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RUSH: Get this, folks. This is the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell and the boys. Here’s the headline: “NPR Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Create a Replacement For the Confederate Flag — In the wake of the nationwide effort to remove the Confederate flag, NPR has decided to spend some of its money,” which is taxpayer money.

NPR exists on the basis of government grants. They are gonna spend some of that money “to commission a design company to come up with a replacement for the Confederate flag. The design group, or the branding group is called 70kft, and they came up with this design as an alternative for Southerners who wish to display their regional pride but shouldn’t use the Confederate flag anymore,” because it symbolizes racism and bigotry and sexism and homophobic and all of that. Gus Granger is the founder of 70kft, the design company.

He said, “The South is unique as a region in that it already has an informal definition. The problem is, obviously, that this community that people feel so passionate about has out of-of-date visual assets to help define its identity.” So here you have a bunch of Northerners that are gonna sit around and redesign the Confederate flag for people in the South and say, “Here, use this. This is better for you. The assets that you have now (i.e., the Confederate flag), that’s no good. It’s unacceptable to us.

“So here. We’re gonna redraw your flag for you and some other symbols for you, and then we’re gonna move where we live. We’re gonna move to where you live and start voting liberal Democrat, and we’re gonna corrupt where you live. We’re gonna bring our pro-tax, big-government beliefs that have forced us out of the Northeast ’cause we can’t afford live there anymore. We’re gonna move to where you live and we’re gonna do the same thing to you that’s happened to us ’cause we’re gonna come move where you are, but we’re not gonna become you.

“We’re gonna continue to vote liberal Democrat and someday we’ve going to leave this place and go someplace else.”


RUSH: Okay, folks, the Dittocam’s not on ’cause I’m gonna turn it on in a minute, ’cause what I’ve got here, I’ve got a drawing of the new Confederate flag designed by Northerners, for you people in South who can’t use a Confederate flag anymore ’cause it stands for racism, sexism, bigotry, hatred, murder, lynching, whatever else they say it is in the North, the left. So this group 70kft, whatever it is, the group that NPR hired with your tax dollars to design a new Confederate flag, ready for it? Okay, here we go.

There is the new Confederate flag as designed and commissioned by NPR. That is the new flag that’s supposed to remind you of your unique culture in The South. I’m sorry, if you don’t have the Dittocam, if you’re not listening, streaming the program on the app or the website, you have to be a member to get the Dittocam. But we’ll have this at RushLimbaugh.com later, the actual graphic. This is just a printed copy of it. The text underneath it says: “The result is a symbol that is patriotic, energetic, modern, and tells a positive and relevant visual story about the South.”

Okay, now that you’ve heard that, I’m gonna put it back up there. Underneath this flag, what the text says that you saw it a moment ago. “The result is a symbol that is patriotic, energetic, modern, and tells a positive and relevant visual story about the South.” Okay, so what is that positive, relevant, visual story about the South that you see in that flag? Does that flag say anything about the South to you, Mr. Snerdley? If you saw that flag, Rachel, would you say, “Wow, wow, what a great way to represent the South”?

Well, there’s bars, there’s no stars. There’s nothing, I mean, there’s nothing in this flag that would make you think that it is a descendant of the Confederate flag or the South at all. And again the name of the design, 70kft, hired by NPR, commissioned, a design firm and marketing firm to a bunch of Northerners basically, Northeastern liberals. I guess they’re Northeastern, NPR. Design your new Confederate flag to show the relevant visual story, positive, relevant, visual story of the South. Hubba hubba.

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