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RUSH: This next sound bite proves a point that I have been making for many, many moons here. Bernie Sanders is at Liberty University. This is the University founded by Dr. Jerry Falwell, which was and is hated by who? The American left and the Democrat Party. “It’s the Moral Majority! What’s Bernie Sanders doing there?” Well, I think Bernie Sanders was invited, he went there to speak.

And during the Q&A portion of his appearance, Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development David Nasser asked Mr. Sanders this question: “As far as race inequality is concerned, this question from one of our students: ‘If you, sir, were elected president, what would you do to bring healing and resolution to the issue of racism in our country? We both want to see that go away, racism. What steps would you begin to take if you were our leader in seeing that result?'”

SANDERS: I would hope and I believe that every person in this room today understands that it is unacceptable to judge people, to discriminate against people based on the color of their skin.

AUDIENCE: (cheers and applause)

SANDERS: And I would also say that as a nation… The truth is that a nation which in many ways was created — and I’m sorry to have to say this — from way back on racist principles. That’s a fact.

RUSH: And there you have it. This explains Barack Hussein O, and it explains Valerie Jarrett, and it explains Michelle (My Belle) O. It explains all of them. This country was illegitimate from the get-go. This country unjust from the get-go. This country was immoral from the get-go. This country was founded on racism, and that is why there will never be any end to, oh, affirmative action-type means of addressing it or even reparations or what have you.

Now, in the midst of this, here is a Democrat — this little old hippie communist — running around at a religious university, getting a standing ovation here, not for saying the country was founded this way and is unjust, immoral, and illegitimate. But for saying that it’s not right to discriminate against people based on the color of their skin. That’s a no-brainer, but he got big applause for it. In the midst of all this, here comes Trump with 25% of the black vote in a YouGov/USA Today poll.

In a couple of polls now, Trump is getting 25% of the African-American vote, and inside the Beltway they are bamboozled. They are flabbergasted, they are baffled, they are blown away. They are clearly in a state of shock. The Republican Party and the best brains of the Republican consultants class have for years been designing systems, strategies, approaches, appeals to get just 5% of the African-American vote. Because it has always been felt that if the African-American vote for the Democrat candidate every presidential year could be reduced to 85% from 93%, why, we might win big.

Just chip away at that given advantage. So they’ve been coming up, and they’ve had all kinds of great schemes to get 25% or 5% of the African-American vote. Jack Kemp had his enterprise votes. This is where the government, run by a Republican, was gonna go into a black neighborhood and set up entrepreneurial businesses and so forth, with the assistance of the government and to show how entrepreneurism worker in black neighborhoods and cause people to prosper and so forth.

It was just a great idea, but it didn’t happen. Even when it was implemented, it didn’t work. There was built-in opposition to this. The Democrat Party was never gonna let any of these Republican strategies flower. They were never gonna be permitted to work. And there were more than enterprise zones. So my point is, for as long as I’ve been doing this radio show and longer — so that’s 30-plus years — the Republican Party has been just ripping itself into different shapes and assorted different policy positions, trying to secure 5% of the black vote.

And here comes the Trumpster, and he’s getting 25% of it. Now, admittedly, it’s in polls, and admittedly it’s early. But it makes sense in the context of everything else in the polls, and it makes sense in context of all the other ways that Trump is succeeding. And now everybody’s scratching their head, “Well, what in the hell is he doing?” And it isn’t complicated. Trump has finally come along and has given voice to positions on issues that resonate with African-Americans.

I have here my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from Breitbart. It’s about a black rapper Azealia Banks. Azealia Banks hates conservatism and hates the Republican Party, and she’s not much happier about America ’cause she buys into the Bernie Sanders argument that the country’s unjust and the moral from day one. Racist to its core. Part of our foundation. But “‘Do you think it’s bad that I sort of agree with [Trump’s] stance on immigration?’ the rapper wrote on her Instagram account on September 7th.

“Banks, a black rapper from Harlem, made headlines in March of this year by declaring her hatred for ‘this country’ and ‘white Americans.’ Banks explained that her support for Trump’s immigration plan is based on the detrimental impact mass immigration has had on the black community. ‘Black Americans still have not been paid reparations for slavery,’ she wrote. ‘It’s selfish, but America has been really good at convincing me that everyone else’s problems are more important than my own.’ …

“‘If the United States of America is an aircraft on its way down, (which it seems to be) I must put my own air mask on before I assist others,’ Banks later wrote,” and to her, putting the air mask on to save the plane from crashing is supporting Trump on immigration. It’s crowding, it’s flooding the job market. You’ve seen African-American unemployment under Obama. Now, she doesn’t blame Obama for much (you can’t expect that, racial loyalty), but 25% of black people are supporting Trump.

The Republican Party is still not able to figure any of this out.

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