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RUSH: Inside-the-Beltway conservative media people with that Republican Party, they’re out there, for example, saying that Trump once wanted single-payer system. “He’s not conservative! You can’t support Trump.” Did you know that he once supported single-payer? From the same people who are funding Obamacare! The same people who give us fake repeal Obamacare votes, the same people who have paid for and continue to help fund Obamacare, say, “Trump once supported single-payer!”

They trashed Trump about his wall. “It’s not gonna happen! Trump isn’t gonna build a wall! He’s never gonna get Mexico to pay for the wall. He’s stupid! There’s not gonna be a wall. It’s silly, can’t get it done. He’s lying to people about it.” Right. These are the same people that voted to secure 700-some-odd miles of the southern border but have built less than 40 miles of fencing. So all of this that they chide Trump for not being conservative about?

All along I have been asking, “Well, where is conservatism in Washington, anyway, besides on display on blogs and on display at think tanks? Where is it?” There’s some conservatism in individual members of the House, Senate, but we don’t have any conservative policies being implemented. Yet all these people lament Trump’s not a conservative. Well, the people helping Obama accomplish what he wants in Iran, Obamacare, amnesty, tell me: If Trump isn’t conservative…


RUSH: Now, let me attempt to help the inside-the-Beltway conservatives and Republicans understand why the reaction to Trump is what it is and why it’s not going away any time soon, and why it probably is only going to keep building. And it’s not hard to understand at all. The first bit of advice — and remember, free advice is worth what it costs anybody. But I offer this sincerely. I’m sincerely attempting to help people understand ’cause they’re really uptight.

I mean, they’re writing articles, columns, blog posts, and they’re distressed at Trump’s success, and they are distressed at you for falling for something. “Trump is a carnival barker phony! He’s a Svengali, mesmerizing you. He’s a phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller,” and you don’t see it, and that scares them. And they’re telling you and anybody who will listen that Trump isn’t conservative — and if you think he is, you’re wrong, and you’re destroying conservatism by thinking that Trump is one and so forth.

Let me help those of you in Washington who think that to try another way of understanding what’s happening here. Nobody — and I say this with relative ontological certitude. Nobody supporting Donald Trump thinks that he is Ronald Reagan. Nobody thinks that he is William F. Buckley Jr. Nobody thinks that he is me. Nobody thinks that he is conservative, certainly not a Reagan conservative. That’s not why he is being supported. Thus, he is not harming conservatism or conservative principles.

Because he’s not redefining it, because that’s not why people support him. The reason Trump is being supported is that he is not you inside the Beltway. I hate this to sound so divisive, but we’re not the ones that created this. It’s not complicated at all. Donald Trump has not done anything to advance the Obama agenda or the Democrat Party’s agenda, and that’s the primary reason why he has such support. You in the Beltway… I don’t understand this myself. I don’t know how you missed it.

I don’t know why you didn’t think it mattered, but you were not elected to help the Democrats. Nobody’s impressed with articles that write about the need for co-governance and bipartisanship and compromise. Nobody wants to compromise with Obama or the left because they think it is destroying the foundations of this country as founded. You don’t get brownie points for signing up with that. You don’t get brownie points for helping that along.

You don’t get brownie points for reaching across the aisle. In fact, it’s gonna hurt you. It’s not… Where’s Governor Christie? It still is a big part of his appeal. Where is he in the polls? You can’t find him. Donald Trump is also not in government. Big plus. Government is perceived to be, as we discussed, out of touch. But it’s not out of touch. It’s just not interested. Government is distant. Government is not any longer about how it is portrayed in our founding documents — of, by, and for the people.

No, it’s in spite of the people now, and Trump isn’t part of it. Big, big plus. It wasn’t that long ago that the establishment GOP people, the consultants class and so forth, were out on television insisting that only a former or present governor was even qualified to be president. All others excluded, regardless of principle, regardless of record. But it’s not hard to understand. If you want to know why Trump is so popular, then you’d better learn to understand why Obama is so unpopular.

If you don’t understand Obama being unpopular, you’d better figure it out. Don’t buy this stuff with a 48% job approval. On the side of the aisle that’s gonna elect the next Republican nominee, it ain’t 48%. His approval is maybe 5% on the Republican side of the aisle that’s gonna nominate the next Republican nominee. This side of the aisle doesn’t want amnesty. They want border security. They don’t want to happen here what is happening in Europe. They want it stopped.

They don’t want the state sponsor of terrorism in the world to have a nuclear bomb or arsenal. They do not want the government running health care more and more, and to the extent that those of you inside the Beltway have been complicit in making all this happen, Donald Trump hasn’t. He hasn’t had a thing to do with it. His fingerprints are not on one aspect of what many people think has gone totally wrong in this country. Now, if you’re going to continue to have this perch of disdain for people who think this, then the divide is going to continue.

But you’d better try to understand that it’s not about conservatism here. I wish it were, frankly. I wish there had been a conservative movement in Washington. There is conservative literature all over the place, but there’s no action behind it. There’s no fight for it. When’s the last time Obama was stopped at anything? When was the last time anybody even made a serious attempt at stopping any of this? It’s really not hard to figure any of this out, unless you literally don’t see it.

Unless you literally don’t notice it, or if you do notice it and think it’s unsophisticated, unrealistic, or made up/comprised of ignorant people who don’t understand how Washington works or what have you. Whether they do or don’t, it’s still their country, too, and they vote. And they have something that the people inside the Beltway don’t have, and that is they have to live with what comes out of there. They have to live in sanctuary cities. They have to live in crime-ridden neighborhoods.

They have to live in this country where 94 million human beings are not working. They have to live in this welfare state. They have to live in areas where hospitals are closing because the emergency rooms are overrun and nobody pays and they can’t afford to stay open. None of that describes life inside the Beltway or anywhere else that people like that happen to live. They’re able to insulate themselves from it, and it’s more pronounced as a factor today than it ever has been.

So I think it would help to come up with… If you want to talk people out of supporting Trump (which is what I gather the effort is) by warning them he’s not conservative, that he’s fooling them and he’s really a Democrat in sheep’s clothing — if he is, then it’s just gonna be more of the same, because clearly there isn’t any Republican opposition in Washington that can be spotted. The thing Trump has going for him, whatever else you might want to add to the list: None of his fingerprints are on any of the stuff that has happened that people are angry at, opposed to — and, frankly, scared of.

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