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RUSH: This is the cutest thing. I have to share this with. I just got a note about a half hour ago, maybe right before the break at the top of the hour. It was from Cookie, and she was begging me, “Please do not look at CNN, because if you do you’ll be reminded why you hate TV.” So many people here wish I would do TV. Either go back and actually do a TV show or guest on TV more than I do, which is practically zilch.

She was afraid that if I took and looked at CNN at that moment, that I would see exactly why I don’t like TV. So what did I do? I looked at CNN. Somebody tells you don’t think “pink,” what are you thinking? And what it was, is it was a bunch of stage managers and floor managers leading Scott Walker by the hand, showing him where he had to stand, and where the cameras were gonna be, and where the moderators were gonna be.

He was basically being treated like all people on TV. They need to be led. They are not independent operators and can’t do anything unless somebody puts it on teleprompter and tells ’em where to be, what to do and when. And she was afraid if I saw that, that I’d be reminded why I don’t like TV. And, by the way, they’re not only doing it to Scott Walker. They just did it with Huckabee. It’s called… I forget what the term is. It’s not a…

Well, it’s a walk-through, yeah. You go over and you walk through at work here. You go over and you look at the venue if you are gonna do a speech, any kind of appearance. You go there and you test the sound system and all that kind of thing just to be familiar with it is that when you walk out for the real thing it’s not new to you. But she was right. I mean, these people are being led around, like the candidates don’t know diddly-squat about what they’re doing.

(nasal voice) “And you stand right here. See, your name’s right there on the podium. You know what that means? It means you’re to stand right there, right behind your name. And to your left is going to be Carly Fiorina and on your right… When you get out there, make sure that they are both where they’re supposed to be, and they will make sure where you’re supposed to be, and that way we all end up in the right spot, okay?” So she’s right.

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