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RUSH: I’ll tell you something else. In addition to all this Trump stuff, it appears like the bottom is falling out of the Hillary Clinton campaign, and there’s an ABC News/Washington Post poll that has really, really bad news for Hillary and that they are not reporting. They’re trying to mask it and cover it up, so you gotta go out there and you gotta get the actual poll and the cross tabs to see it. ‘Cause it’s Panic City in a lot of places That’s why all this talk about Biden getting in the race is getting some momentum to it now.

But it’s inexplicable to me how there are people on the right side of the aisle in Washington talking about Biden. “Oh, oh, man! Joe is such a great guy. He’s so authentic.” He’s not authentic. He’s a plagiarist, for crying out loud! There’s a difference… Like my brother says, “There’s a difference between being unfiltered and authentic, and Biden is unfiltered.” He doesn’t have any filters on what he says. He looks at a guy in a wheelchair and says, “Stand up, Chuck! Let ’em see you out there!

“Oh… my… God. Good, yeah, yeah. Chuck, God bless you! God love you. Let’s all stand up for Chuck.” It’s just old Joe. He’s just unfiltered, says whatever he wants, and when it’s stupid, it’s excused. “That’s just old Joe! You know, he’s harmless. He doesn’t mean anything by it.” Right. The guy that single-handedly tried not just to torpedo Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas, but tried to ruin their careers at the same time.

The media and, of course, everybody else is bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz with the Republican debate at the Reagan library on Wednesday night on CNN. There’s two debates, six o’clock for the pregame debate (the pregame meal, if you will) and eight o’clock prime time debate between the top 10, which will include Carly Fiorina. Now, Trump was on Jimmy Fallon’s show on Friday night and gave Jimmy Fallon highest ratings in 18 months.

That’s a year and a half, for those of you in Rio Linda. The bit that they did… Trump was able to laugh at himself. Despite all of this talk about him being a narcissist and bombastic braggart and so forth, he can laugh at himself. Now, the Trump bit that happened on the Jimmy Fallon
Tonight Show on Friday, Fallon dresses up as Trump and sits down to look in a mirror. On the other side of the mirror is the real Trump. And they take turns talking to each other as if talking to a mirror.

It was hilarious. Trump was great in it. Here’s Trump going into the belly of the beast wading right there into the pop culture, which the others are doing, too. McCain’s been there and Jeb as well. But Trump seems very comfortable there and probably winning over some of the Millennials in the audience. But my only point here is if anybody at CNN is expecting big numbers, you’re probably going to be exceeded.

Trump is just on one of these rolls that are rare, but once they happen, you stand back and you marvel at them. No matter where he goes, it’s just audience attention, ratings, size of crowd, however you want to measure it, it’s just through the roof. Jimmy Fallon’s highest ratings in a year and a half. Now, here’s the ABC News story. This is actually from Gary Langer, who’s their political director. The headline: “Insider vs. Outsider Matchup Finds Clinton, Trump Near Even —

“Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump run essentially evenly among registered voters in a head-to-head matchup for president in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, testament to the strength of party loyalty as well as to Trump’s anti-establishment profile and anti-immigration views.” This is written, now, keep in mind, by ABC political director. “The hypothetical contest stands at 46-43%, Clinton-Trump, a gap that’s within the survey’s margin of sampling error.” Who would have even imagined?

This is why six months ago, a year ago, people start prognosticating on what they think’s gonna happen. You can’t predict stuff like. Nobody ever predicted Trump would actually get in the race, and even if they had, nobody would have predicted Trump would still be in the race after this amount of time. Certainly nobody would have predicted he’d be far and away blowing away the rest of the Republican field. But the Washington Post and ABC do their best to downplay all of that.

For example, this next paragraph: The 46-43 Clinton over Trump, “[t]hat compares to a clear Clinton lead among all adults, 51-39%, indicating her broad support in groups that are less apt to be registered to vote, such as young adults and racial and ethnic minorities,” the low-information crowd and, of course, don’t forget the illegal aliens that no doubt would love to see Hillary, according to this poll. They write, “There are some important provisos in evaluating these results.

“Early polls are not predictive.” So ABC has found it necessary to knock their own poll here. You don’t see this much, but you do see it. Sometimes a Drive-By network will conduct a poll and the results will come out and be totally surprising, and they’ll knock their own poll. They’ll knock the sample or they’ll knock the methodology or they’ll knock the timing or they’ll do something to try to dispel belief in the results, because they don’t like the results.

So the guy who ran this poll — Gary Langer, the political director is writing the story — felt the need to put in a proviso saying that the polls are practically meaningless this early on. Now, if this poll had shown Hillary trouncing Trump, this “proviso” would not be here. If their poll showed Hillary trouncing Trump, there wouldn’t be any reference to the poll being meaningless because it’s so early. In fact, it would be just the opposite. In this poll that they show Hillary doing so well, she only does well among women.

And even at that, she is really bleeding white women. It was conducted between September 7th and September 10th, so it presumably includes some people who heard about Trump’s comments about Carly Fiorina and her face, as reported in Rolling Stone five days ago. But if this is as bad as it gets for Trump with women, then he’s probably not gonna suffer much fallout from that, if any at all. And that’s been the pattern.

Everything Trump says that’s supposed to hurt him or end his candidacy, ends up helping him. From a shocked and appalled Los Angeles Times: “California Republicans Echo US Trends, Favoring Trump and Ben Carson — A new poll indicates California Republicans who favor Donald Trump are largely motivated by opposition to illegal immigration.” It just keeps rearing its head. Illegal immigration is why 25% the African-Americans in this country support Trump.

Illegal immigration is why California Republicans support Trump. Illegal immigration is why Trump is neck and neck with Hillary in the ABC News/Washington Post poll. And yet inside the Beltway they’re asking themselves, “How is this happening? Trump isn’t conservative. Don’t these fools supporting him know that he’s not conservative? He’s destroying conservatism!” It isn’t about that. It is that Trump…

Not only is it about that Trump’s got no fingerprints on what’s happening in Washington, it is also the fact that he’s opposed to what’s happening there and is the only one apparently fighting to stop it. Well, maybe other than Bernie Sanders. (interruption) No, no. That’s true. Ted Cruz. That’s curious to me, too. Cruz is so good. He’s just brilliant. Policy-wise, he’s right in there with Trump. He’s at 7%. Ben Carson’s the surprise number, too. And Trump’s going after him.

He’s still going after him. He’s kind of moderated his criticism, but he’s still criticizing him. He says (paraphrased), “Look, I like Ben Carson, but he’s a doctor. He’s a good doctor, but he’s a doctor. He doesn’t make deals. I make deals! This country needs a deal-maker. This country needs somebody who can stand up for it, make deals, and win in those deals. He’s a doctor! Plus, he’s low energy. I don’t know he’s got the energy for the job,” and so forth.

So that’s the ongoing criticism of Ben Carson that Trump continues to articulate. But, see, why is the LA Times surprised? Why is anybody surprised? See, this is the thing: You talk about out of touch or disconnected or what have you, how in the world can anybody who pays attention to anything going on in this country, including media people, how in the world can people be shocked, that candidates opposing everything to do with amnesty and related issues on illegal immigration are prospering?

How can anybody be shocked at that? Another way of putting it: How can anybody not know that a majority of people from all walks of life — I don’t care, race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, transgender, you name it — there is overwhelming opposition. How can you miss that? How can you continually be surprised? I mean, who are these people that are not seeing this? These are people in the media that supposedly have their finger to the pulse, their ear to the grindstone.

They’re supposedly way ahead of us in knowing what’s happening out there. Same thing with political professionals in Washington, focus-grouping everybody. They’re supposed to know. Why are they so shocked at this? Can it be they really think that opposition to amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform is only held by a relatively small bunch of kook conspiracy types? Do they really not get the broad-based opposition to this?

Apparently not! Because whenever there’s a story talking about a candidate doing well because of the issue, they express… just like this LA Times story. The people that write this story are stunned. Cathleen Decker. You can read the shock when you read the story, and there’s a double shock here ’cause California Republicans… I don’t know when’s the last time anybody in the media actually saw one, but they are thought to be just squishes.

Republicans in California, the media thinks of ’em as either invisible or squishes. They hardly exist. Yet here they are massively supporting Trump. That shocks them. What, California Republicans are just as flaky as the Democrats? It’s fascinating to watch this. It really is. And Bernie Sanders’ campaign has not burned out. He continues to gain ground. In New Hampshire, he continues to shock and stun the Democrat Party apparatus. Mrs. Clinton continues to fumble and whatever. So the entire political class here is kind of turned upside down in a state of shock.


RUSH: Now, the details in the ABC poll. I’ve got some nitpickers that I read in the e-mail during the break. “What do you mean the bottom’s dropping out of Hillary?” Okay, you don’t want to take my word for it, here it is. In fact, ABC reporting on their poll did not report this. Instead, it was the Today show and CBS This Morning that reported this today. With an on-screen graphic crediting ABC, Charlie Rose said, “Only 42% of Democrats in this latest ABC poll are backing her now.

“In July it was 63% who said they wanted her to be their party’s nominee.” What ABC’s putting out there is that in a head-to-head, Hillary beats Trump by 46-43, and that’s where it stops. What they’re not telling you is that Hillary used to be in the sixties in this same poll, and she is plummeting. And so the Today show and CBS reported the numbers that ABC didn’t. So in the case of Charlie Rose over at CBS says, “Only 42% of Democrats in this latest ABC poll are backing her now. In July it was 63% who said they wanted her to be their party’s nominee.”

He said, “A majority of Americans disapprove of the way Clinton has handled the e-mail controversy.” ABC didn’t report that. Over on the Today show, Sheinelle Jones referenced ABC and said that the network’s poll shows that her support among Democrats nationwide has dropped 21 points since July when the e-mail story broke. So ABC has chronicled a 20-point plunge, but they’re not reporting it, because in the head-to-head she’s got like a two- or three-point lead over Trump head-to-head in the margin of error.

So they can still report her as being ahead there. But if you go to this Gary Langer piece that I quoted on the website, ABCnews.com: “In the Democratic contest, Clinton’s drop is dramatic, yet not enough to threaten her clear lead. She’s supported by 42% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who are registered to vote, down from 63% in July…” So ABC reports it on the website, but not on Good Morning America. It’s significant, folks.

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