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RUSH: I turned Dittocam on and zoomed in. I didn’t mean to turn the Dittocam on. I meant to keep it off ’cause I’ve got some pictures I’m gonna show you in a minute. What did I look like? (interruption) Oh, gee, I’m sorry about that, folks! You had to be freaked out out there. Just be patient. I’ve got some things I had to hold up here and I had to zoom the Dittocam in on ’em so that you can see them.

“Despite attempts to…” This is a Breitbart story. “Texas Boy Arrested Because of Zero-Tolerance Policies, Not Islamophobia.” That’s the headline of this particular Breitbart story. What happened was this. A young student, a 14-year-old man named Mohamed, built a clock for a project of some kind, took it to school, and when the authorities saw it, they got scared. Understand this. Schools have been targets, and therefore schools are at heightened awareness. And they have been conditioned to be very intolerant of anybody.

I mean, how many times have we heard of a kid getting sent home from school because he made a gun out of a shape of his finger? Schools are very intolerant. So they saw this thing, “Whoa ho-ho-ho-ho!” and the kid got arrested. “Despite attempts to drive the arrest of a Irving teen into a case of Islamophobia, Irving school district spokeswoman Lesley Weaver pointed news media to the district’s Student Code of Conduct during a press conference held on Mohamed’s arrest over a home experiment that he called a clock but appeared to be a ‘hoax bomb’…

“The Irving Student Code of Conduct includes a whole slew of potential violations written in accordance with the state’s 1995 Safe Schools Act and Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code. The code addresses threats, hoaxes, plus perceived and sometimes even discretionary threats and their harsh blanket consequences. … Just days ago, officials in Maryland charged a 13-year-old boy with assault for stealing a kiss from a 14-year-old girl. … Zero tolerance also resulted in a Texas nine-year-old’s suspension over a Lord of the Rings ‘magic ring.'” If you remember that.

“At the press conference, Weaver [said] that the district always asks students and staff to immediately report any suspicious items or behaviors to campus officials. ‘If something is out of the ordinary’ that information is given to school administrators or police ‘so it can be addressed right away,’ Weaver told news media. … At the presser, Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd … pointed out that the images of what Mohamed brought to school that surfaced in news reports and over social media were not ‘the suspicious looking item’ he brought to school.”

The kid brings a hoax bomb to school complete with briefcase! It is later discovered that it’s just a clock. Now everybody’s (sobbing), “Oh, my God, look what we’ve done! We’ve stigmatized poor Mohamed! Oh, my God, look at us! Oh, how horrible are we?” Mohamed got sent home, arrested. It’s been cleared up now, and the media’s putting out a picture of “what he took to school” that isn’t what he took to school. Well, it’s not the whole thing. And the upshot is that Obama has now invited the kid to the White House.

He’s not invited the family of Kate Steinle to the White House. She was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant sanctuary city of San Francisco. And now here is, for those of you watching on the Dittocam. Most radio shows have a TV switcher to do this but I’m doing it all by myself. Here we go. Yeah, there you go. That’s Mohamed and his… It’s not his wife, is it? His little sister. And that you see he’s holding? Does that look like a clock to you? Well, that’s Mohamed, innocent Mohamed. That’s his clock.

It doesn’t… You know what it looks like? It looks like the first motherboard to an Apple II computer invented by Steve Wozniak. It looks like a very rudimentary 1970s computer PC board. I don’t see a clock there. Okay. Dittocam off. That’s why… You take that to the airport and see what happens to you. But, no. This is what he walked into school with. That is an open briefcase with what I just showed you inside with a whole bunch of other things in there.

To the uneducated, untrained eye, this looks like a bomb. It looks like a timer of some sort. But whatever, this is not a clock, as the media is reporting. The media’s telling you, “Poor Mohamed! All he did was take his science project to school — it was a clock — and these racist, homophobic Irving school people, look what they did! They called the cops and the cops arrested him and they’ve been stigmatized.” That? Try getting that through Homeland Security. (interruption)

Well, the Secret Service is gonna let this in because Obama has invited him to bring this thing to the White House. So there you have it. I’m turning the Dittocam off, and we will have these pictures. Koko will take stills and put them up at RushLimbaugh.com, for those of you who don’t have the Dittocam. The Dittocam is for members only. It’s television. You can watch this program take place live. You can do it on our website. You can do it on our RushLimbaugh.com app, which is the greatest way in the world to do it.

The iOS App Store and at the Android app. What’s that Google Play, Google Play Store? We have an Android version of our app, don’t we? It was over my protest, but I think we have it. Anyway, Koko will have the pictures if you don’t have the Dittocam. The Dittocam’s for subscribers only. Now, the argument is raging here over what happened. “How in the world can something like this happen? How could we end up stigmatizing this poor kid?” So people have gone back and recreated from history things that students have been sent home from school for or not allowed in school for.

Pop Tart guns. Key chain charms. We have seen this story. No charges for this kid. The kid’s name is Ahmed Mohamed, by the way. Charges will not be filed against him. He’s a 14-year-old Muslim high school student arrested after he brought in a homemade clock that a teacher said looked like a bomb. Legal Insurrection — which is a very, very great and eminently qualified legal website. Legal Insurrection has spent countless posts covering zero-tolerance insanity on school campuses all over the country.

Kindergarteners have been sent home for using their hands to pretend to be firing a gun. A 13-year-old with a toy AK-47 has been shot and killed by the cops, and a 10-year-old boy was suspended for pointing a finger like a gun. A 12-year-old Rhode Island student was suspended for small key chain gun. “Oklahoma teachers union seeks to keep zero tolerance rules banning imaginary guns.” Everybody has become so sensitized to this because of the actual shootings at schools that there has become a “zero tolerance.”

So the point here is that the effort is being made to blame school officials and the cops for Islamophobia here, and that is not what is going on. Zero-tolerance policies at schools, which are the direct result of previous incidents — the zero tolerance is out of control, such as pretending to shoot a gun with your finger (that gets you sent home) — is what’s responsible here. It’s just the latest example, and it’s made to order for Obama, because here we have once again backlash against Muslims, you see?

That’s what this really is. So Obama will be able to make a speech about how dangerous this is, how unfortunate it is, how sorry it is. Innocent little 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed has a brilliant science project, a brilliant clock, a new way of doing a clock. (Yeah, one looks just like a bomb in a briefcase.) Obama gets to bring him to the White House, make a star out of him, make Obama’s star shine even brighter. And once again, the bottom line: Characterize the United States as a racist and bigoted country.


RUSH: By the way, the police say that they only arrested 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed because he could not explain to them what his thing was. Why couldn’t he tell ’em it was just a clock? I suspect one of the reasons is, it didn’t look like a clock.

A clock can be many things. A clock could be a timer. It could be a sundial. But you look at the two pictures that we have here, there’s nothing here that makes you think this is a clock. Maybe a timer in there, but you can’t even see that. It was only after he could not explain to the police that they arrested him.

Why couldn’t he explain it? When something like this happens, in our country today as litigious as we are, I can’t help but wonder if maybe there’s now a lawsuit waiting to be filed for, what, the magic words, “civil rights violations,” “religious discrimination” you name it. And of course zero tolerance, which is at fault here, zero tolerance has been brought to us by who? The gun grabbers. That’d be a good title for a book, The Gun Grabbers.

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