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RUSH: Trump is now threatening to pull out of the CNN debate if they don’t give the additional ad revenue that they’re earning here to charity. This is last night with Greta Van Susteren on the Fox News Channel. He was asked, “If Jeff Zucker over at CNN does not agree with your demand, as you wrote in that letter today, to donate the money, the ad revenue, to veterans, will you consider not showing up?”

TRUMP: We’re gonna make a determination, but he should make a big donation. And, frankly, so should the other networks because they’re making a lot of money, and I would like to see that money go to the vets.

REPORTER: So if he doesn’t give the money, you won’t show up?

TRUMP: We’ll make a determination.

RUSH: We’re gonna determine later whether or not we’ll show up. Trump’s maintaining that before this CNN was charging $5,000 a minute. That’s news that we had yesterday. With the anticipated audience for the September 16th debate, CNN’s charging $200,000 a minute. And Trump, as a full-fledged capitalist and, by the way, a commissioned salesman — commissioned sales, boy, if you can get the right deal of commissioned sales you can become rich. You get a percentage of everything and you be the one to explain why it’s happening, you get yourself directly in the revenue stream, that’s what Trump considers himself to do.

He says, “All right, five grand a minute before I show up, right? Two-hundred grand the minute after I show up? Who should get the money here? You guys? What are you doing? You already own the cameras. You’re not even using your studios. You’re using the Reagan library. What are you guys doing for this? Money should go to vets.”

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