, David in Santa Barbara, we’ll go to you. How are you doing, sir? Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush, and mega dittos from the liberal bastion of the left.

RUSH: Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you. My point is that I think what should happen next with canceling the America Day, is that the parents should go to the school board and demand that the principal or whoever else was involved in canceling this be terminated, because there’s nothing that scares a politician more than thinking that their constituency is going to turn on them.

RUSH: You know, I totally agree. Let me tell you, it’s not gonna happen, and this is one of the problems. I have told this story I don’t know how many times. The reason it’s not gonna happen is because the parents are afraid that when they leave, that the teacher is gonna give their kid a bad grade and ruin their future. That’s the leverage and control the schools have over the parents. I’ve told you all about this. A woman told me often that her daughter went to a school who had an American history class, and there was no history taught.

This course every day was nothing more than this teacher, a woman, bashing George W. Bush. It was “current events” right from NBC, ABC, CBS. It was nothing but bashing conservatives, bashing Bush. There was no history. It was nothing but current events. And the teacher, in order disguise what was going on, gave the students… She had to give history exams ’cause there have to be tests and so forth. She gave them the answers to every history exam that supposedly was given. The students didn’t complain because, hell, they were given the test!

All they wanted was get the A and get out of there. I asked this woman, “Why didn’t you do something! I mean, this is outrageous what’s happening. You’ve got an activist that’s taken over a history course. Why do you do something about it?” “I don’t want my daughter penalized. Nothing’s gonna happen to that teacher. All of these parents can go in; nothing’s gonna happen to that teacher. The school board’s gonna defend the teacher. The principal’s gonna defend. All that’s gonna happen is that my daughter is gonna get F’s.”

So nothing’s done about it.

A lot of people complain.

That’s not the only story. I hear countless examples of this kind of thing happening in school, and your example here out in Wyoming of what needs to happen is, “Somebody needs to go and tell the principal X, Y, and Z if this doesn’t stop.” They’re not gonna do it, because they think their kids are gonna get harmed — which is ironic because their kids already are being harmed by what’s going on in the classroom. But grades are everything. Grades is how you get into Harvard or whatever college you want, grades is how you end up impressing other people in town. “My kid gets A’s,” or whatever, and the near afraid of grade punishment.

So they just don’t say anything.

And the leftists continue to get away with it all.


RUSH: Even if the parents go to the school board members who are elected, and the school board then tells the administration and principal, “You gotta stop this,” the kid whose parents show up is still gonna get punished. That’s what the parents think; that’s why they don’t do anything.

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