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RUSH: So the word is that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are going to be speaking at an anti-Iran deal rally on the Washington mall today, and I think they’re gonna be speaking English. I’m not sure about it, but my best inside information is that Trump and Cruz are gonna be speaking English at the anti-Iran nuke deal rally, which the left will probably see as a hate crime.

You know, I hope Trump doesn’t do what the Huckster did to Cruz. Did you see what happened to Cruz in Kentucky? Did you see this? Okay. Well, I’m not sure exactly what happened here. I know that Huckabee announced this big fanfare thing. He’s gonna go in there and he’s gonna get Kim Davis out of jail, and he even promised to serve her jail time if that’s what it took.

And then — correct me if I’m wrong here — after all of that, then Cruz said he was gonna join. It was not a joint decision by Huckabee and Cruz. It was Huckabee decided to go in on his own, and then Cruz said (imitating Cruz), “You know what, that’s a good idea. I’ll go too. It’s a good solidarity move.” Okay, so that happened. But something strange also happened. When they secured the release of Kim Davis, a big press conference with her lawyer and her, and there’s Huckabee and there’s no Cruz. Where’s Cruz? Cruz is there.

Cruz is off to the side. One of Huckabee’s security people would not let Cruz on the stage. (laughing) There’s a lot of analogies that I can offer you here, folks. I understand the Huckster maybe thought his event was being hijacked or he didn’t want to share the credit. I mean, after all, it is a presidential campaign. So I’m hoping here that Trump lets Cruz on the stage at the anti-Iran nuke deal rally. Actually I think this might be Cruz’s deal that Trump is joining. Doesn’t matter. I’m just joking. They of course will both be there.

Did you see what else Trump did? Trump sent a letter to Jeff Zucker at CNN. I was holding it moments ago in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers, a copy of the letter. Here’s the upshot of it. Trump starts out by saying to Jeff Zucker, who’s the CEO of CNN (paraphrasing): “I understand you’ve been selling ads at $5,000 per minute.” Now, by the way, that would jibe. I mean, they don’t have any audience. Five thousand dollars a minute for a national cable news network? If that’s true, well, then no wonder they’ve got advertising. That’s a steal deal, $5,000 a minute for a so-called national network.

Anyway, Trump said (imitating Trump), “I have heard, because of the upcoming Republican debate and me, that you are now charging $200,000 a minute for commercial time.” So Trump sends Zucker a letter claiming he’s charging up from $5,000 to 200 grand and Trump claims credit for it. “This is clearly because of me, just like Fox News’ debate ratings, 24 million plus were because of me.” Trump said, “I don’t want the money, but I think you should donate this money to a veterans group. Why should you profit?” This is my interpretation. These words are not in the letter. “Why should CNN profit because of my popularity? You had nothing to do with this. Your cameras are there, but it’s me that’s gonna be generating the ratings. Why should you get the money? I don’t need the money. I don’t want the money. But you ought to send the money to veterans.”

Now, it isn’t gonna happen, but it’s an interesting technique. Trump writes the letter and then he sends the letter out to everybody in the media so that he doesn’t rely on Zucker to release the letter for everybody to see. This is the kind of brazenness and boldness, there’s no other candidate that would even think of trying something like this and dealing with the media in this way. I mean, this is crossing a boundary. The media has their business, and they run their business, and everybody leaves that alone, they respect it.

Here’s Trump crossing the line, injecting himself into CNN’s business, telling CNN he’s the reason they’re able to charge so much money. And that by rights they ought to donate that money because it really isn’t due to anything they’re doing other than bringing their cameras to where Trump is gonna be. Can you see any of the other Republican candidates making a big deal out of it? You can’t.

It’s the kind of little thing that, when Trump supporters hear about it, it’s another one of these attaboys.

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