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RUSH: Okay, here’s the audio from the Morning Joe program today where they just savage poor Mrs. Clinton, who was attempting to appear authentic and human. When you tell people, “Yeah, she’s gonna be more human today. Make note!” How do you do that, “more human”? I’ve never understood that. How does a human being act “more human”? I mean, I know Hitler would have trouble.

But other than that, how do you do it? “Yeah, she’s gonna be more spontaneous. You’ll see! And she’s gonna really, really be authentic. You’ll see. Just wait.” Anyway, so they were hyped with all that. This is the first bite. They’re reviewing, by the way, Mrs. Clinton on ABC with David Muir. We have Joe Scarborough and John Heilemann and Mika Brzezinski.

SCARBOROUGH: Just listen to how flat the voice is. Seriously, this was — this was a hostage video. It’s almost as if she purposefully said it as quickly and as flatly and as —

BRZEZINSKI: Unwillingly.

SCARBOROUGH: — unwillingly as — as humanly possible.

HEILEMANN: The whole… The point that she’s now gotten to does suggest that everything that she has said previously about the fact that that no one’s paying attention, hasn’t affected this campaign, none of this has mattered, no one cares, that that has all been a lie.

RUSH: Now, remember, this is PMSNBC. These are people in the tank for the Democrat Party. These are people that circle the wagons around endangered Democrats, wounded Democrats, try to save the day, and look at what they’re doing. They are destroying her. They are taking it as their objective to destroy everything she tried to accomplish in this interview. Listen to how flat her voice is, a hostage video. It’s like she was purposely just flat, unwilling, yeah, unwilling as humanly possible. Wow. And then there’s more. Here’s the next bite.

SCARBOROUGH: The best way to describe this, Mika, and he just said it, it’s all so ham-fisted.

BRZEZINSKI: Well, and I’m just going to say, I think she can do ten times better than this. I really do. I’ve seen it, I know it. And I know it’s in her. And I want it to work for her, which is frustrating. But there’s a couple of things that they cannot get around and that is being overly controlling to the point of freakish.

RUSH: (laughing) They can’t get around, and that’s being overly controlling to the point of freakish. Folks, it’s always been true, the more she speaks, the worse her numbers get. It’s documentable. I’ve mentioned it countless times before. When Hillary goes silent, that’s when her numbers go up. The more she talks, the more people hear her, that’s when her numbers plummet, and because of things like this. It was a dead abject failure as far as the Drive-Bys are concerned.

Now, we don’t know what the low-information voter viewers thought of it. We don’t know what the low-information crowd thought of it, but the people telling them what to think of it, really think it was a bomb.


RUSH: Okay. Let’s head to the phones. We’re gonna start in Philadelphia. This is John, great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Big fan of yours, and really appreciate everything you’re doing.

RUSH: Well, thank you.

CALLER: I want to quickly say I’m not a Hillary fan at all, but I think she’s handling this all wrong. She’s trying to be a nice person, as you said, no one thinks of that. She’s thought of, rightly or wrongly, as being a tough guy. So what would you think if she came out and said, “Hey, America, you know this Iran deal you’ve heard about? It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. There’s a lot of holes in this thing.”

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. It’s too late. She is already claiming credit for it. She’s claiming, in fact, that she’s the one that led Obama to it, so she can’t go out and rag on it. Grab audio sound bite number six. I want you to listen to this with me, John. This was this morning at the Brookings Institution where she shows up, she makes a speech to high-ranking establishment elites.

HILLARY: My starting point will be one of distrust. You remember President Reagan’s line about the Soviets, “Trust but verify”? My approach will be “Distrust and verify.” We should anticipate that Iran will test the next president. They’ll want to see how far they can bend the rules. That won’t work if I’m in the White House.

RUSH: That sounds really threatening. Now, even in addition to that, she started out by claiming that she and Obama worked together on the Iran deal, that she’s partly responsible for making it happen. She went out and touted it, John. She was saying it’s one of the greatest things, but then to distance herself from Obama, she says what you heard her say. (imitating Hillary) “But the Iranians, you know, they’re gonna test the next president, and it’s gonna me, and they’re not gonna get away with it, ’cause they know I’m tough.”

Except she didn’t say it like that. She said, “My approach will be distrust and verify. We should anticipate that Iran will test the next president. They’ll want to see how far they — I ain’t no ways tired — can bend the rules. That won’t work if I’m in the White House.” I mean, I can see the Ayatollah Khamenei now quaking in his sandals.

CALLER: Well, she’s acting like a Republican. She’s begging to lose. If she came out with a tough voice, she might have a say, but the way she’s talking, you’re right, she’s not gonna be successful at this.

RUSH: Well, here’s the thing. All I can do is guess here. You know, I’ve only met Mrs. Clinton one time, and it was at a wedding. There were no discussions. I met her one time. And I know her because I know liberals. Folks, I don’t care what you think of me. The one thing that you cannot deny is that I am right 100% of the time when I tell you who these people are based on their ideology. I know who liberals are. I’m more honest about who they are and what they’re gonna do than they are. I know exactly what they’re gonna do when. I can tell you why they’re gonna say they’re gonna do it. I can give you every selling point they think they’re gonna use.

In addition to that, I know this woman. Even though I don’t. And the reason why we get interviews like we got today at ABC, and literally this is how she sounded. “My starting point will be one of distrust.” Mrs. Clinton is aware that people do know her. She is aware that people have figured out she’s Nurse Ratched. Well, now they’re laughing in there on the other side of the glass. I’m telling you, everything she does is designed to dispel that. It would be no different — I’ll use me as an example. You know some of the horribly rotten, false things asserted about me out there. Just pick one, whatever they are.

Imagine if every day on this radio show I copped an attitude designed to disprove what was said about me. I’d come off as phony and as stilted and stiff as she does, because I would not be myself. She’s not being who she is here, folks. I’m telling you, she resents having to do this. This is beneath her. She resents that this is what’s called for. She resents that becoming president requires this kind of thing. She has paid her dues. In her mind, she has more than paid her dues. She gave up her own life for this party, in her mind.

She sacrificed her own future and saddled it with Bill Clinton’s, and then she got what that meant. She had to cover for him, back him up, protect him in order to preserve the party and her future. Don’t think there’s not a lot of resentment there. For most of her political life, Hillary has not been able to be who she is. That’s why she laughs in this cackle Arkansas broadbeam kind of (laughing). Everything’s unnatural. Everything is. That’s why they have to telegraph before she goes out what she’s gonna be.

“We’re gonna hit the reset button here for the third time. You’re gonna see an authentic Hillary. You’re gonna see comical, humorous Hillary. You’re gonna see human Hillary.” And reason they’re doing that is because we’re not gonna see that. They want us to think that we’re seeing that. That’s why they put those words in front of us using power of suggestion, because she isn’t any of those things.

You know, back in the early nineties I was invited to appear for a solid week, full episode as myself, on a TV show called Hearts Afire produced by her friends, Harry and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason. They were trying to soften me on the Clintons. It was a legitimate undertaking on their part, and I gladly went along. They were trying to tell me that I was wrong about them in very subtle ways. We never had a conversation about it. They were just extending all kinds of nice to me, all kinds of respect.

And I remember during that week, if I heard it once, I must have had heard it 15 times, how much fun Hillary is, “Oh, Rush, you would not believe. She loves umbrella drinks. You wouldn’t believe that, but man, she’s just the funniest person, when you go out there, you have a couple drinks, she’s the life of the party.” Right. This is what they’re doing now. Is there anything about the woman that makes you think she’s the life of any party? So they have to tell people what she’s really like because nobody ever gets to see it. ‘Cause they don’t trust her.

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