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RUSH: We have a video here. This was created by a conservative group, The Young America’s Foundation. They filmed this at George Mason University in Virginia. It shows students, college students, 18, 19, 20, 21, expressing confusion after being asked the question, “Why was America attacked on 9/11?” Now, this is something that you think everybody in America would know. It took decades for people to not know what Pearl Harbor meant.

It took decades for enough generations to be born and for enough time to pass. It took decades to be able to walk around the country and find a significant number of people who had no idea what had happened at Pearl Harbor. That was 1941. Pearl Harbor Day was still actively commemorated and understood by a vast majority of this population as recently as 20 years ago. Here we are 14 years from 9/11, and this is what Young America’s Foundation found on campus at George Mason University. “Why was America attacked on 9/11?”

YAF REPORTER: Why were we attacked on 9/11?

MALE STUDENT: That’s a good question. I should know more, but I don’t.

YAF REPORTER: Why did they attack us on 9/11?

FEMALE STUDENT: If I’m being perfectly honest, I’m not 100% sure.

FEMALE STUDENT: Probably Bush did something bad.

MALE STUDENT: I’m not quite sure, to be honest.

FEMALE STUDENT: They were mad at us for somethin’. I don’t know.

MALE STUDENT: Our, uh, interventionist foreign policy.

MALE STUDENT: It was an issue over money or… oil?

FEMALE STUDENT: He put us into war over there over money and gas, and it just didn’t turn out right.

FEMALE STUDENT: I hear a lot about it being religious, but I think that that’s covering up economics.

RUSH: They blame George W. Bush, folks.

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