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RUSH: A judge has ordered Kim Davis freed from jail. Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz went in there for a rally, and they have been laughed at, mocked, and made fun of by the sports media. Yes, by sports media. They’ve been mocked, laughed at, made fun of by the political media for acting like Kim Davis. She’s the county clerk in Kentucky that refused to hand out marriage licenses to gay couples. Ach! Same-sex couples! So she was cited for contempt and sent to jail.

Huckabee made a cause celebre out of her, and the media started knocking him and then Cruz for going in there to join Huckabee. “You think she’s Rosa Parks? Come on! Give us a break! The woman’s a wacko.” No, she was a Democrat. Anyway, a judge named David Bunning ordered Kim Davis freed, and if she does not follow his stipulations — and they’re not stipulated here, so I don’t know what his stipulations are. It’s just a headline. Then appropriate sanctions will be considered, which that means she could be shot or sent back to jail.

Jim Bunning’s son… Yeah, David Bunning is Jim Bunning’s son. So he’s released Kim Davis under stipulations, but they’re not spelled out the here in this story. But it was amazing to watch. Even the sports media made fun of Huckabee. I mean, that’s… (interruption) Well, because the woman is… I’m repeating what the sports media guy said, and the political media guy. They think she’s a kook. She’s a quack. “What do you mean? Gay marriage is the hip thing!” She’s just trying to make a public stand.

These guys are going and they’re just capitalizing on this. It’s nothing but cheap showbiz and these media people are not gonna be fooled by it and so forth. But she’s also a nutcase wacko. “Why would you go in and defend her? She needs to be mocked and put in jail,” was the impression of the media people I read. I know. The left is making fun of her looks. The left can do that all day long and not get punished for it. They can make snarky comments left and right all they want.

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