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RUSH: I want to stay focused on this thing I found yesterday that I previously mentioned about needing to reengineer human genetics in order to save the planet. It was on a tech blog, and these are Millennials, and they are all-in on this. They have bought every lie. They have bought every phony nonscience disguised as science assumption about this, and it’s getting precarious now because they’re genuinely frightened. This is what’s happening to them, it’s what’s happening to these Millennials and others, all of this, this never-ending crisis after crisis after crisis news story, day after day after day is literally scaring some of these people.

By the way, there’s a story about that, about how college-age students today end up calling 911 when they see a mouse in the dorm. I mean, literally petrified over seeing a mouse. They have been so sheltered and protected by their parents, they haven’t the slightest idea how to live on their own. They live in perpetual fear of everything they hear in the news that’s gonna kill them or destroy them or destroy the planet. They believe this stuff. And how anybody could believe this is beyond me, but that’s what I want to share with you. The website I found it on is Gizmodo, which is part of the Gawker network of websites. And if you’re gonna go there, Gawker, I wouldn’t recommend it, you’re really gonna need an open mind and you’re gonna have to have the ability not to hold me responsible. But the headline of the piece here, “To Stop Climate Change, We Must Genetically Engineer Humans — A lot of researchers are thinking about how to genetically engineer crops and food animals to help them withstand post-climate change heat and parched conditions.”

Now, meanwhile, it hasn’t gotten any warmer in almost 19 years. And in fact the real science that’s out there now is getting very cautiously concerned about a coming glacial age. And yet these kids are all-in on their belief that global warming is happening, it’s irreversible, and now we need to start planning for our lives 30 years down the road for after we’ve all been affected by it. Meanwhile, have you seen there’s a hurricane out there that just magically formed, it’s near the Bahamas? Have you seen a picture of the computer models and the track they are forecasting? There must be 30 computer models — and that’s, by the way, the only thing we have to tell us about global warming.

Don’t doubt me. There is no science, there’s no data. It’s just predictions in computer models. You take a look at all of those models of the track, Hurricane Joaquin, by the way, is the name of it, everybody is wondering, where will Joaquin enter the country? We’re talking about predicting the track of a hurricane tomorrow and the next day, and if you look at all of these models you will clearly see that nobody is confident of where it’s gonna go. Nobody has the slightest idea. Even the hurricane center’s official forecast cone is so wide now as to be a joke, and yet they tell us in 20 years, in 30 years, in 50 years, a hundred years the earth is going to be whatever it is. And here you have people believing it without question, without question, young people believing it and getting scared and signing up for this, signing on to it and therefore agreeing to the most ridiculous things that Democrats and leftists around the world propose in order to solve the problem.

And there’s nothing we can do even if it is happening. We didn’t cause it, we can’t stop it. All of this is so absurd, folks. It’s almost beyond my ability to express how ridiculous this all is. But, you know, when you keep young people scared when you frighten them and you tell them that their future is bleak and that there’s nothing on their own they can do about it because powerful forces beyond our control are dictating these things, what are they gonna do? They’re gonna invest their hope and their trust and their faith in all of these distant figures in distant capitals who claim to have the answer to save their lives.

So listen again to how this story starts. “A lot of researchers are thinking about how to genetically engineer crops and food animals to help them withstand post-climate change heat and parched conditions.” We’re thinking about now, what, 20 years, 30 years? They won’t tell us what climate change is gonna do tomorrow or next year or even two years from now. No, no, no, no, they won’t do that, ’cause they can’t. They don’t know what climate change is gonna cause in the next day. But somehow they’re confident of the next 30 years, 50? And of course they do that because nobody’s gonna be alive to check whether they were right or wrong.

Back to the story. “But what about genetically engineering humans to slow our constant carbon contributions?” Such as slowing down our breathing because when we exhale, guess what comes out? Pollution, CO2.

“In 2012 a philosopher named Matthew Liao co-authored a paper that proposed altering human biology to combat climate change. In the paper, Liao and his colleagues propose a number of possible changes to human biology to help us combat climate change. When the paper came out, it got a lot of attention. Some people thought that Liao and his colleagues were trolling the academic community or that it was some sort of early April Fools joke. Bill McKibbon, a prominent environmental advocate Tweeted that the suggestions in the paper were the ‘worst climate change solutions of all time.’ And, of course, climate skeptics thought it was totally insane.”

But now people are looking at it differently. Why? What’s changed? Nothing’s changed. It isn’t any warmer than it was, except they think it is. They’ve been told, what was it, this year, or last year, it was the hottest year ever on record? You know what that’s like? That’s like saying that there used to be two-thirds of Mars covered by water, but it’s now gone, probably due to a catastrophic event probably caused by climate change. We don’t have the slightest idea if last year or this year is the hottest ever. No idea. We’ve only been keeping records a hundred years. We have no clue. We don’t even really know how old the earth is, to where everybody agrees with it, so it’s absurd. But these young people buy it.

So here’s the upshot of this. It’s all about the ideas from “scientists” (and I put that in quotes) who are exploring the modification of human genes to take the burden off of the planet. Because, you see, human beings in our natural state are destructive. Human beings in our natural just go about our lives, daily business are destructive. We are destroying the planet just the by virtue of our existence. And these changes come from this paper written in 2012.

It’s getting a second look after many people think it was a joke at first. Remember, we’re dealing with questionably sane people here. That’s why I take stuff seriously. I listen to these people, just like I listen to the Iranians when they tell us what they’re gonna do. I listen to our enemies when they tell us they’re gonna wipe us out. I listen to these people when they tell us what they believe. And here are the three things. They want to make us..

They want to genetically alter human so that we can see at night, so that we won’t need electricity, so that we won’t need lights, so that we will not destroy the planet. They want to make us allergic to meat. They want to biologically alter, genetically alter human beings so that everybody is allergic to beef so that less is eaten, which means there will be fewer cow farts, which means there will be less methane, which means less climate change. And they want to make us smaller.

They want to genetically engineer human beings so that we are smaller people so that our human being footprint and everything about our lives is smaller — the amount of energy we use, the amount of pollutants we exhale — and they want to be able to fit us all in littler and littler places like smaller and smaller public housing and so forth. These are the things that are now being given a serious look, and these young Millennials who think they’re on the cutting edge technical-wise think, “Hey, you know what…?”

They’re all-in. Think it’s fascinating and well worth looking into, ’cause 30 years from now we gotta alter cattle and other food animals to be able to withstand the post-climate change heat. Which means it must be done! It’ll be so bad that nobody’s gonna be able to survive it unless we genetically alter ourselves. These people all vote Democrat, folks. This is why this matters to me. Virtually all of these people vote Democrat, and that is what is at the root of practically every problem culturally, politically, and economically our country faces right now.

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