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RUSH: I was telling Mr. Snerdley today, I’m a little frustrated. It’s not even the real word for it. But I’m doing show prep today, and I’m watching some in the media last night, and everything they’re talking about: things we did days ago on this program. For example, two days ago we spent so much time talking about the Iranian nuclear deal and the way the House and the Senate could go about defeating it, and I was bouncing off a great column written by my friend Andrew McCarthy at National Review Online.

The sum total of it was — and I didn’t spend 30 minutes on it — I just went in there, got it, and got out, and the sum total of it is that Obama has violated the law. He has violated the terms of the ill-fated Corker-Cardin Bill because in the Corker-Cardin Bill is a requirement that Obama share the details, all the details of the Iranian nuclear deal with Congress by date certain, I think it was July 19th. Whatever the date is, Obama hasn’t done it, and it has to do with the treaty clause, but it also relates to the fact that the sanctions, which the Republicans said, “We can’t do anything about it, you know, Obama says it’s not a treaty.”

Well, it is a treaty if you wanted to deal with it and stand up for your rights, Separation of Power, congressional power, you could demand that he treat it as a treaty if you wanted to make a fight of it. But they don’t want to make a fight of anything. So the alternative was, “Hey, look, if you don’t want to make a fight of it, all you gotta do is deny Obama the right to lift sanctions ’cause he hasn’t followed the law. For crying out loud, it’s right there in the Corker-Cardin Bill. He has to make everything well known.”

Anyway, we spent a lot of time two days ago talking about it, yesterday, and today it’s huge news. So I sit here and I wonder, how many people remember that we talked about it? Snerdley says, “You can’t worry about that, you do it.” I said, “I know.” But there’s even more to that story.

Then there’s big news last night and today, I saw it on Drudge last night, Hillary dissed Obama. We led the program with that yesterday. We had these sound bites from Mrs. Clinton and her interview with David Muir in which everybody was focused on her just deer-in-the-headlights persona, particularly as it dealt with her e-mails, the questions she was getting about the e-mails. But in this answer — and I heard it just going by — I said she dissed Obama. She talked about how the American people need great leadership right now. And I said, “Well, what?” And then I reminded everybody that she’s the second to come to this party because Biden was out there a couple days over the Labor Day weekend and he was ragging on the economy.

He was at a Labor Day parade in Pittsburgh with a bunch of union people and he was talking how rotten this economy is. I made mention of both these things, and now they’re both news today. And then yesterday, a lot of time on the invasion taking place in Europe of the Western socialist democracies by, for the most part, military age males from Muslim countries, and they’re not stopping in places they could stop, like Turkey. They’re heading on to Germany and Sweden.

I made a point of telling you how shocked I was a couple days ago when I read that Germany was welcoming them. Angela Merkel was gonna allow 800,000 of these invaders in this year and then 500,000 a year for the foreseeable future. And she’s happy about it, she was excited about it. She said this is gonna change our country. I said none of this made sense to me.

So what’s this, Thursday? So Tuesday night I had to go find out what this is all about. I found out it’s about the birthrate, low-replacement levels. Germany’s economy is in big trouble. There simply aren’t enough births happening in Germany to maintain current population levels, or grow them. Which is bad news for the economy, and she’s welcoming them in, and welcoming the change that it’s going to bring. Of course, I was demonstrably curious about this.

That’s a huge story in the Washington Post today.

Now, you might say, “Well, you know, Rush, you always say ‘cutting edge of societal evolution.’ You’re always ahead of the game.” Yeah, I know. But at the same time, I wonder how many people know. Like yesterday, listening to this never-ending debate. It timed with Cruz and Trump appearing in Washington, their anti-nuclear deal rally. Yeah, the thing for me is, I wonder how many people remember that we did it first.

Obviously you do, those of you steady listeners and so forth. It’s just a minor point, folks. It’s a minor point. But that’s being in the lead. Being on the cutting edge carries with it some risk. That means some people hear it just one place; then have it affirmed when they hear it again and again someplace later. Anyway, that’s what happens here. If you listen to this program on a regular basis, you’re gonna be ahead of the game. You’re gonna know what’s coming. It’s show prep for the rest of the media.

That’s what this program actually is.

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