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RUSH: Now, Mrs. Clinton. Man, oh, man, oh, man. Mrs. Clinton is on an apology tour now, and, folks… Look, all I can tell you is, I have scanned the Drive-By Media. It isn’t working anywhere except the New York Times. In fact, the Clinton campaign succeeded in getting some reporter or editor they don’t like transferred. David Brock actually sent a letter of complaint to somebody at the New York Times, and an editor that the Hillary camp thought was biased against her was actually moved and transferred off of the Hillary story.

So the New York Times is about the only place right now being sympathetic to Hillary. She was on television, World News Tonight with David Muir, answering questions and saying she’s sorry about this e-mail snafu. Let me sum it up for you. I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the video, if you’ve seen the interview, excerpts of it or not. But this is basically what happened. Hillary goes on ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir to apologize for “that thing at the place.”

“Well, could you be a little bit more general?”

Hillary: “I apologize for the thing at the place.”

“Could you be a little more general?”

“Look, I said I apologize.”

“Well, for what?”

“Well, you’ll see. But it’s no big deal, trust me.”

“Well, did you break any laws?”


“Did you harm national security?”


“Did you illegally handle any classified information?”

“No. It was all allowed.”

“Did you only delete personal e-mails and nothing about the Clinton Crime Family Foundation or anything related to the State Department business?”


“‘So why are you apologizing?’ is the big question. If you didn’t do anything wrong, Mrs. Clinton, why the apology? What are you apologizing to people for if everything was allowed?”

I mean, some of the reviews of Mrs. Clinton’s appearance in the Drive-By Media are scathing, referring to her as “deer-in-the-headlight eyes.” That is a profound influence. That’s how the Drive-Bys described Dan Quayle in his debate with Lord Bentsen, when Quayle invoked JFK, and then it was over. ‘Cause Lord Bentsen said, “I knew JFK. JFK was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no JFK.” And the place erupted. Quayle stood there staring straight ahead like he’s about to be hit by a car.

Well, this is how Hillary appeared last night. Let’s go to the audio sound bites and get it started. She’s very, very authentically sorry. She’s really sorry. David Muir says, “When voters were asked, ‘What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of Hillary Clinton?’ words like liar, dishonesty, untrustworthy were at the top of the list. Does this tell you that your original explanation about the private serve that you did it to carry one phone out of convenience, that all this did not sit well with the American people?”

HILLARY: In retrospect, certainly as I look back at it now, even though it was allowed, I should have used two accounts: One for personal, one for work relate e-mails. That was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility.

RUSH: Could you be any less sincere? Good grief. You know, we have a ban on it over at MSNBC, but I understand that they just roasting Mrs. Clinton over this. Everybody. Mika Brzezinski was just relentless in attacking this. I think maybe she doesn’t like Hillary anyway. Scarborough, the whole cast of this Morning Joe show apparently just ripped her and this entire interview to shreds. I’ll tell you what.

Cookie, since I have let the cat out of the bag, let’s have a temporary lifting of the ban. And why don’t you go listen to some excerpts of that from MSNBC this morning if you were rolling on it, and you tell me if it’s as bad as I’m reading about it that people say it is for Hillary. But this! “In retrospect, certainly as I look back at it now, even though it was allowed, I should have used two accounts: One for personal…” You know, it’s easy to conclude here that Mrs. Clinton just resents the heck out of having to do this.

One of her advisors or a series of them have told her she’s got to do this. They’ve got to somehow plug the hole in the dike. They gotta do something here because it’s just leaking all over the place, and she’s got to stop the bleeding, and she doesn’t want to do this. This is beneath her! She doesn’t think she owes anybody an explanation. Even if what she did was illegal, it’s Hillary Clinton. She’s permitted. She’s allowed.

Nobody should have this kind of scrutiny power over her, anyway. So she goes and does this but her heart’s not in it. She doesn’t care. She resents it deeply, and you can hear it and you can see it in her Nurse Ratched stare as she is answering questions here. Then Muir said, “Well, look, I want to know: In your most private of moments, is there ever an instance when you ask yourself, ‘Why am I doing this again?'”

HILLARY: Yes, of course, because it really is hard. My mother had a terrible childhood. She was abandoned by her parents. (choking up) She was rejecting by her grandparents.

RUSH: Get the violins folks. Get ’em out! Stradivarius.

HILLARY: And she told me every day, “You’ve gotta get up and fight for what you believe no matter how hard it is.” (sniffling) I think about her a lot. I miss her a lot! I wish she were here with me. And I remember that. And I (chokes up) don’t want to just fight for me. I don’t… I mean, I can have a perfectly fine life not being president. I’m gonna fight for all the people like my mother who need somebody in their corner (voice breaks), and they need a leader who cares about them again.

RUSH: Well, what do we have now? Do we not have a leader who cares? I mean, you’ve got Biden out there ragging on the economy. You’ve got Biden out there on Sunday and Monday in Pittsburgh talking about how rotten the economy is for people. Well, how’s that? Who’s in charge? Joe, you were in charge of it! You were put in charge of the stimulus. You were making sure it was done legally and efficiently. I mean, these people have been running the show for the last seven years.

Here’s Mrs. Clinton saying, “And, uh… I’m doing it for my mother. People like my mother need somebody in their corner. They need a leader who cares about them again.” Hey, Obama doesn’t? But, anyway, we’ve heard this technique before. Let’s go back January 7, 2008, Portsmouth New Hampshire. This is a similar time. Mrs. Clinton is bleeding. Her campaign’s bleeding. It’s in big, big trouble and they gotta do something to stanch it. Here’s what happened…

HILLARY 2008: It’s not easy. It’s not easy. Um, and — and I couldn’t do it if I just didn’t, you know, passionately believe it was the right thing to do. Eh… (chokes up) You know, I have so many opportunities from this country. I just don’t want to see us fall backwards. (voice breaks) Y’know?


HILLARY 2008: So…

RUSH: She started crying. I want to play this back-to-back now so you can see the technique and the strategy. So we’ll play her answer to David Muir. He’s asking her, “Do you sure you do this again?” Run for president is what he’s talking about, not about the e-mail scandal. “Do you ever ask yourself in private moments, ‘Ah, why am I doing this again?'” and we’re gonna back it up immediately with Hillary crying in New Hampshire in 2008 talking about how hard it is.

HILLARY: Yes, of course, because it really is hard. My mother had a terrible childhood. She was abandoned by her parents. (choking up) She was rejecting by her grandparents. And she told me every day, “You’ve gotta get up and fight for what you believe no matter how hard it is.” (sniffling) I think about her a lot. I miss her a lot! I wish she were here with me. And I remember that. And I (chokes up) don’t want to just fight for me. I don’t… I mean, I can have a perfectly fine life not being president. I’m gonna fight for all the people like my mother who need somebody in their corner (voice breaks), and they need a leader who cares about them again.

HILLARY 2008: It’s not easy. It’s not easy. Um, and — and I couldn’t do it if I just didn’t, you know, passionately believe it was the right thing to do. Eh… (chokes up) You know, I have so many opportunities from this country. I just don’t want to see us fall backwards. (voice breaks) Y’know? So…

RUSH: So that’s the technique. That is the Hillary Clinton way of trying to get back in touch with people as genuine. It involves a deep descent into a practiced, executed emotional sense of deep caring and then tears. And it’s supposed to build a bridge to people. It’s supposed to show as real and not robotic, to show her as genuine. How many times does she have to do this? How many restarts does she get? How many chances does Hillary Clinton get to show that she is a genuine, real person?

The answer to that is: As many as she needs. That’s the deal. To the Drive-By Media, she’s it; she’s gonna see get as many do-overs as it takes. You might remember, it was the 2004 presidential campaign. It was John Kerry (who, by the way, served in Vietnam) and George W. Bush, who was running for reelection. CBS News in Boston scored an exclusive interview with Kerry, which is not that hard to do ’cause presidential candidates talk to media all the time.

So they bring him into the studio, and the reporter starts asking him questions, and Kerry starts babbling and bumbling through his answer, and it’s embarrassing. It’s senseless. It doesn’t make sense from sentence to sentence. So the reporter calls a halt. “Senator Kerry, it’s not working. Would you like to try this again?” And they did it again, and they went with take two. Kerry got as many chances as he needed. Now, interestingly, that did not happen to Teddy Kennedy.

In 1980 Ted Kennedy was seeking the Democrat Party nomination away from Jimmy Carter. The Democrat Party was in distress over what Carter had done to the economy and the Democrat Party. So Ted Kennedy says, “I’m gonna run for president.” Being a Kennedy, he thought that’s all he had to do. Just say he was gonna run. Throw his hat in the ring. Roger Mudd of CBS News asked him, “Why do you want to be president?” Mary Jo. Neck brace. He had no answer. It doomed his chances. He did not get a do-over. That’s the only time I can recall.


RUSH: From The Daily Caller: “Hillary Clinton’s long-awaited apology for using a personal email account may have come from the heart, but it also could have been the unavoidable conclusion drawn from a New Hampshire focus group session held last week. According to The New York Times, Clinton’s aides showed a focus group of New Hampshire independents and Democrats a video of a news conference Clinton held late last month in which she discussed the controversy over her personal email use.

“‘Participants said they wanted to hear more from Mrs. Clinton about the issue,’ The Times reported. ‘The focus group also showed that the email issue was drowning out nearly everything else that Mrs. Clinton was hoping to communicate to voters — something Mrs. Clinton and her husband have complained about to friends,’ the article continues.” Yes. So the e-mail apology came after a New Hampshire focus group session. On Friday with Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, she said “that she was sorry that the email fiasco has been so ‘confusing’ for the American public.

“On Monday she told the Associated Press that she did not feel the need to apologize.” She wasn’t going to say she was sorry because there was no controlling legal authority. It was all allowed; there was nothing to apologize for. Then on Tuesday she says she’s sorry because they had a focus group and said, “You better deal with this.” If you want any evidence, they don’t have anybody else, they don’t have anybody on the Democrat bench, this is it. That’s why everybody on the left is going through the motions on this and trying to rescue her, resuscitate her, whatever, because they literally don’t have anybody else.


RUSH: Yeah, let me have number seven, David Axelrod. You know, even Axelrod, who was the consultant that ran Obama’s campaign along with David Plouffe, Axelrod is coming out ripping Hillary. Now, you would think there would at least be unity on the Democrat side, and there isn’t anybody else. No, Biden, I know, there’s a lot of hype and people think it might materialize and become something, and Bernie Sanders. I’m telling you, it isn’t gonna be Bernie Sanders. I don’t care what he does, I don’t care how popular he gets, they are not gonna let that happen.

Martin O’Malley, I don’t know, I don’t think the guy can get any traction. The reason they’re rehabbing Hillary and permitting this is they don’t have anybody else. The only thing they got going for them right now is that there is a D by her name, and there’s gonna be that same D by whoever they nominate. They know, folks, look, I hate to say this, and there are probably some exceptions to it, but the way the Democrat Party is, the way things shake out, whoever is on that ballot, as long as there is a D next to their name, they’re guaranteed 200 electoral votes.

They’re gonna win New York no matter who, it could be Donald Duck on the ticket. They’re gonna win California. It doesn’t matter who is on the ticket, unless of course the unpredictability and the shock that is the Trump campaign continues and just upsets every political applecart that we have. But barring something phenomenal like that, it doesn’t matter who the Democrat candidate is, but it’s only guaranteed to get ’em 200. They need 270 and they’re gonna need, in a lot of states, a viable person that has the D beside their name on the ballot. So they’re going to these great lengths to rehab Hillary.

I don’t think there’s particularly a lot of love for her either. I know there’s not. If there were, they wouldn’t have permitted what happened in 2008 to happen. Here’s this party supposedly of the future representing the young and the hip and the cool, and they’re right on all the young cool and hip issues like climate change. By the way, this is the most hilarious thing, and it’s not a joke. There hasn’t been any warming for 18 and a half years, literally on all the surface level temperature measurements, satellites, everything they have, there has not been any global warming for 18 and a half years. That’s why global warming had its name changed to climate change.

There’s also something else that’s happened that they can’t spin and that is the amount of ice at the North Pole is expanding. For those of you in Rio Linda, it’s called the Arctic Circle, and the amount of ice there, contrary to what the climate change clowns want you to believe, the ice is not melting and the sea levels are not rising. The ice at the North Pole is expanding.

That poor little three-year-old boy that was found dead on the beach in Turkey, it’s global warming that did it. Right here it is. National Observer: “A policeman tenderly scoops up the corpse of a small child on a desolate beach and within hours the image is an icon of grief and suffering around the world. The child was three-year old Alan Kurdi, who fled with his family from SyriaÂ’s bloody civil war, joining millions of others –” This is all BS. We know that none of that is true. The father and his family have been living in Turkey for more than three years, which is where the boy’s body was found. All of the boy’s life he lived in Turkey. He was not coming from Syria.

The father had a nice job in Turkey and he only wanted to go to a dentist in Europe because his dental treatment was going to be free or at least affordable, so he packed the family on a boat that ended up capsizing and they chalked it up to the civil war in Syria and, oh, how horrible. And now some people have come along and said this is what happens, he’s a climate change refugee, I kid you not. And now there are two new studies. This is not a joke. There are two new studies warning that global warming is causing global cooling. And it’s about all of the ice at the North Pole that’s not melting, it’s expanding. And they can’t say it’s melting when it isn’t. It’s a bigger ice sheet.

So they are now saying, “Yep, yep, all that new ice at the North Pole, that’s being caused by global warming.” They just will not let it go. So they’re supposedly the party of the hip, the party of the cool, the party of the future, and look at the people representing this party seeking to be the next president. You’ve got Hillary, I don’t care what you think, she’s not young, she’s not hip, and she’s not cool, and she can’t do any of those three. She can’t do cool, she can’t do hip, and she’s not young. Biden? Ditto. Can’t do cool, can’t do hip, and is not young. Bernie Sanders, ditto.

It’s amazing to me to contrast what the Democrat Party supposedly stands for, and they don’t find anybody. They don’t have anybody young. They don’t have anybody hip. They don’t have anybody cool on their presidential bench. So they have to circle the wagons around Hillary. They have to do everything they can to try to save her, because they need more electoral votes than they’re just automatically gonna get because there’s a D next to whoever’s name on presidential ballots.

So you would think that there would be unity in the party over this, but, no, here comes David Axelrod, who ran Obama’s campaign, he’s on CNN last night with Wolf Blitzer, and Blitzer said, “You tweeted that today’s New York Times story on Hillary read more like The Onion,” which is a satirical comedy publication, website, and Axelrod’s saying that Hillary’s whole operation here looks like a piece of parody, like a piece of satire, her detailed plan to show more authenticity and spontaneity. “And you tweeted a hashtag, ‘Just do it.’ Give us a little thought. What do you mean by that, David? Why are you jumping on Hillary’s case here?”

AXELROD: I absolutely hate stories about tactics, “Here’s what we’re going to do.” Just do it. Don’t tell, show, and particularly when you’re talking about showing more humanity, heart, spontaneity, authenticity. She doesn’t have problems, and one of them is this issue of spontaneity and authenticity and the way not to deal with it is to say, “My plan is to become more spontaneous and authentic.”

RUSH: Yeah, so he’s echoing one of my oft repeated philosophies. You have a marketing plan, you don’t tell anybody what it is. You just execute it. What is a marketing plan? It’s how you’re gonna get people separated from their money. A marketing plan ultimately is how you’re gonna convince people to give you their money. But you don’t tell ’em how you’re gonna do it. That lets them in on the trick or the game. You just execute. That’s what Axelrod’s saying. You don’t tell everybody you’re gonna be more authentic and you’re gonna be more spontaneous, just go out and do it.

Well, she can’t. That’s the thing. And he knows it as well as I do. She can’t be more authentic. Her whole career has been spent fooling people. Hillary Clinton’s whole life has been trying to present something other than what she really is. Her whole life has been trying to cover, hide, whatever, who she really is, what she really is. Like most Democrats who want national power, they can’t be honest about it. They’d never get elected. But Mrs. Clinton has greater problems than that. Because when you get right down to it, she’s a dullard. She’s a dryball. She’s not exciting. There’s nothing spontaneous. There’s nothing charismatic.

So how do you overcome that? The only thing they can do, I’m convinced, is tell people: “Okay, well, our new plan, Hillary is going to be more authentic. We are going to express a little bit more humanity, and we are going to have more heart.” Now, Axelrod’s right. You don’t tell people you’re gonna do that. You just go do it. In Hillary’s case they have to tell people that she’s gonna do that so that the next time they see her, that’s what they associate. “Ooh, wow, Hillary’s got big heart today. Ooh, wow, Hillary really appears authentic today. Ooh, wow, you see how spontaneous she is?” They have to because she is none of these things. She’s 70 years old, isn’t she? Sixty-nine, whatever. I mean, you’re etched in stone here. You are who you are long before you reach the age she is.

So this is yet another attempt to fool people. Announcing the marketing plan is an attempt to put the thought and the conception in people’s minds. Authentic, big heart, spontaneous, and the next time you see her, that’s what you’re supposed to associate with the way she is behaving or the way she appears. It’s a giant ruse. Axelrod’s exactly right, I mean, but Hillary’s got no choice ’cause she is none of those things, she will never be any of those things.

So the only option they have is to tell you she is those things before the next time you see her so that hopefully you associate those things when you see her. But it’s still a lost cause. And if they had, I’m telling you, if there was Barack Obama Jr. lurking somewhere in the Senate or the House or some governorship, I guarantee you we’d a heard about him now and Hillary would be in somebody’s rearview mirror.

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