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RUSH: Second casualty, that’s right, Rick Perry dropped out. Scott Walker is the second casualty, and there all kinds of stories out there explaining it today. I mean, no matter where you look, there are as many different explanations or theories for why Scott Walker got out. I’ll tell you what the conventional wisdom is becoming. As I go through all of these various stories, it appears that the primary theme is Scott Walker’s a nice guy, and nobody wants to dump on him, so they’re praising him for doing the mature thing. And they’re really praising him for doing the mature thing that is aimed at getting Trump out, and that’s why he’s being praised.

He’s being praised for seeing reality. He’s being praised for not continuing a pointless endeavor, and he’s trying to take the example of what has happened to him and turn it around and build up the party and make sure it does not go to Trump. He is getting praise from all over the Republican establishment. He’s getting praise in many parts of the Drive-By Media. There’s also some stories talking about he was out of his field and out of his class, and he didn’t realize what he was up against, to have bad advisors. You know, the usual run-of-the-mill stuff when somebody gets out of the race.

I’ve only seen one story that gets it right, only one. There may be more, but I’ve only seen one story that explains what happened here. And I will leave that to everybody else to find. It’s simply out there on its own, one place, and as I say, there may be — actually no, there are two, I’ve just been informed. So we’ll get to that as the program unfolds. But that pretty much covers it, actually, in the sense that people are analyzing why.

But the fact that he hasn’t succeeded here and because of the message that he delivered when he pulled out of the campaign, it’s being analyzed as a call to action for the party to unify and get Trump out of this mix in order to save the party, for the good of the party and to have any chance of winning the White House. And for that he’s being embraced, receiving accolades from many places in the Drive-By Media. He didn’t get any accolades during his actual campaign.

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