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RUSH: This is Hillary. Every network stopped everything to cover this, and it was exactly one hour ago. She was just appalled, Hillary was appalled over what Trump didn’t say. She couldn’t believe what Trump didn’t say. She couldn’t believe that Trump would not correct this bigot in his audience. So she’s in Durham, New Hampshire, at a press conference, a press availability, and an infobabe said, “It was just yesterday that a man at a Trump rally stood up and said we have a problem in this country, it’s called Muslims. He went on to say that Obama is a Muslim, he’s not even American, and that there are terror camps with Muslims. First of all, what do you think about that comment. Secondly, how would you have responded if someone said that in a town hall of yours?”

HILLARY: I was appalled, and as you may know, quickly put out a tweet expressing the — the great disappointment with that kind of rhetoric, and calling on him and anybody else who is seeking the highest office of the land to start behaving like a president, to show respect and to stand up for the truth. He knew or he should have known that what that man was asking was not only way out of bounds, it was untrue, and he should have, from the beginning, repudiated that kind of rhetoric, that level of hatefulness in a questioner in an audience that he was appearing before.

RUSH: Oh, she was just appalled. She was just appalled. She’s appalled at what Trump didn’t say. She was appalled at what Trump didn’t do. And then she said that she hopes that he apologizes, ’cause the reporter said, “Well, Lindsey Graham was in Iowa, and he said that this is a defining moment in a campaign for Republicans of all candidates. He said that Donald Trump should go on national TV and apologize for what he said about Muslims and about the president. What do you think? Donald Trump’s now canceled his campaign appearances today. Should he go on TV and apologize and make this right, or was he just trying to appeal to supporters who may have prejudiced and racist views?”

HILLARY: Let’s find out. Let’s see what he does. I think that his taking a time-out to think hard about what happened last night, what he did not call out or repudiate at the time gives him the chance to express his regret about that kind of behavior and those sorts of comments in one of his political events. I hope he does.

RUSH: That’s such a setup. Trump didn’t cancel his events today because of this. Even CNN acknowledges he canceled his events today because of a business deal that was supposed to get done yesterday that didn’t, that requires his attention. CNN is making it look like Trump may have also decided to cancel his events today because of what happened last night, but they imply that, or they want you to infer it. They don’t actually say it. Mrs. Clinton just said it. So this is how a lie starts and spreads around the world.

So, as far as Hillary’s audiences are concerned, Trump is now deep in thought. Trump’s holed up somewhere deep in thought, contemplating the egregious things his stupid supporter said last night. And Hillary approves, she hopes he apologizes, she approves of this moment of reflection that Trump is engaged in, after she was appalled by what had happened.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton has yet to apologize to the families of the kids killed in Benghazi, for lying to them about it. She told them it was a video. She knows full well the video’s not responsible. She and the president of the United States lied to these people about what happened in Benghazi by blaming it on the video. They haven’t apologized. She said the candidate should tell the truth. (imitating Clinton) “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. What? Lewinsky. That’s right. Not a single time. It was like five or six (laughing) — no, no, never, ever, I didn’t do it.” This is why so many people get so frustrated, because the hypocrisy never, never sticks to these people. They’re such hypocrites, and they just get away with it all the time.


RUSH: Here’s John in Mount Clemens… what? Where’s Mount Clemens?

CALLER: Michigan.

RUSH: Michigan. Great to have you on the program, John. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Today is the day I became a Donald Trump supporter. Yet another red herring, a nonissue being made an issue, and I think people who have supported Trump, especially after the immigration thing, now I know where they’re coming from. We are so sick and tired of the sycophants of the media, be it Hillary Clinton or the rest of the Republicans out there, like Chris Christie who’s already saying what he would have done if an audience member would have made these statements. We are so sick of those things being elevated to an issue of substance that I don’t think we can take it anymore.

I totally respect your advice, or not advice, but what you think Trump should do as a strategy and pointing out the hypocrisy, and hypocrisy is always a great thing to point out as a strategy. But if I were Trump, I would bottle what I’m feeling right now and supporters of his and people who are going to come to him, and that is I would look at Chris Christie and the rest of them and say, “Great, you would have done that. Well, whoop-de-doo, how is doing that gonna push back terrorism? How is doing that gonna provide jobs for inner city African-Americans looking for work? How is that gonna accomplish anything? Americans are just damn sick and tired of you people jumping on anything that someone might say, not even me saying it, by the way, someone in my audience as if that’s the do all, end all.” Boy, what would that have solved, Rush?

RUSH: You got it.

CALLER: How would that stop a tumbling stock market? And I don’t want to lose my the second thing because it dovetails into the event in South Carolina. Let me point this out to you. I don’t need to hear from Donald Trump’s people that he had a business conflict, which I totally believe. This man catapulted to the front by allegedly offending an entire group of people, mostly the media, because people like me could see through he’s not anti-Mexican, he’s not anti-Hispanic, he’s not a racist. And if you support him you’re not one, either. So the man who made his name now and lost a contract with Macy’s, lost whatever he had with ESPN, PGA Tour, that man is gonna be afraid to come out of his house now because some guy in his audience made these statements? How does that make any sense whatsoever?

RUSH: No, no, they hope. Follow me on this. You’re exactly right. What they’re trying to do is create a mind-set among everybody, including Trump’s supporters, that he’s hiding. They want Trump to have to come out and respond to them. They want Trump to respond to this. That puts him on the defensive. That’s what they want. They want him to apologize. They’re bullying Trump. That’s exactly what this is right now. This is a giant combination.

Look, Republicans and Democrats joining forces, the club, the establishment, tried to bully the guy. They want him to come out and respond to what they’re saying, which they hope puts him on the defensive here. They don’t think they’re rattling him. What they want is for his supporters, which you claim you’re now a new one, they want you thinking he’s afraid to show his face today.

CALLER: Well, they thought that would happen three or four months ago with the illegal immigration statements and comments. And look what happened there. Here’s the problem. I’m starting to think this guy is blessed, because just as you reported earlier, not that people are leaving him, but they’re getting bored with him, the news cycle. This is the same thing they tried to pull on him with his statement about immigration.

So what’s going to happen now, these idiots, is the same backlash that led to people saying, you know what, his point is correct about immigration. We don’t care, that we should run from him because he may not have said it in a way as politically correct as the media and some other people who just want to jump on him. We’re gonna see through that and we’re gonna start talking about the substance of what he said. What they’re gonna do now is the same thing. You watch. His numbers will go back up because Chris Christie and Graham, they’ll all overplay it, act like they have the vapors, have to go to their room. You know, if I was Trump —

RUSH: Well, well, wait a minute now. No, no, no. It’s not automatic that his numbers are gonna go up. He’s got to do what he’s always done if the numbers are gonna go up. What has he always done? He’s always doubled down. Every time one of these things happens where they expect an apology he’s done the exact opposite. He has doubled down. Trump will be finished in a week if he responds to this in an apologetic way or in any way that appears, makes it look like he is behaving in a way demanded by all of these critics: Hillary, Christie, Grahamnesty, media, you name it.

Now, I wasn’t gonna play this today because this is becoming a regular part of the Trump speech. And I didn’t want you people getting the wrong idea. But now it’s appropriate to play this. This is how he opened — well, not opened. This is near the open of his remarks last night in Rochester, long before this supporter of his asked the question. This has become an almost regular mention that he makes.

TRUMP: Remember this. When I first announced — and this was an incredible two weeks, believe me — Rush Limbaugh said, “I have never seen anybody receive more incoming,” a word I never heard before. Incoming means really bad press. I mean, it was incoming. But he said, “I’ve never seen anything like it, and then he doubled down.” I doubled down, and it’s true. And he said, “Nobody would have done that,” because I knew the problem. I knew what was happening.

RUSH: Even as recently as last night he is recounting what he did. That’s what put him on the map. Everybody’s demanding an apology, he doubles down. He doubled down on McCain. He doubled down on the illegal immigrant criminals. He wasn’t talked off of it at all. There’s no question that that’s a significant reason why he has support. Don’t fall for this story, by the way, John, that he’s peaked. That’s a Politico story that I’m sure they’ve had in the drawer here for a couple weeks or months, waiting to trot it out when they think it’s appropriate.

They ran that story today because Carly Fiorina is universally aclaimed as the debate winner on Wednesday night, so it’s axiomatic that what would follow, “Oh, it’s over for Trump. Trump has peaked. Trump’s not as exciting. Trump’s not getting as many Twitter mentions.” What they’re trying to imply here is Trump’s numbers are going down. They haven’t gone down. Trump’s numbers don’t have any area to recover. He has not lost any ground here. Everybody is under the belief now, because of this story and all this controversy, that Trump’s numbers are plummeting, and they’re not. Anyway, I have to take a break. I appreciate the call, John, thanks much.

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