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RUSH: Okay. Yes we go to the phones, starting here this time with Lorain, Ohio, and Brian. Brian was on hold yesterday. We got his permission to call him back today. Thank you for letting us do that, Brian.

CALLER: You’re welcome.

RUSH: How are you?

CALLER: I’m doing good, Rush. How are you today?

RUSH: Very well, thank you. Have at it!

CALLER: Have at it. You know, I called in 6-1/2 years ago and got to speak with you, and you let me have it. And it didn’t take me long to realize after you let me have it, how right you were and how wrong I was. I worked on Obama’s first campaign as a volunteer in Lorain, Ohio, and, you know, I was a staunch supporter. And I believed the — I guess — nonsense that he was spewing. And since then, it didn’t take me long to realize what a mistake that I made and what a mistake that this country’s made in keeping him president for two terms.

RUSH: What did I do? You say that I “let have you it.” What did I do? What you were you saying that made me let you have it?

CALLER: Well, the discussion that we were having was in regards to Air Force One and corporate CEOs being able to use their aircraft, and I was defending the president. As a supporter, I was defending him, and it didn’t take me long after that conversation — you know, thinking about it and seeing what was taking place — to realize how wrong I was.

RUSH: Did it have to do with class envy? He was telling CEOs they couldn’t get on their jets and go to Vegas anymore but he’s flying around to fundraisers and so forth on Air Force One?

CALLER: Right, that’s exactly what it was.

RUSH: Yeah, I remember. That was early on in the Regime.

CALLER: That was very early on, and since then so many things, you know, that Obama has said was gonna happen regarding transparency of the government, race relations, the national debt. Obamacare is not what he said it was gonna be. You know, there’s dozens of things. You know, our international standing is worse than it’s ever been. He was criticizing President Bush for using surveillance on Americans and —

RUSH: Brian I want to stop you ’cause I’ve got 15 seconds before the break. I want you to hold through the break, and I want you to consider this question. I want you to answer this question for me. I’m dead serious. Why didn’t you believe me when you first heard me? This is very important to me. I need toknow. Why didn’t you believe me when you were an Obama volunteer about what I told you was going to happen? Back in a sec.

RUSH: We’re back with Brian in Lorain, Ohio, here. Brian, you know what I did, I went back and researched you, found out you called on February 16th 2009. You were barely, you know, three weeks into the administration, and your call, I remember it was all about class envy. We even put your call, we posted it at RushLimbaugh.com.

CALLER: Yes, you did.

RUSH: We called you the poster child for class envy.

CALLER: Yes, you did. (laughing).

RUSH: Yeah, well, you were useful to us.

CALLER: Guilty as charged.

RUSH: Back then.

CALLER: Back then, yes.

RUSH: Now, look, I understand youthful exuberance and loyalty and excitement. Obama was brand-new and appears to be untainted by the political process. There’s all this disgust and anger at Bush that the media had ginned up and maybe some of it was genuine. But here I was, I was being as honest as I knew how to be, and I was trying to persuade as many people as possible that Obama was not who they thought he was. And I really would like to know, if you’ve had a chance to think about it, why didn’t you believe me when I was, even before the election, after the election, you know, I mean, you’re just a month almost to the day, you called a month to the day after I said I hope he fails.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And that was January 16th of 2009.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: And so what was it? You didn’t want to believe me, or you didn’t, I didn’t have — what was the reason?

CALLER: We, and I say “we” because I know there’s millions of Americans out there that feel the same way I do now. We did not believe that an American president would have the audacity to do what Obama has done. It seemed like you were talking nonsense. How could anybody believe that the president was gonna do what’s taken place over the past six years? And it’s absolutely amazing, the backpedaling and the backsliding this country has done internationally, nationally, religiously. It’s amazing. Nobody would have believed it six years.

RUSH: Well, a lot of people are still in denial now.

CALLER: Well, we need to wake up, and we need to wake up soon.

RUSH: Well, I could not agree more. I must tell you, Brian, there are a lot of Americans who think it’s too late, that we’re waking up too late. Too much now has been done, there’s too much entrenched. I mean, Arabic is the fastest growing spoken language in America, what is the census number here? Hang on just a second, 63.4 million non-English speaking people and growing in our country. We’re taking down the Ten Commandments everywhere. We’re canceling America Day in high schools because of who it offends.

CALLER: Sir, there’s one thing that Americans need to think about, even those listeners that are not Christians. The direction that this country is headed in is very dangerous because if we’re removing religious freedoms now, whose freedoms are we gonna be removing next? That’s the slope that we’re on, and we need to stop it. Christians need to wake up and stand up and say enough is enough, we need to put a stop to this.

RUSH: That’s what the Trump candidacy represents in a lot of people’s minds. That’s why Trump has attracted the support and the attention of so many people. That’s exactly what that candidacy personifies or epitomizes or represents. You know, you’re right about religious liberty. If we lose that, what’s next? The thing about religious liberty is it’s the whole basis on which the country was founded. The entire basis, the first premise, going back to the Pilgrims. Now, you might say, “Well, Rush, the Pilgrims were in 1600. They had nothing to do with the founding.”

They most certainly did. You cannot read our founding documents, you cannot read the beliefs, speeches, statements of the Founding Fathers and not see the influence of the early settlers in this country, the Pilgrims who were fleeing religious tyranny in Europe, and now we’re giving in to it again. We’re literally giving in to religious tyranny after a country which was essentially founded on the premise of religious liberty, that no government, no state can sponsor a religion and therefore it cannot tell you what you can believe or not believe, and it cannot punish you for what you believe. And that’s going by the wayside. People are in fact getting punished for what they believe, and the state is either helping or standing aside and letting it happen.

You know it’s bad when individual states have to concoct individual laws which state that the citizens in those states have religious freedom, when it’s already in the Constitution. It’s already part of the Declaration of Independence. It’s already intrinsic to the founding of our country. And now we’ve gotta publish statutes that remind people of it, and even those are attacked and watered down by the sponsors. Give me Jennifer in Floyd, Iowa, next.

Look, Brian, I appreciate the call. Thanks much. It’s not easy to do what he did, call here and do a mea culpa. So I appreciate it, and I’m glad you did. We’ll put your call back up on the website tonight so people can remember what happened, or reacquaint themselves with your original call back in 2009 on February 16th, just so people can hear your call today and hear your call back then and seven years ago and hear the transformation you have undergone.

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