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RUSH: But here, try this. We have been discussing maybe more than anywhere else in major media, we have been discussing this Islamic invasion of Europe. It’s being called migration. It’s being called immigration. It’s being called a mass humanitarian shift, some such thing. It’s an invasion, much as we, the United States, are being invaded on our southern border.

Let’s retrace just briefly. The big news was that the immigrants are largely male, 80% male. They are largely in the 18 to 24 demographic, which means they’re being categorized as military able, military aged. We’re told that they are fleeing their war-torn, poverty stricken countries that are under attack by ISIS. We are then led to believe that they would rather flee and get the hell out than stay there and defend their countries. Well, no, that’s what we’re told. We’re told largely that they are from Syria, but then we’ve learned that many of them are fake, they’re buying fake Syrian passports, because being from Syria during all of this is almost like a ticket to get you where you want to go.

Then we found out that these migrants don’t want to go just anywhere in Europe; they want to go to Germany and Sweden. They will not stop anywhere along the way except to use the bathroom and maybe eat. But even at that, it’s not a long stop, and then their trek begins again or continues. In the midst of all this we were shocked to learn that the chancellor of Germany, one Angela Merkel, was opening her arms and welcoming them in, to which I, your host, expressed tremendous incredulity, requiring a deep investigation. I didn’t understand that.

Then I found out that Germany has a birthrate that is way below replacement levels. They are not capable to maintain their current population, which has dire economic consequences. And that was to explain why Angela Merkel was welcoming them in: 800,000 this year, 500,000 next year and every year after that until Merkel gets what she wants out of them. We found out they also want to go to Sweden. We found that Denmark originally wanted them and told ’em, no, stay away. That was a shocker. You’d think Denmark, among all these European nations, would be the first to welcome them in.

They have no interest in stopping in Greece, no interest in stopping in Italy, no interest in stopping in Turkey, no interest in stopping at any Muslim country. We found that Saudis do want do not want them. The Saudis, by the way, in Mecca, if you are devout Muslim, I don’t know if devout or not, you are required to make the pilgrimage, the Hajj to the grand mosque in Mecca once in your lifetime. And it’s happening this time of year. We’re approaching the time of year where if happens, gazillions and gazillions do this. As such they have a tent city. The Saudis have built a massive tent city, air-conditioned, DirecTV — well, sorry. I’m not sure about DirecTV. Air-conditioned, indoor plumbing, giant that will house I think a minimum of a million for three weeks a year. They’re operable year round, fully air-conditioned.

When I say tents, they’re not FEMA tents, they’re not trailers. I mean, they’re nice tents. They’re not the tents that you think of. They’re not tepees. They’re really nice structures. The Saudis will not allow any of these migrants go there and use them. The Saudis don’t want the migrants. Just like they don’t want the Palestinians. The Jordanians, Turkey, not interested. They must go to Germany. They must go to Europe.

Well, giant red flags began raising in my mind learning all this. Then the next thing we found out was that the German people were not of the same mind as the chancellor, Angela Merkel, and there began to be protests in Germany. So the German people responded and told the incoming migrants, whatever they are, told ’em you can’t just live anywhere. You’re gonna live where we tell you. That begot instant protests. “No, no, no, no, you can’t tell us where we’re gonna live. We’re gonna live where we want to live.”

Then we learned that the Saudis gave $200 million to build a number of mosques in Germany. I mean, it’s like 200 mosques that the Saudis have offered to build. Not in Mecca, not anywhere in Saudi Arabia, but in Germany. The German people said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait, wait, wait! We may not really agree with the chancellor on this.” But it’s too late. Where am I headed with this? Right here. Right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers.

If you’re just tuning in and you think I haven’t discussed the debate and you’re wondering why, I already have, and we’re gonna get back to it. I’m just getting some stuff out of the way here that I want to talk about today that I know once we get to the debate we’re not gonna get back to this stuff, and this is important. The American Mirror is the site. The headline: “It Begins: Muslims Demand Munich End ‘Anti-Islamic’ Octoberfest.” That would be like Muslims migrating to America and demanding that every state cancel its state fair.

“It was only a matter of time before the ‘refugees’ pouring into Europe and their sympathizers would begin to impose their Islamic will. Morad Almuradi, writing from the Netherlands, has created a petition on Change.org asking that the city council of Munich, Germany end the traditional 16-day Octoberfest event. He writes: ‘Dear City council of Munich, I am writing this letter to bring to your attention something that I and many Muslims believe is unfair and requires attention. I would like to inform you that the Octoberfest is an Intolerant and Anti-Islamic event.

“‘We tried to ignore the event, but there too many Un-Islamic acts done at the Octoberfest. Such as alcohol consumption, public nudity, etc. We understand that the Octoberfest is a yearly German tradition, but we, Muslims, cannot tolerate this Un-Islamic event, because it offends us and all Muslims on the earth.'” Now, I’m running this down to make sure this is real. It could be a satire site. This letter is written as though it’s just begging to be bought and believed by unsuspecting people in the media. I am not one of those. I am well aware.

Even if this is a satire piece, even if this is a hoax, all good comedy has a fundamental requirement for it to be funny, and that is called “truth.” Now, how many of you when I began to read this… I’m reading it verbatim. This story in the American Mirror, how many of you believed it? How many of you think it’s entirely possible? How many of you think it may actually be happening? See, that’s the point. Everybody here is nodding their head “yes.” Whether it’s a satire site, whether we’re being hoaxed here or not.

Even if we are being hoaxed, the fact is people can readily believe it. This kind of thing is already happening in the United States with the demands of other cultures who come here demanding that we make changes to accommodate them. And if this isn’t really happening in Germany yet, it will. You look at the Mahmoud cartoon photo snafus and that kind of thing. This kind of thing will happen. This letter from Morad Almuradi says, “‘We are requesting the immediate cancellation of the upcoming Octoberfest event.

“‘We also believe that the Octoberfest might also offend all the Muslim refugees coming from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan.'” So this is not even tied to the refugees, according to Morad Almuradi. “‘The cancellation of the Octoberfest event will help refugees not to forget their Islamic history. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Morad Almuradi.’ So far, Almuradi’s petition has over 250 signers,” at the time I printed it out.

“Munich has been inundated with refugees, with 13,000 arriving Saturday alone, the [UK] Independent reports. [Munich] has been a main entry point for the refugees. City leaders say they are at capacity. Munich mayor Dieter Reiter has been described as ‘trembling with rage’ because other cities havenÂ’t helped him. Now, he’s contending with those who are trying to change his culture.” Now he’s contending with those who are trying to change his culture. “Munich began holding Octoberfest in 1810.”

(interruption) What are you smiling…? What are you smiling at? (interruption) Well, I know it’s… Even if this is a hoax/satire (and those places are all over the place), remember: This is nowhere near out of the realm of eventual possibility. UK Daily Mail: “How Many Are Genuine? — As Europe locks down its borders, eyewitnesses claim fewer than a third of refugees who have made it to Germany are Syrian — and some are even ISIS infiltrators.”

ISIS infiltrators. UK Daily Mail: “Refugees who are fleeing areas of Syria torn apart by war say they are being joined by thousands of imposters. Desperate refugees claim as many as seven in every ten migrants heading to Europe are lying about their past.” This is not news. This is not shocking in any way, shape, manner, or form. In fact, we suspected this from the get-go. (interruption) No, the petition is real. The petition is real. It’s at Change.org. The Muslim Octoberfest petition is real.

The petition has been closed. They got 484 supporters. They only need to get to 500. (interruption) You don’t know why it was closed? Don’t know why the petition was closed? Because somebody does not want Octoberfest canceled! The Change.org petition is real. They want to cancel Octoberfest. Folks, they’re telling everybody what they intend to do. The Ayatollah Khamenei, all these clowns — the blind sheik — you name ’em. They’ve all said they’re gonna conquer Europe and then us, without firing a shot.


RUSH: Now, this thing, this petition in Munich to ban the Octoberfest demanded by an Islamic individual, Morad Almuradi Sahib Skyhook, whatever. Look how quickly got up to 484 supporters, and they pulled it. But the most telling thing about this is, it wouldn’t surprise anybody if it was legit. Even if it’s a hoax, it wouldn’t surprise anybody if it’s legit. You know it’s being thought by some of these refugees. I mean, that’s gonna happen if this is the hoax.

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