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RUSH: As I mentioned earlier and as you may have heard, 19 people were injured, three killed, three children, when a hospital in Afghanistan was bombed, and it apparently was one of ours. I mean, we did it. And I mentioned that if this had happened when George W. Bush was president, that’s all you’d be hearing about right now. You’d be hearing what a horrible, reprehensible country we have and military we have, and how the mission is unjust and the mission is unnecessary. This is a classic example. “This is not who we are,” Obama would say and the Democrats in the media, “We do not bomb hospitals,” blah, blah, blah. It would be never ending.

But it’s happened here. It’s happened here during this Regime. And so the White House press secretary went out there today and you tell me if this is the way they sounded when Bush was president. Remember, just to remind you, somebody would allege that a bunch of Marines were terrorizing Iraqi moms and kids in their homes at night. All we had was the allegation. John Kerry came out of his coffin and said he agreed with it, and Marines were acting as terrorists, and it was reprehensible, and it was one of the reasons why Iraq was an unjust war and why Bush had no idea what he was doing. Then Jack Murtha came out and he started dumping.

It turns out these Marines were found innocent, not guilty, and there were two or three other similar examples, and yet whenever any allegation was made about atrocities committed by American military, the Democrats, somebody, maybe two or three, Hillary Clinton one or two times would come up and start excoriating them. The same thing happened when the photos of the Abu Ghraib prison came out.

Okay, so now apparently we had a friendly fire hit on a hospital in Afghanistan, an American bomb or two, and there are some children deaths. At the press briefing today, Roberta Rampton of Reuters says, “Doctors Without Borders has called the hospital bombing in Afghanistan a war crime. Is there anything you can say, Josh, about that? Is there an accurate way to describe what happened?”

EARNEST: This something that continues to be under investigation. The thing I do think warrants mentioning is that there is no country in the world and no military in the world that goes to greater lengths and places a higher premium on avoiding civilian casualties than the United States Department of Defense.

RUSH: Right. That’s now. But let’s go back to August 13th, 2007, Nashua, New Hampshire, during a campaign event, Barack Hussein O is talking about Afghanistan.

OBAMA 2007: We’ve gotta get the job done there, and that requires us to have enough troops that we’re not just air raiding villages and killing civilians.

RUSH: Right. So back in 2007 we were killing civilians, we were air raiding villages. We were doing it on purpose, and we were doing it maybe due to incompetence, but we were doing it, and we need enough troops, we need competent leadership. Now, when they’re in charge, there’s no military that goes to greater lengths to stop this. Now, here’s the difference. I don’t know anybody on our side who wants to start jumping on the military or even Obama for this. This is one of the unfortunate things that happens. In other words, I don’t know anybody on my side who wants to politicize this. It’s a horrific thing, it’s a terrible thing, and it’s unfortunately the kind of thing that happens in wars, especially when your enemy headquarters itself in places like this, although I don’t think that’s what this was, but it does happen. They dress up as civilians. They put their military headquarters in hospitals and schools.

But I don’t know anybody on our side that wants to politicize this the way the Democrats politicize this kind of thing constantly throughout — well, especially the last four years of Bush’s term, so his second term. It was unbecoming then and, as such, they’re not going to get the same kind of treatment that they dished out.

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