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RUSH: Jim in Moonshine Creek, North Carolina. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, mega dittos, Rush. Two quick points for the pope from a devout, practicing Roman Catholic, and that is, he needs to know, the Holy Father, that we, the United States, have given more aid to other nations’ poor than all other nations combined. And Rush, that doesn’t even mention our military umbrella which allowed these nations —

RUSH: I know, I know. That is why this is very frustrating to me, ’cause it comes across as insulting or admonishing, and I don’t know that it’s deserved.

CALLER: I don’t believe it is. And, number two, I would really ask Pope Francis, as a follower of Catholicism, the Roman Catholic faith, we want you to talk about and advocate — he’s the leader of the original, the largest, and most conservative Christian religion. He needs to condemn the Christian executions in Islam lands. He needs to condemn abortion. That’s killing unborn Christians. And he needs to advocate for Christians around the world and Christian principles and values, not advocate politics. I think he’s being used by Obama. And as a Christian and a lover of the faith, that really, really, really sets me back a little bit.

RUSH: He’s being used, you think? Does he have no role in this himself?

CALLER: Rush, I think that it’s symbiotic. I think it’s mutually beneficial to both. I think he’s trying to get a liberal agenda out. Pope Benedict was conservative. This pope’s a little more liberal. But irrespective, I want the pope to talk about Christian principles and theology.

RUSH: I know. That makes total sense to me. I think, as you go through those things, that’s what John Paul II talked about all the time. I mean, not the specific events, but similar related things. He’s the Vicar of Christ and the number one representative of the Catholic Church, you know, not the Socialists International. But, as I look just at this country and the things that liberalism is touching, another reason why Donald Trump’s candidacy is being so wildly embraced is because whether people can consciously define it, point it out, or not, they feel it — everything that used to be dependable in our country seems to be corrupted now.

There used to be pillars that you could rely on in times of trouble for strength and courage and confidence. There used to be backstops. There used to be things in place that when the degradation started, at least it was gonna run up against an immovable force and stop. There doesn’t seem to be that anymore. It seems everything is being corrupted and rotting away. And even the most respected, hoped-for institutions have not seemed to escape the corruption. And the corruption all stems from — I mean, where’s the corruption? Both parties I’m sure have corrupt individuals, this kind of thing, but liberalism exists in a corrupt state. It’s whole point is to tear down things that stand in its way, whether it happens within the democratic process by virtue of vote or not. And I think a lot of people are scared by it. And so they’ll embrace any person or thing that they think might arrest it. Anyway, Jim, I appreciate the call. Thanks much.

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