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RUSH: This is yesterday on the SiriusXM Network SoundCloud page. They released a preview clip of the inaugural episode — I guess they’ve got a SiriusXM POTUS channel, or maybe the POTUS channel has a show. I don’t know. They called The Arena. Anyway, whatever this thing is, Jeb’s the guest on it, and they’ve released a promo segment or clip, and they were talking about efforts to change the name of the Washington Redskins. And the bite that this new show released is this…

JEB: I don’t find out it offensive. Native American tribes generally don’t find it offensive. It’s a sport, for crying out loud.

HOST: (chuckle)

JEB: (chuckle) It’s a football team. I mean, it’s… Washington has a huge fan base. I just… I don’t… I’m missin’ something here, I guess.

RUSH: Well, he happens to be right on this, but the way he said it, they’re gonna come after him left and right on this — which, you know, he ought to welcome on something else. We’ll see how this plays out. On this Redskins business. It’s not yet confirmed, but some people think that… The Philadelphia Eagles, I think, are playing the Redskins this week, and the Philadelphia Eagles website talking about the upcoming game does not mention “Redskins.” They say they’re going to play “Washington,” the football team from Washington.

And the people are scratching their heads and asking, “Is this the first time that another team in the NFL, as an organizational decision, has refused to refer to another team in the NFL by its name? The Drive-Bys are busy tracking that down. And if they can find it, get ready for the owner of the Eagles to be praised to the hilt for this. If they can confirm that this is the first time and therefore a leadership position. The owner of the Eagles is Jeffrey Lurie.

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