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RUSH: Washington, DC, next. This is Thomas. Thank you for calling, sir. It’s wonderful to have you here with us today. Hi.

CALLER: Hello?

RUSH: Yeah, hello.

CALLER: Oh, it’s me, I’m sorry.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Oh, mega Nero Wolfe wisdom guided by experience dittos to you, Rush. I love your show.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just think that this idea that we’re to have gun-free zones and getting rid of more guns and more gun control is patently absurd. I mean, if a burglar goes walking down the street and looks at a house that’s got an ADT sign or some sort of, you know, burglar proof signage or they know that they’re gonna be met up with something that’s not gonna help them, they’re not gonna go into that house. The same thing holds for schools. I mean, all these crazies, notwithstanding the health implications, but all these crazies are going into these schools because they know they’re soft zones. They know they’re not gonna meet any opposition. And we need to fix that. And I think the only way to fix that is to allow, at least give the impression that there’s somebody in these schools that will fight back.

RUSH: How do you do that?

CALLER: You get rid of the gun-free zones.

RUSH: No, no, I mean, but how do you create the impression there’s somebody that’s gonna fight back or fire back if you take a gun to one of these schools? How do you do it?

CALLER: I don’t know, PR. First of all, get rid of the idea that they are gun free, get rid of that idea, get rid of the law, then get rid of any restrictions. I mean, somebody is going to think twice. Virtually all of these shootings —

RUSH: No, no. Let me be more specific. Do you want armed guards in the schools and metal detectors the students have to go through each day?

CALLER: Well, perhaps at some of the more high risk zones.

RUSH: We do it in airports, folks. We do it in airports. I’m just asking. Some people don’t want to go that far for school.


RUSH: It’s great to hear Thomas in DC basically agree with me here. Folks, I don’t think this can be mentioned enough. So I opened the program with it, and I think it’s a really important point. We have all these people now demanding that we “finally do something,” and it’s getting tiresome. And that’s exactly what they want you to do, is get tired of opposing them.

Every time an incident like this happens, here comes the predictable chorus. It starts with the president, then other Democrats, and then the media. And they all say, “We’ve gotta change the Second Amendment! We’ve gotta get rid of it! We’ve gotta get rid of guns! We’ve got to stop this.” And I know I’m worn out with it. It’s 27 years. Every damn one of these incidents, we have to spend a sufficient amount of time here explaining what the left is doing, why they’re doing it, why it’s wrong, why it’s dangerous if they were to succeed with their policy on this and so forth.

But they’re wearing other people down. And I want to try to help you fight this idea that maybe it’s not worth fighting. Just put your hands up. “Let ’em have it! I’m tired of dealing with it; I don’t want any more shootings. Just stop opposing them.” Don’t do it. Because there’s evidence galore they already have what they want, and it’s precisely them having what they want that is causing all of this. Most American cities are already gun-free zones. Chicago? Illegal to own a gun there, yet look at the gun violence.

Baltimore. Baltimore! Already a gun-free zone, not just the schools within, but the entire city. New York City, Washington, DC. These cities have the most stringent gun-control laws in this country. The Second Amendment might as well not even exist in these cities, and yet look at the crime rate. Crimes committed with guns. Look at how well it has not worked. We already have their petri dish. Their blueprint has been implemented in all the cities they run. And look at the cities they run! Look at the economies. Look at the cultures.

Look at the crime rate of every city they run, folks. It’s an absolute disaster. And then when these incidents happen in areas they control, they come out and blame the innocent. And then they say silly things like, “America has blown its right to bear arms,” as though freedom is only as good as how well people use it. And if we’ve got a Second Amendment that permits the right to keep and bear arms, we can blow that by doing the wrong thing. So we can, as a matter of law, separate ourselves from our freedom, according to leftists, Democrats, I don’t care what you want to call ’em.

It has been against the law to own a gun in New York City since 1911. You can get a permit to carry, you can get a concealed carry permit, but not everybody can, and it’s an arduous process. But for everybody else, just the ability to walk in and buy a gun, you can’t. They already have their dream in all of these places. Colorado, you name it. Every place they run is where all of this is happening — and then when an incident happens, look what they do. Do they ever look inward? Do they ever examine their own policies and their own implementations?

Not a single time.

They blame nameless, faceless, innocent people, or the NRA or what have you. When the truth is, their own policies are not only failures, their own policies provide opportunity for bad people, ill-intentioned and criminally oriented people to behave with very few obstacles in their way. You’ve got a madman, a lunatic, somebody criminally deranged who gets a gun or two, and there’s a school full of children — and the most famous thing about the school is, there are no guns there. What do you think is going to happen?

Washington, DC, New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, you name it. Everywhere they run, we already have gun control. The exact kind of gun control they want. Average, ordinary people can’t get the gun. Can’t get a gun. The process is so difficult. They can’t get one obeying the law. But yet there are people with guns, aren’t there? What kind of people are they? Who is it that does have the guns? And what do those people do with the guns? And then when those people start out using their guns, what do we have to do?

We have to put out a call for somebody with a gun to show up, ’cause they’re nowhere on site. They’re not allowed. By the time we make the offsite call for assistance, by the time we have some cavalry, it’s too late. A lot of people signed on to this gun-free zone business believing the police departments would be sufficient to protect people, but police departments can act ’til something happens. But lost in all of this — and this is perhaps one of the most interesting things to observe.

Lost in all this is the fact that the left never, ever a single time wants to focus on the actual perpetrators and how and why they are able to do what they do. The only interest the left has after an incident like this, is hoping and praying they can link the shooter to their political opponent. And you know what? They very rarely are able to do it, because it practically never happens that the shooter is a mainstream bitter clinger conservative Republican. Isn’t that amazing? It’s very rarely that’s the case. I can’t recall.

The shooters are always mentally disturbed or they have allegiances and loyalties to some of the oddest, most deranged, famous organizations and people in the world. But they’re not mainstream, normal, law-abiding Americans that crack, start showing up at schools and start shooting people. The people that are shooting up schools more than likely vote Democrat when you get right down to it. If they vote. So what more are they gonna do? If we have sacrificed our rights to have guns because we’ve shown we are not worthy, then what’s next?

You can’t get guns now in all these cities that they run. What’s next? What is this massive answer to the problem that they have? And the answer is they don’t have an answer. They don’t have a solution. These incidents do not promote the desire on these people’s parts to find a solution. What is instead inspired is the opportunities to separate the law-abiding from their guns. Not to prevent incidents like this from happening because the law-abiding are not committing them.

There is never really any serious effort made to understand who the perps are and why they did it. And especially if it’s ever learned or discovered that the perps admire Nazis, or ISIS, or some other branch of militant Islam, or some other screwball world belief system. They’re ignored. It’s said not to be a factor. We’re told, “Nothing to see here! We need to focus on the fact that there are too many guns and we need to get them off the streets.” There aren’t too many guns in the schools. There aren’t too many guns in New York and Chicago, not held by the law-abiding.

There’s all kinds of guns held by the bad guys and I haven’t yet heard any of these people tell me how they’re gonna get the guns out of the bad guys’ hands. That’s the one thing they can’t tell us. They never even try. “How are you gonna stop Dylann Roof from getting a gun, Mr. President? How’s that gonna happen? How’s your plan gonna result in Dylann Roof not getting a gun — or this shooter?” That’s the answer they don’t have. The fact is, it’s a question they don’t even want to answer. I’ve asked that question of these people so many times at social occasions, and they don’t have an answer.

Because in many ways, and many instances, the whole idea of gun control is simply a position you must take in order to maintain your position as accepted and in the club. You must be for gun control. You don’t have to know any details. You don’t have to have any solutions. You must stand for “getting guns out of the hands of people,” and you will be accepted in the club. And that’s really all that matters to people.

You’ve got Barack Obama who’s just armed the Iranians, just seen to it that the Iranians are gonna have at least a single nuclear bomb if not an arsenal. That, somehow, is not a problem. The Iranians with guns? Fine! “I mean, how can we tell them they can’t have one when we have many?” Do not lose faith and do not get frustrated and do not throw up your hands and cave in to this, folks. That’s exactly what all of this is intended to make you do. It’s intended to wear you out. It’s intended to just whittle away at your energy to opposition. Do not let that happen.

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