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RUSH: In relation to that, I don’t know what you want to call it, the refugee crisis, the migrant crisis, whatever you want to term this that is overwhelming Europe has become its own Stack today.

How many of you — I’m relatively sure the answer to this is well over 80% — saw the photo of the dead boy washed ashore and then picked up by a soldier? And how many of you read and believed that this was a result of this immigration crisis of people not being wanted, being forced to leave home, leave poverty, war-torn strife and so forth. Well, that story has begun to unravel about the drowned Syrian boy.

This is important, because this is the way it always happens. Just like in one of the most recent periods of hostility between Israel and Hamas, supposedly pictures of numerous Israeli attacks on schools and innocent children. We later found out that the pictures had been Photoshopped, entirely made up, and even after the media found out about it they continued to run them because of course the narrative was all so important. It’s the same thing here. “Details about the Syrian family of the three-year old boy, who drowned as they made their way to Europe from Turkey on a small dingy, began to emerge recently and some things do not add up.”

“According to The Wall Street Journal, Abdullah Kurdi, the little boy’s father, was living in a relatively safe area in a Turkish town for three years while working on construction sites for 50 Turkish lira (roughly $17) a day. However, Kurdi told a Syrian radio station it was not enough to support himself and his family and he relied on his sister Tima Kurdi, who is a 20-year resident of Canada, to assist in paying the rent.

“It should be noted that Tima told reporters Thursday that the family just came to Turkey last year, even though WSJ points out he came to Turkey three years ago…” Anyway, the whole thing is not what you think it was. Tema Kurdi, the daughter, told the Wall Street Journal “that their father was still in Syria and advised his son to leave Turkey and go to Europe and have his teeth fixed.”

It was all about getting affordable dental care that they ended up on a boat on the way to Turkey. It wasn’t that they were fleeing war-torn strife, poverty, or whatever else. He just needed to go see the dentist. He took the family in a dinghy. It capsized and whole family perished. The father is the only one who survived. “[T]he boat capsized Wednesday. Twelve passengers died as a result including Abdullah’s young sons and wife.

“He was the only member of his family to survive, but the photo of his three-year old drowned child on a Turkish beach made headlines across the globe.” Too late now; it doesn’t matter. You could blast this story all over — it could be the lead story, the only story for a solid day — and it wouldn’t change public perception from the first time that picture was seen.

So what is the reason for this crisis? What is this so-called European refugee crisis? What’s this really about? Why is this happening now? What’s at the root of it? What’s the cause of it? How’s it gonna be stopped? What does it mean? And I’m also amazed at how very few people in the Drive-By… Well, it shouldn’t surprise me. But a whole lot of people are missing the correlation between what we’re seeing in Europe and what’s happening on our own southern border.

They mirror each other in a number of ways.


RUSH: No, no, no, that’s not why this is happening at all. I was gonna comment during the break about this refugee crisis. Look, it’s very simple, folks. This refugee crisis or this invasion, this migration, whatever you want to call it, this is not being brought about by famine. It’s not being brought about by disease, war-torn strife or any of that. Do you know who’s to blame for this? I know it sounds easy to say this. Barack Obama is no Winston Churchill. Neither is David Cameron.

Current Western leaders have nothing whatsoever in common with the strong men that have run Western democracies in the past. In fact, speaking of Obama, you know this is true as well as I do. Obama came to office believing that the problem in the world was the United States. And he’s not alone. Leftist after leftist in this country and in other countries believe that the focus of evil in the modern world is the United States. We’re just too big, we’re too powerful, we’re everywhere, we take what we want, we leave poverty in our wake. That’s why Obama runs around, did run around apologizing to everybody.

These guys actually believed, Obama specifically, but other Western European democracies like David Cameron and the UK and so forth, they really believed, but Obama especially, the US is the problem, that’s why the world is in a constant state of anxiety and corruption. Just get the US out of everything and everything will stabilize. And that’s what they really believed, and probably still do. So once you understand that and once you’ve come to accept that, they believe — remember Obama, one of his speeches in the campaign, his election would mean that the earth would now heal and that sea levels would now fall and all that, he was being dead serious. His election meant that the United States was going to be diminished and present less of a problem to the rest of the world.

And as the United States retreated, which we’ve done, as the United States became less consequential, less present, they believed the world would improve, because we were the harmful agent. We were the destabilizing agent. How many times have you heard Madeleine Albright rue the day the Soviet Union imploded? No, see, we needed two superpowers to keep each other honest. The concept of the US as the good guys is forever gone on the left. There is no US good guys.

We’re the bad guys, or, if not the bad guys, we’re the troublemakers, just because of our own illegitimacy and the unfairness of our superpower status and our swagger all over the world, it created destabilization. Get us out of these places and they would just miraculously transform themselves into decent functioning countries and governments because of the power and the influence and the charisma of Barack Obama and the gratitude these people would all have for Obama and his retreat of the United States. There’s no question that’s what this is all about.

So what happened was, that the world’s real bad guys lost any opposition from us. There was no moral authority anywhere in the world where corrupt dictatorships and tyranny were the order of the day. And the dictators and the military junta thugs and so forth were allowed to run roughshod over their people, and this is what you get. You know, Iraq was in a decent place. Obama was even taking credit for the policies in Iraq when he made the announcement we’re gonna get out. I’ll never forget that day when Obama was running around taking credit for the Iraq policy. It was that stable. It was so good. It was running so well that we could get out.

So while Obama tries to do away with America’s arsenal of nuclear weapons and reduce the American footprint in the world under the premise that US presence had been the problem, the bad guys simply fill the void left by us. The bad guys simply filled the vacuum. The belief that all these foreign leaders and these other countries, European and otherwise, were superior to us but they just never had the chance to show it because of our omnipresence, don’t doubt me on this. And that’s the root of this.

“Are you serious, Rush, you really blame Obama?” Yeah. Folks, there’s nothing in it here for me to come here and make this up, lie about it. What’s there to gain? I don’t think there’s any question whatsoever about this. That’s why Cheney and his daughter have written a book, you know, why American leadership is required worldwide. It’s a responsibility we have, and a lot of Americans may not like it. May not like that this is our role, may not like that this is what we have to do, but leadership and power often require this kind of presence.

In the process, we also defend ourselves when we are standing for liberty and freedom, anti-tyranny and dictatorship all over the world, we are also making same statements about our own domestic life. But I’m just telling you, all of this that’s happening, all of this that you see, these refugees, whatever you want to call them, it’s man-made. You know, after World War II, Adolf Hitler, the world was a genuine mess. Who put it back together? Who established a sense of worldwide order among the Western democratic and free nations of the world? Who did that? We did.

Who’s torn it apart now? Who has unraveled it? Who has basically come along and said that it was illegitimate, should never have happened, not our job, not our responsibility. We don’t have the right to tell other people how to live. We don’t have the right to impose freedom on people. Never knew freedom was an imposition.


RUSH: Well, yeah, that’s true. You know, I should have added the photo of the three-year-old boy, infant, on the beach. That photo is largely responsible for Germany and other countries flinging open their borders here. And that photo had nothing to do with refugees. The photo had nothing to do with people fleeing hunger or strife or war or any of that. It was just a guy heading into Turkey for dental treatment on his boat. It’s a convoluted story, but it was cheaper. And the boat that he was on capsized.

Everybody in his family died except him. There were 12 people on the boat. But that picture is largely responsible for this massive crisis. And it’s interesting to point out here that no rich Arab countries at all are taking any of these refugees. Well, I’ll tell you why that matters. The Washington Post has been forced to report over the weekend that not a single one of these oil-rich Arab states is taking in any refugees. None are going to Kuwait. None are going to Saudi Arabia. None are going to the United Arab Emirates, which is Dubai and Abu Dhabi. None are going to Bahrain. None are going to Qatar. None are going to Oman.

Why is that? I mean, these are all wealthy oil states and they have plenty of money for everybody and everything, and if it’s generally a refugee crisis, and it’s people fleeing strife and hunger and thirst and war, and if many of them are indeed Muslims, why shouldn’t these oil-rich states take ’em in? And it’s because that’s not where they want them. What is the point of invading a country that’s already Muslim? This whole thing is a massive invasion. And I’ll tell you, I don’t know how quite to explain this, ’cause it’s a television show, and I am so reluctant to describe television shows as real life, particularly scripted dramas.

However, I came across a show that’s produced in Denmark, and it’s all in the language they speak there, it’s in Danish. And it’s subtitled with English. Three seasons, 10 episodes each, 30 episodes. And the name of the show is called Borgen. That’s the English pronunciation. I’m not sure how the Danes pronounce it, but it stands for castle, and it is their version of parliament. That’s what they call their capitol building. B-o-r-g-e-n. I found it on iTunes. I had no idea, had never heard of it. So I looked at it and it’s exactly what you would think one of these western socialist Democrats is like. The men have all been neutered. It’s amazing.

The women are the dominant decision making class. It has a lone conservative figure who is made out to be a fat, comical buffoon. He’s also made out to be a party of one. This guy does such things as to show that animals have no relationship to human beings. He’s a pig farmer, too, so he picks up a little piglet and cuts its tail off on live TV to explain how pig farming is done. Whereas the other parties are attempting to explain how that’s inhumane and this guy’s insufferable. But I’m off the beaten path. The point here is that every season here they — it’s about politics and the prime minister and the race for power in Denmark, and it mirrors images here in this country. Global warming, energy, immigration, refugee status, and so forth, in Denmark.

There were a couple of episodes in this series about the various parties fiercely debating whether or not to open their borders to refugees. It’s three years old now. It’s not current. It was 2010, 2011, 2012, I think. But to me, it matched every impression I have of what these current western social Democrats are, and Denmark’s even in the news about this today, in terms of the refugee status, and it’s kind of surprising because Denmark is asking refugees not to show up.

“The Danish government has placed an advertisement in a number of newspapers in Lebanon. The ads carry an unspoken yet unmistakable message: Don’t come to Denmark.

They list a number of factors that would make Denmark an undesirable destination for refugees, including recent legislation that would reduce social benefits to arriving asylum seekers by 50 percent.”

This is the kind of stuff that was debated on this TV show about this country that I watched, except it was the exact opposite. They wanted to open the borders. They wanted to welcome anybody that came in. Anybody that wanted to come in, it was fine, get on the welfare. They proudly advertised and talked about themselves as a welfare state, it was the greatest. It was true to form about what we know of Denmark. It was fascinating to watch it, particularly since it’s a couple, three years old, but it’s related to issues currently happening now. And as an aside, I was really struck by the way men are portrayed throughout this series. Chickified, dumbed down, afraid of themselves, afraid to speak.

It was funny, frustrating, all kinds of things rolled into one. But the way it relates is that in this show they were debating this very thing that is happening now, wasn’t happening on nearly as large a scale. But the real point, again, is, you know, Germany’s gonna take in 800,000. That photo is one of the factors, but none of the oil-rich Arab states that are nearby are welcoming any of these refugees at all, just like no Arab state wants the Palestinians to make a part of their country home. None of the Arab states want anything to do with the Palestinians. The Palestinians are perfectly fine right where they are, dealing with the Israelis in a never-ending quest for peace in that region.

And again, all of this is happening because the United States has pulled out of these areas because Barack Obama was of the belief that we were the destabilizing agent. If you grow up and you’re taught that the US is illegitimate and immoral from the days of its founding and that its superpower status is undeserved, that it’s the result not of any superior achievement or superior form of government or liberty or freedom or any of that, if you believe the United States is a superpower because it has simply taken things that it has not any right to, if you believe the United States is a bully, if you believe the US has tried to dictate terms all over the world, then you would think the US is the problem in the world, not the solution.

We of course think the United States is the solution. That people like Obama, David Cameron of the UK, do not. So they believe getting us out of these areas will allow the natural decency and goodness that exists in all of these countries to surface and that we will have a beautiful and wonderful world. And that they will get accolades. The people of the world will love them for finally recognizing what a bunch of mistakes the United States has made all of these decades. And instead it’s the exact opposite. Europe is losing itself. It is on the verge of losing its identity. The collapse of national borders is making this migration or invasion even easier. And there’s nothing that can be done about it.

They’ve opened their borders, they’ve opened the gates, they’ve welcomed people in, and they can’t afford them. And there will not be any assimilation. And the evidence of all of this, to me, is the fact that all of these oil-rich states, these wealthy Arab nations want no part of this. They’re not permitting any of these people to enter their countries. And I’m telling, the answer is, why would you need to import a bunch of Muslims in a country that already is Islamic or Muslim? “US Warns Russia Against More Aid to Assad Amid New Violence.” “Islamic State ‘Planning to Use Libya as Gateway to Europe.'” This is February 2015, UK Telegraph, but it make sense to go back and look at it.

This article is from back in February right after ISIS posted that video that showed them beheading 21 Christians on the beach in Libya. Remember how the media laughed when ISIS vowed in that video that they would conquer Rome? Well, now it doesn’t seem like such a vain boast. Now it doesn’t seem like such an extreme idea. Italy, Greece. Speaking of memories, do you remember Hillary celebrated her and Obama’s part in overthrowing Khadafy?

Say whatever you want about Khadafy, he ended up being an American ally against terrorism at the end. And Hillary was running around joking when Khadafy fell, “We came, we saw, he died. Ha-ha.” But all of this is gonna be moot at some point because if this keeps on, militant Muslims are not gonna have to establish their caliphate by war. They’ll just have done it by walking into Europe. At least the Danes give some indication that they realize what’s headed their way.

And they’re now running ads, as I say: “Don’t come here. This is not the place for you. We have reduced our welfare payouts by 50%.” (laughing) “Don’t come here!” Which pretty much admits why people are going there. It’s for their welfare benefits. Washington Post: “Pressure is mounting on Germany and other nations to scale back their generous policies welcoming refugees, with opponents … arguing that the promise of aid,” the promise of welfare, “is enticing more and more asylum seekers to make a break for Western Europe.”

You know, this is amazing. On one hand, you have what’s happening in Europe, and you have a mad dash by people all over the sub-Saharan region and in the Middle East just swarming into Europe. It’s all about welfare benefits, all about getting on the welfare state roles. And here’s the Washington Post is writing about it: “Migrant Crisis: German Generosity Comes Under Fire.” Would the Washington Post ever admit that lavish welfare benefits might also be attracting illegal aliens and especially anchor babies to the United States?

Does the Washington Post even know that refugees in the US get the entire card of welfare benefits, no questions asked? Not “illegal immigrants,” refugees. Have you heard the term “refugees” being applied, particularly to the people incoming from say El Salvador, Guatemala, Central America? They’re being called “refugees ” They’re fleeing war and hunger and thirst. Well, if you are a “refugee,” if you are officially categorized a refugee, you get the entire card of welfare benefits, no questions asked, in the US.

This is why the left pushes the claim that illegal aliens are refugees. “There was no sign Monday that the crisis was easing, with Britain and France — two nations criticized for not doing enough — pledging to take in tens of thousands of asylum seekers.” Not doing enough? I mean, it’s astounding to watch what’s really happening here. And you ask, “Can these people be this blind and not see what’s actually happening with this so-called migration, these so-called asylum seekers?”

Once again, ISIS has predicted this.

They have promised this.

ISIS has said that this is their long-range objective, just like the Iranians have promised us what their long-term objective is, re: Israel. They telegraphed it. They tell us exactly what their intentions are, and they set out to accomplish it, and these nations are like the Republican Congress. They’re afraid to say no, afraid to be critical, afraid of what the press is gonna say about them. It’s a stunning thing to watch. And then you see similarities on our southern border, and a whole lot of other things start making sense.


RUSH: To the phones. This is Brian in Quincy, Illinois. Welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, it’s a pleasure and an honor to speak with you. I spent years trying to do so. The press, the leftist media, the morning shows, they all are misrepresenting this.

RUSH: Misrepresenting what?

CALLER: Well, they’re not “migrants.” They’re not going there to get a job. They’re not migrating for a new life.

RUSH: Are we talking about Europe here?

CALLER: Correct. They’re refugees. They’re refugees. And every day putting out there to everybody’s breakfast table and stuff that they are “migrants,” you know, is just inoculating everybody to that effect.

RUSH: Well, the point is I don’t think they’re refugees, either.

CALLER: Well, I like what you’re saying. That’s kind of untouched subject, what you’re touching on there.

RUSH: Well, what’s that untouched subject?

CALLER: Well, the invasion aspect of it.

RUSH: Well, there you go. I mean, they’re not being absorbed by any of the countries that could afford them.

CALLER: Well, now, what you’re pushing there, that’s an interesting angle.

RUSH: I’m a pushing anything.

CALLER: No, no, no, no. But you bring up a good point. The migrants, they’re migrants — or they’re not migrants, they’re refugees. They are coming and they’re going. It’s just like with us here in America. It’s almost a parallel to our borders.

RUSH: Yeah, I know, but the Drive-Bys don’t see it this way. “These are legitimate refugees, migrants. They’re fleeing war-torn strife and hunger and so forth. They’ve gotta be welcomed in. It’s a decent thing to do,” the media thinks.


RUSH: Look, no offense to our last caller, but whatever you see in the Middle East and in Europe from the Middle East to Europe, these are not refugees fleeing war or they would be happy to stay in Jordan or Lebanon or Turkey, which are all countries that are at peace. They’re not refugees, folks. And if they were genuine refugees fleeing strife, all of these other Muslim nations would welcome them. Look, I don’t mean to keep harping on it, but it makes perfect sense to say.

All of these oil-rich states would welcome them and take them in, except they never do any time, anywhere. The Palestinians, they don’t want any part of. They don’t want any part of these people because that’s not what this really is all about. There are plenty of places to stop before they get to Europe that are not at war and that have relatively stable economies. Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon maybe iffy on the stable economy. Now, they’re in search of the good life here, folks.

They are fleeing circumstances that are not, shall we say, satisfactory. They’re in search of the good life. But they’re not going to Qatar (which is richer than Germany) or Sweden or Denmark. They’re seeking the good life in non-Muslims countries. Look, I’m sure. It is what it is. I’m not sure making up any of this, and I’m not incorrectly analyzing it. Germany has announced that it’s gonna cut their cash handouts for asylum seekers during their initial month of processing.

Instead they’re gonna offer them more food stamps and in-kind aid. They’re gonna get the aid, but they’re not gonna get cash. They’re gonna get food stamps, maybe Obama phones or what have you. Can you imagine the outrage if we did that, if we eliminated cash welfare payments and went strictly to these debit cards that were only good for certain things? And if you look at these refugees, so-called refugees, they’re mostly young, and fairly well dressed.

They’re military-age men, many of them carry iPhones and selfie sticks. Not much is even said about where they’re leaving, what they are fleeing. It’s just generalized, and it’s accepted that they are leaving strife in Syria. They’re leaving strife in Libya. They are leaving… By the way, all places we have seen to it are now totally screwed up. And once they get to Europe, guess what they’re refusing to do?

They’re refusing to settle in Greece. They’re refusing to settle in Hungary. They are demanding Germany or Sweden right now. The vast majority of them are demanding Germany or Sweden. Denmark, as I just mentioned, has told ’em via newspaper ads all over the region, “Don’t come here. We’re cutting our benefits by 50%,” and it’ll probably work. Now, given these are military-age men, why aren’t they staying at home and fighting ISIS if that’s the problem?

If all of this is traceable to ISIS and all these people are fleeing ISIS, why aren’t these military-age young men hanging around and fighting them? They’re getting fake Syrian IDs. You know what a Big Business that has become, purchasing fake Syrian IDs? That’s how you show you are fleeing a civil war. That’s how you show you are fleeing strife and war-torn hunger and thirst and what have you. A lot of them claiming to be Syrian with their fake Syrian IDs in order mask what’s actually happening. It is what it is, folks.


RUSH: Here is Terry in Valdosta, Georgia. Rush Limbaugh, great to have you with us, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. I want to tell you it’s an absolute privilege, an honor to have the opportunity to communicate with you. I listen to your program as often as I can, and I wish more people would listen to you because you explain things, put them out for everybody to understand, and yet people don’t listen. I mean, the immigration crisis, if we step back for that that you were talking about earlier in Europe. Yes, there are genuine refugees seeking help and safety, but that’s been going on for years before that.

When I served two four-year terms as a police station in London and I was also elected the deputy mayor in my London constituency. We had, and still do, up to 38 different languages spoken in the schools. Brochures and leaflets produced by councils through the England, Wales, and Scotland, are done up to 38 different languages to accommodate all those coming in from other countries. We go back to the old saying, “If you go to a country, learn its language, respect its way of life, and honor its history.” But they don’t.

This is the freedom of Europe. The councils produce all the leaflets and documents in their languages. Now we have Sharia law being implemented in Luton and London and Birmingham. You can’t walk down certain streets without Muslim fanatics attacking you saying it’s their territory, Sharia law. If you stay there, you will get assaulted, beaten up, or stabbed to death. I was in the parade for Remembrance Sunday a few years ago on the armistice, which you call Veterans Day.

When we finished the parade, the television cameras came up to me. “Did you hear about the Muslims screaming ‘Death to the British soldiers, baby killers,’ and they were burning the honorable red poppies that we use to honor the war dead?” They were burning them in the streets. It’s just crazy over there, and you’ve got it all to come. It’s gonna be worse. There are 4,000 refugee asylum seekers in Calais, smuggling them into trucks and trains. There are a few genuine families there, but you look at the pictures. They’re all young men trying for the better life. They get cash handouts in England and have to find them accommodation. There’s no homes; they put them up in four-star hotels. It’s nuts. Just over the weekend down in Hungary, Red Cross food packages and water —

RUSH: Let me —

CALLER: — all those on the trains.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question. In your opinion, why are British leaders allowing this to happen? We have our own theories here in America, but why are there 38 different languages? Everything you discuss that’s happening, why are they permitting it?

CALLER: Because this is controlled by the European Commission, by the state laws coming out of the European Union. This is why the British public are rising up ready to vote us out of the European Union. I mean, you’re controlled by what they say and what they want.

RUSH: Yeah. Then the European Union wants this to happen? What’s in it for everybody?

CALLER: Well, that’s the freedom. That’s what the European Union wants. They took down the borders. Now they’re regretting it. Look what happened recently around Bulgaria. They’re pointing us railroads wire to keep them out. They’re putting the borders back.

RUSH: Yeah, you know, the proof of what he’s saying is that guys enter here, and they say, “You’ve gotta go to Italy or Greece. You gotta go to one of the borders.” “Okay, fine, but we’re not staying there. We’re still gonna head to London. We’re still gonna head up to Sweden. We’re not gonna put up with this. We don’t want to be go to Greece; they’re broke.” Okay, Terry, I really appreciate your nice complimentary remarks at the opening of your call. I thank you very much.

Thirty-eight different languages in the UK, and you heard him. It’s all in the context of, “Well, we stand for freedom here.” I can’t help but think they’re just a bunch of leftists, and no matter where you go they’re all the same and they’re imbued with guilt and anger, their own prosperity, their own future. Who knows what it is? It’s impossible to make sense of it because it defies common sense. It does not make any common sense. That’s why people don’t understand liberalism for what. ‘Cause it just defies common sense. Anyway, again, I appreciate the call.

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