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RUSH: Yeah, I actually don’t know where to start today. I mean, it’s overload. I miss one day and this is an editing nightmare today, literally so much here. So the best I can tell you is we can’t do everything here in the opening segment, folks. So youÂ’re just gonna have to hang in there and be tough and trust that we’ll get to all that matters. If I don’t talk about it, it’s not worth knowing. You can always trust that, too.

Great to be back. 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

So I’m going through the audio sound bites today, one of the things that I made a point to do, and I find out that I’m the only guy in America that has a problem with the pope. Yeah, and every sound bite I have here where I am mentioned is filled with inaccuracy after inaccuracy after inaccuracy, things I’ve supposedly said. And about some other things, too. So there’s that. We have Boehner, of course, and the aftermath of that. The pope’s visit concluding.

Interesting, really interesting anecdote to tell you about that to give you an indication — remember a point I made on Thursday, which I think is a profound point because it relates to how we attempt to educate people, how to inform people. You know, one of my quests here from the beginning has been to inform people, educate people, sort of train people, if you will, to spot liberalism. The belief that liberalism is the source of the vast majority of our problems, clearly not all, but the vast majority, liberals and liberalism, and the more people trained to spot it, I think, have always believed that it would go a long way to go in defeating it. I think it does need to be defeated. And the left pulled off an amazing feat last week that I commented on Thursday and I’ve got a little anecdote to build on it.

And the point I made last week was, okay, here you have Pope Francis, who is traveling the world enunciating clearly — I don’t care what you want to call me for pointing this out — but you have a pope, the Vicar of Christ, who’s out articulating a left-wing agenda. It’s such a left-wing agenda that Obama has adopted it and is in fact hiding behind the pope and using the pope to advance his own agenda. Just pointing that out causes people to throw daggers at me. But here’s the point. It’s not just the pope.

One of the quests that we’ve had here on this program is to try to get people, even now, even when he’s supposedly in lame duck status, which isn’t the case, either, has been to try to instruct people on just how radical and how extreme Obama is and his agenda. But how tough is that to do when Obama regularly co-opts the Speaker of the House, when he co-opts the Republican leader in the Senate, McConnell, when he is able to co-opt the chief justice of the US Supreme Court, and then finally added to that list — and there’s many more on it — but you add to that list, here comes the pope, Pope Francis,

I mean, these are all people considered to be not radical, not extreme, they’re just mainstream people, and you realize how difficult it is to try to portray Obama as he really is, for what he really is, the true radical extremist, when all of those other people appear to be at home with him and on the same team with him agenda-wise. It’s just really, really difficult. It’s almost impossible, talking about low-information voters here. It’s almost impossible to try to tell people that Obama’s this extreme leftist whose policies have brought great harm to the, when all these other supposedly mainstream people are on the same page with him. Really, really tough. You just add the pope to that and it gets even tougher.

Show you how it works. I have a friend of mine who is every bit the conservative I am, who is probably more alarmed about Obama than even I have been, if you can believe that. This guy is constantly telling me I’m not going far enough in my criticism of Obama and in my predictions of what all of this means. He’s not a kook. HeÂ’s not a tinfoil hat guy. He’s constantly telling me that I need to go further than what I’m doing because there’s more to be told than I am telling and people need to know, blah, blah, blah.

So, when this current pope comes upon the scene, my friend sends me e-mails. I don’t talk to people on the phone ’cause I can’t, so everything is by e-mail or text message, what have you. He says to me, “Look out for this guy.” And he’s Catholic, by the way. “Look out for this guy,” and he sounded all the usual warnings about how this guy is using the papacy to advance a left-wing economic and social, cultural agenda. HeÂ’s very, very worried about it. And he’s saying, “You need to keep people up to speed,” blah, blah. So apparently the pope over the weekend, Friday night or Saturday, was in Philadelphia, and apparently delivered just one heck of a great, great speech about the Declaration of Independence and America and liberty.

I get a note from this guy, my friend, it says, “You know what? I may have been wrong. I may have been wrong. This guy gave one of the best speeches I have ever seen. This guy, Rush, sounds like he totally gets it.” And he was just going on and on and on about how wonderful the pope’s speech was and how meaningful it was, speech at Independence Hall. It was respectful of the Declaration, individualism, religious freedom, my friend said, “Maybe I got it wrong.”

And I wrote back and I said, “See, this is how difficult it is. Even you now have been persuaded to abandon what you know to be true.” And I reminded him all of these months prior where he’s been warning me of all of these terrible, left-wing things that are happening right in front of everybody’s eyes that nobody’s seeing. HeÂ’s warning me about the pope being wolf in sheep’s clothing regarding a political agenda, as well as being pope and so forth. And then one speech that hit a home run, that speech was able to make my friend forget everything he knew.

He sends me this note claiming he had gotten it all wrong. So I wrote him be back and I said, “See, this is exactly how it happens. Look at you.” And I reminded him, “You’ve been warning me. You’ve been telling me I need to ramp it up. You’ve been warning me that this pope is disguising who he is with a left-wing agenda and so forth and so. Now one speech makes you forget all that.” And I said, “This is how it happens. So because of that one speech that you heard the pope give, you’ve forgotten everything that he said during the week that you disagree with.”

He said, “Yeah, you’re right, you’re right, I guess that’s why they pay you the big bucks.” But this is how it happens, folks. This is why the co-opting of Boehner and McConnell has been so bad. It’s not just what Boehner and McConnell did or didn’t do. It is that they, by their actions and inactions, contributed to creating the illusion — and believe me, it is — that Obama’s a mainstream, harmless, certainly not a radical politician, when he is the most radical elected president we have ever had. Well, not elected. Radical president, period.

But when you have these so-called Republican mainstream leaders helping his agenda along, not opposing him and in fact opposing what they call the crazies in their own party, how can you expect low-information voters to accept the premise that Obama’s a radical? How can you expect anybody to believe that with all this other evidence that seems to contradict it? It just gets harder and harder and harder to do. And I would remind you of the John O’Sullivan law, and that is that any organization that is not demonstrably conservative day in and day out will become liberal. It just does. If someone or a group is not actively conservative, practicing it, enforcing it, doing whatever it takes every day, they will become liberal. And this is what’s happened to the Republican Party in a sense.

Now, Obama’s up at the UN today, and he basically spelled out what he intends to do for the rest of this term. There’s so much fraud. You know, Snerdley came in today, “What’s this NASA news?” all excited.

“Yeah, they found flowing water up there.”

“No kidding! Wow! Wow!” Snerdley said. “Flowing water on Mars!”

“Why does that excite you? What, are you going there next week? What’s the big deal about flowing water on Mars?”

“I don’t know, man, itÂ’s just, wow.”

I said, “You know what, when they start selling iPhones on Mars, that’s when it will matter to me.” I said, “What do you think they’re gonna do with this news? Look, the temperature data that has been reported by NASA has been made up, it’s fraudulent for however many years. There isn’t any warming. There hasn’t been for 18 and a half years and yet they’re lying about it. They’re just making up the amount of ice at the north and south poles. They’re making up the temperatures. They’re lying and making up false charts and so forth, so what’s to stop them from making up something that happened on Mars that will help advance their left-wing agenda on this planet?”

And Snerdley paused. “Oh. Oh, yeah. You’re right.”

You know, when I play golf with excellent golfers, I ask ’em, “Does it ever get boring playing well? Does it ever get boring hitting shot after shot where you want to hit it?” And they all look at me and smile and they say, “Never.” Well, folks, it never gets boring being right, either, like I am. But it doesn’t mean it is any less frustrating. Being right and being alone is a challenging existence. Okay, so there’s flowing water on Mars. Yip yip yip yip yahoo. You know me, I’m science 101 big time guy, tech advance it, you know it, I’m all-in. But NASA has been corrupted by the current Regime. I want to find out what they’re gonna tell us. Okay, flowing water on Mars, if weÂ’re even believe that, what are they gonna tell us that means? That’s what I’m gonna wait for. Because I guarantee, letÂ’s just wait and see. This is September 28th. Let’s just wait and see, don’t know how long it’s gonna take, but this news that there is flowing water on Mars is somehow gonna find its way into a technique to advance the leftist agenda.

I don’t know what it is, I would assume it would be something to do with global warming and maybe there was once an advanced civilization. If they say they found flowing water, next they’re gonna find a graveyard. And then they’re gonna be able to say in the graveyard is a dead advanced civilization. What killed them? Well, who knows. This is a bit, of course, of an extreme exaggeration, but this is what happens.

How many of you remember from the pope’s visit a five-year-old girl approaching the pope begging him to keep talking about illegal immigration and immigrants and so forth? How many of you have seen that story, saw the video of it, how many of you are aware of it? For those of you who are, understand, it was a setup. The five-year-old girl was rehearsed. The whole thing was planned out. It’s nothing more than a deep public relations campaign.

And so each and every day we are challenged here with just the daily news and trying to determine which of it is real and how much of it is totally fraudulent and made up in order to advance a particular political agenda. That cannot be denied. Yeah, you know, the real question, are the waters on Mars rising or falling? Now that we’ve discovered flowing water, are the levels rising or falling? It’s wide open. I know you might think that I’m a little bit off the beaten path here. Fine and dandy. You’ve thought that. Let’s just wait and see. Give it some time, and I’m telling you this is going to find its way into the left-wing science agenda, which is another element of our life or aspect that has corrupted. And by corrupted, I mean, what is real is being masked or hidden and is instead being lied about.


RUSH: So here we go, already in the e-mail: “What do you mean, a five-year-old girl that gave the pope that was fake?” Look, a Los Angeles-based pro-illegal immigration group trained a five-year-old girl who approached Pope Francis during his parade in Washington for a photo-op to promote amnesty. Sophie Cruz. It’s even in the Washington Post. There’s a Breitbart story, but it’s in the Washington Post of all places.

“Alicia Flores, executive director of La Hermandad in Los Angeles, said the group chose Sophie to approach the pope after a similar plan worked in Rome involving another young girl. Raul Cruz, who came to the United States 10 years ago, then agreed to let his daughter partake in the plan so the pope could hear their message.” In other words, this was a stunt and was it organized by immigration advocacy groups that have tried to do the same thing and did do the same thing back in Rome. This girl “and her family were flown to Washington as part of a group of six children and 19 adults with the hope of delivering their message on immigration.”

Now the point is… “Are you seriously criticizing a five year old?” No, folks. I’m not. I’m just telling you that what you saw did not spontaneously happen. A five-year-old girl didn’t find miraculously her way to the pope’s parade and didn’t coincidentally get close to the pope to be able to hand him a message that she, at age five, personally crafted. The whole thing was the result of rehearsals. The little girl was chosen for the mission; it was made to look real. It was meant to tug people’s heartstrings. It was meant to soften opposition to illegal immigration.

And it worked as designed, but none of it was genuine.

It was all a stunt.

And I only tell you this because this is how people on that side of the political aisle engineer things and how things get corrupted and people think what is real isn’t, or isn’t real is.


RUSH: Go to the phones. We’re gonna get some in the first hour. This is Pete in Seattle. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: (garbled)

RUSH: Wait a minute, wait a minute. I cannot understand a word you’re saying. Damn it. Pete, hang on. I’m gonna see if we can get you on a different phone line somehow.

CALLER: Good afternoon where you are.

RUSH: There it is. Now I can hear you. Thank you.

CALLER: Honest people do not use the tactic of setting up plants in the audience. That is something the Clintons do. People that value truth don’t need to do that. You talked about the five-year-old girl that met with the pope out of the crowd. Out of all the people that wanted to see the pope, she goes running through security —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — and gets in. I find that worrisome. That people adulate somebody that does things like that.

RUSH: You can’t blame ’em. They saw it on television. It was real. This is the point. This is deep, deep PR. This is total devotion to the advancement of your agenda. This is something that our side does not do. I don’t know if it’s because our side doesn’t even conceive of this kind of stuff because — well, who knows why. I could only guess, that it isn’t real. They think if they try something staged like this, if they get caught, it’s gonna be exposed as a fraud or it just doesn’t occur to them for whatever reason. Or maybe they’re lazy. I have no idea.

But the point is they’ve done this with the pope twice now. They did it, don’t forget, in Rome. And they’ve done it here. They did it in Washington, DC. And you can say that honest people don’t do this, and I would agree with you. People that are not confident are the people who do this. People who think they have to stage events, stage-manage events in order to make things look like something they are not are people that are not confident of triumphing and winning, by throwing whatever it is they believe out there and letting the people decide. They have to stage-manage it and they have to create these stunts.

But the point is now, after the fact, this happened in Washington, so this is five days ago. Now, here I come, and whatever other news sources have this, Washington Post, Breitbart, here we come telling the truth about it, it isn’t gonna be believed. We’re gonna be seen as sourpusses. We’re gonna be seen as sour grapes. They’re gonna say, “You’re just upset the pope won. You’re just upset the pope is loved by people. You’re just upset you’re not able to convince people.” That’s what people are gonna say, ’cause they saw it on TV. It was real. They saw a little girl run out of the crowd. They saw the pope stop. They saw the little girl give the pope a note, miraculously the news media found out what the note to the pope was, and miraculously it was made to look like even five-year-old little girls believe in illegal immigration. The children even want illegal immigration. What kind of people are we to stand in the way of the wishes and the dreams of five-year-old kids? And this is the effect it has.

Remember now we’re talking about ordinary, everyday low-information voters who happen to see this live or happen to watch it later on the news. It was real. It wasn’t staged. At the time nobody knew it was staged. Some may have suspected. But you point it out some days later, it’s not to great effect. We still do it for people interested in truth and people knowing the truth about how things happen. I still have this belief that the more people that understand how the left does what it does and how they get what they get and how they make it look like they represent the majority of people when they don’t, it’s crucial to that day when we’re able to say we beat them.

But it’s made all that much more difficult, as I say, when you have Republican leaders signing on to the Obama agenda and when you have the Vicar of Christ signing on to the Obama agenda, how in the world do you tell people that that agenda is an extreme left-wing radical agenda that’s gonna do great harm to this country. How do you tell people that? Furthermore, how do you tell people, “You saw that five-year-old girl? The whole thing was staged.” You look like the sourpuss when you point it out, even though it’s the truth.

Jeff in San Bernardino, California. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush. Your credibility is why we listen. My wife and I and those around us that follow politics find credibility in you, so it’s taken us as low-information voters over the last 17, 18 years I’ve listened to you and made it able for me to see liberalism and its ways. And listening to the pope, you are absolutely correct. We were surprised by what he didn’t say and surprised by what he did say.

RUSH: I suspect a lot of people were. It’s just that nobody said so. I mean, it’s the Vicar of Christ. You’re just not supposed to say these things. And when somebody does, “Oh, my God, , jeez.” It makes people uncomfortable. I suspect that a whole bunch of people in the first two or three days of the pope’s visit were scratching their heads. But what are you gonna do? I mean, these are people that lie to pollsters so that they’re not found out. They’re not gonna tell anybody what they really think of what the pope is doing. Rather not be known. So it’s left to the spear carriers like us here. But that’s fine.

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