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RUSH: In Germany this invasion of Islamic migrants continues. “Germany and Austria on Tuesday called for a special European summit on the migrant crisis, in a phone call with EU president Donald Tusk, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. ‘It is a problem for the entire European Union and therefore we argued for a special EU summit to be held next week,’ she said during a joint press conference with Austrian counterpart Werner Faymann. ‘Donald Tusk will look into that.’ … Striking back at critics of her refugee-friendly policy in recent weeks, the Chancellor added that ‘if we must now begin to excuse ourselves for showing a friendly face in time of need, then this isn’t my country.'”

See, the same thing’s happening, for whatever her reason, whatever her motivation, labor force birthrate below replacement levels, she’s welcoming all these people in. And some people are having a lot of trouble with this, particularly Germans. You know, we were led to believe the whole country in Germany supported Angela Merkel. It took two or three days for there finally to be some news stories, hey, wait a minute, the German people do not support what she is doing. They don’t want this invasion, and they know full well what it is. This thing is quickly splaying out of control as well.

Now we’ve got the pope entering this scene. “Pope Blames Refugee Crisis on ‘God of Money,’ ‘Socio-Economic System That Is Bad, Unjust.'” As for the bad socio-economic system that’s bad and unjust, as it relates to the refugee flood, excuse me, uh, Pope, but these refugees are coming from Muslim countries that have rejected free markets. They are coming from economic systems it sounds like you endorse. I remain entirely totally confused over this.

I think the world has a leadership vacuum. I know this country has a leadership vacuum. And I think we’re actually witnessing a sanity vacuum. I mean, when you really look around all over the world all these wonderful, great institutions that we used to rely on to provide stability and boundaries all seem to have been corrupted, and corrupted by a specific way of thinking. That would be liberalism, or leftism, or socialism, or whatever you want to call it, but whatever it is, it’s corrupting. Decent people, decent places, great institutions, and we’ve got a sanity vacuum.

Look at this. This is from Breitbart: “Pope Francis: Europe’s Anti-Child Attitudes Invite Migrants, Jihadis.” Wait. I thought it was socio-economic. One day it’s socio-economic. The next day it’s anti-child attitudes? “Pope Francis used a Portuguese radio interview to weigh in on the European migrant crisis, citing EuropeÂ’s post-modern childless culture as one of the causes of the huge migration wave into Europe, and cautiously warning against the growing danger posed by migrating Islamic jihadis. ‘If a country has no children, migrants come to occupy the place,’ Francis said. ‘I think the birth rates in Italy, Portugal and Spain are almost 0 percentÂ… there are no children, there are empty spaces,’ he said.”

That’s not why. Do you think — I gotta be real careful here. Are we to believe that these jihadis, as the pope refers to them, are we to believe these migrants and jihadis are choosing to go to Germany because they know they don’t have any kids there? Are they choosing Germany and Sweden because they have figured out the birthrate is below replacement levels? But then wait, I thought they were moving and migrating because of socio-economic circumstances and environmental destruction. I can’t leave that out. That’s part of the recipe, too.

Now, Germany does have the lowest birthrate in the world, surpassing even Japan’s. But you know what nobody talks about in this? Nobody talks about the role abortion is playing in the falling population rates of these countries. Nobody dares, let’s put it that way. No, no. So we’re being led to believe that Germans have gone so selfish, have become so self-centered and focused that they don’t want to be distracted by kids. They don’t want to be parents. They don’t want to be grandparents. So we’re led to believe that there’s an entire new attitudinal shift that has befallen all of Germany, and yet nobody gives us the abortion figures that might be a contributing factor to the birthrate. I mean, would stand to reason, wouldn’t it?

According to the BBC, Germany now has the lowest birthrate in the world, surpassing even Japan’s. “Europe has not yet died,” the pope said. “It is half grandmother, but can return to being a mother.” That’s an interesting picture. Europe is half grandmother, but it can return to being a mother. You know, Jeb Bush has pointed out Hispanics are amazingly fertile. Well, he has. He’s mentioned that in relationship to them migrating here.

“Francis also suggested that EuropeÂ’s leaders should help unemployed Europeans prior to calling in more migrants. In three important European countries, he said, ‘for 25-year-olds and under, unemployment is 40% in one country, 47% in another and 50% in the third.’

But he still wants Europe to welcome migrants — ‘if adequate security is in place.'”

We gotta make up our minds here. What are we gonna do? Are we gonna find jobs? You gotta say the right thing, no matter what you do, you have to say the right thing. Unemployment’s rate 40, 47, 50. I wonder why that is? Anybody have any ideas? Do we have any idea what kind of governments these countries are where the unemployment rates are that high? We know they’re Western. We know they’re socialist democracies. We know they’re proud of it. Unemployment rate’s 40, 47, 50%, but we’re told it’s socio-economic problems, meaning there’s an unfair distribution of capital. No, that’s not what he means, I’m sorry, unfair distribution of wealth. It means the rich are not being taxed enough. That’s what socio-economic inequities are.

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